Joy: Sock It To Me

One of the most important things about finding happiness is finding out what triggers it.  The more triggers the better, of course, but one of my big joy-starters is socks.

I’m writing a book that has a lot of socks in it, and (thanks to help from the Argh people) I’m finding marvelous socks for the heroine to wear.  My favorite so far is Cthulhu (another motif in the book) swimming while holding a pole that has the a puppet head of the Loch Ness Monster sticking up above the surface of the lake.  Cthulhu is on one leg and and the puppet head is on the other.  I went to look for a picture to show you, and they’ve disappeared from the net.  I know they exist, they’re sitting on the dresser in the guest room right now, but as far as the internet goes, they’re gone.

All of which is to say, hold fast to joy or it goes.  What kick-started your joy this week?

21 thoughts on “Joy: Sock It To Me

  1. The new treatment for the metabolic bone/muscle disorder I have was approved in Europe last week for treatment of kids (should be for patients of all ages, but this is a start):

    This has the potential to be life-changing for everyone in this community, about 15,000 people in the U.S. alone (once it’s approved here, for both kids and adults, which we hope will happen on April 17th), not sure how many in Europe.

    I knew the approval was coming (or technically, knew that a decision was being made and would likely be positive because of a preliminary positive recommendation), but I’m still a bit in shock. Cried happy tears on Friday when I got the news.

  2. I’m enjoying my shiny red car: finally got it cleaned. Also some wonderful sun. It was so hot by the balcony doors yesterday that I changed into my kaftan (the wonders of double-glazing); and worked for an hour or so with the doors open last week. Happy to have met my deadline on the second job I shouldn’t really have taken on. And now I’m taking a few days off to recover.

    It’s also making me happy that I’ve managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat every day this month, and found an image I’ve taken worth posting on Instagram. Despite, quite often, thinking I don’t have anything when I first look through that day’s photographs.

  3. Kari says:

    Angus, who’ll be 13.5 in a few weeks, has rediscovered the joy of playing with ALL the toys and is enjoying his second puppyhood. While we wish he hadn’t also rediscovered his “outdoor” voice while playing (large dog, large boof), seeing the giant goober grin on his fuzzy face makes us both smile every day.

  4. sjmcclelland says:

    I caught a bad cold from my son, which wasn’t fun, especially since my boss was away and I was managing in her absence. However, I got through the week. Watched lots of great performances from Canadians at the Olympics this week . Fun new haircut (long nap afterwards).

  5. Lynda says:

    My son unexpectedly brought his children down from Sacramento for a visit, so for a couple of days I was surrounded by six of my seven grandchildren. The only thing that could possibly make me happier would be if my oldest grandson and his wife and the two babies could be with us, too.

  6. I’ve been so out of it this month, I’ve been doing things and not getting the photos. Going to try this again in March, setting up a place to TAKE the photos first. That might help.

  7. Thea says:

    Joy! Long lunch with a friend at a good restaurant, restorative talking.

    Joy! My friend Nancy gave a talk about English Gardens and our group under the direction of our member from Manchester served tea and scones with whipped cream and raspberry jam.

    Joy! Worked in the garden, digging and planting. Only five more natives remain to go in. Rain forecast for later this week.

    Bonus joy! Travel section of LATimes featured Western Australia (with photos), where we’ll be traveling, Perth to Albany, later this year. Also: just discovered on Old Rose blog a sister Old Roser (newby) who lives in Perth and writes cozy mysteries for U.S. readers.

  8. Are you going to be there in spring? I’ve always fancied seeing their wonderful wild flowers. I was on the east coast when I was in Australia, and the west looked like a different country.

  9. Thea says:

    Yes, their spring, when heritage roses bloom. The article today emphasized wild flowers, and I have a friend here who takes every opportunity to talk up Western Australia wildflowers. Many kinds in great numbers, some only found there, evidently.

  10. Thea says:

    Yes! Lucky you. Did you see the photos in today’s Times? They’ve made some changes. We love Australia in general, and this is a part we’ve not seen. Of course, I’ll never get over Tasmania …

  11. Thanks, everyone. This is really huge for a rare disease. Seems particularly appropriate as we’re closing in on Rare Disease Day (Feb. 28th). And we’re incredibly fortunate. Out of the 7,000 or so rare diseases, some tiny percentage have any treatment at all, let alone one that’s as effective as this one appears to be (a virtual cure for anyone who starts it in childhood, and big improvements for adults like me). So, counting down the days to April 17th!

  12. I’d totally be up for a #dailyMarch2018. February got crazy, but I’m closing a door on the crazy for the month of March, and building that door out of creative projects.

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