Kate George: Guest Refabber

The Hills Were Alive
(A review of The Sound of Music)
The Lakeview Inn, the venue for The Sound of Music, produced by Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency, couldn’t have been more perfect. Picture an open sided tent surrounded by what must have at least a couple of acres of blooming Daylilies. It was wonderfully picturesque. And we were quite literally sitting in the hills as they filled with the sound … well you know the rest.

The location is Idyllic, but kind of tricky to find. We left home at five for a seven-thirty curtain time, and very nearly didn’t make it. Granted I had scribbled the instructions on the back of an envelope, we stopped to pick up a few groceries and then hit a drive through for dinner, so I was handicapped to begin with. And if the sign at the crossroads had sported an arrow indicating the correct direction, that would have cut a good twenty minutes off the drive! Although, to tell you the truth, it was a drive through some of the most beautiful countryside I’ve ever seen, so I’m not really complaining.

Despite the drive, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Remember the acres of Daylilies I mentioned before getting side tracked by the drive? Imagine my delight when a – what is a group of nuns called? A huddle, gaggle, pack? Ah, a superfluity of nuns appeared from behind the tent and scattered throughout the gardens. They talked quietly among themselves before gathering on the stage to sing the beautiful music that begins the play.
Theatre in the round can be challenging. The performers’ backs are inevitably facing an audience member. However, skillful directing insured that no one ever had to view any one backside for overly long. And besides, the singing more than made up for any lack of face time. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the production. I smiled the entire time. More than that, my twelve-year-old daughter was entranced, no small feat.
As for my favorite nun – Sister Margaretta, played by Krissie Ohlrogge – she was a delight! She has all the best lines of the nuns and Krissie delivered them out with aplomb! Krissie has a lovely voice and brings considerable presence to the stage. I was delighted to see her perform.
Would I make the trip back up to Greensboro to see this group perform again? You bet! It was well worth the trip.

14 thoughts on “Kate George: Guest Refabber

  1. Catherine says:

    Thanks for the review Kate. I love your descriptions of the setting, performances and reactions.

  2. Thanks, Kate! So wish I could’ve been there with you! Ovations to Krissie! Do another play, Krissie, and I’ll make the drive from Indiana!!

  3. Krissie, you really were fabulous. I loved seeing you smiling on stage at the end of the show. Really a lovely show, and now I’m making my household crazy singing the songs!

  4. A wonderful review! Thanks so much, and I’m so jealous you got to see Krissie! 🙂 But glad you got the chance to go.

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