36 thoughts on “Jenny: Understanding Happiness

  1. I worked my paid time off magic so that I only lose .72 hour on Jan 1. Bwah, ha, ha. Take that – company that doesn’t play fair with pto.

    It’s quilt block time again and I realized this is about the 6th year for my gson and the 7th or 8th year for my gdaughter.

    Watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel while drinking a Sangria soda.

  2. Gail says:

    We have a car again! The old one died at the end of October and I wasn’t looking forward to hauling Thanksgiving goodness on buses this year.

    I finally got my hands on Crown of Embers by Rae Carson and read it in a couple of sittings; now waiting for book 3.

    I got another big batch of old clothes over to St. Vinnies; I’m not done with the closet purge yet but my vow of getting a bunch of stuff out before Thanksgiving is met.

  3. X-Chromo decided to come home from college a little early. She’s loving school so much more than she did last year — and is thinking of changing her major from English to Creative Writing. That’s my girl!

    TV Stevie’s milestone birthday this week went off without a hitch.

    Had my hair highlighted. It looks fabulous.

  4. 1. A road trip.
    2. The event at the end of the road trip.
    3. I bought 2 new handbags recently but hadn’t removed any. Went through my stuff and got rid of three. Am attacking the clutter a bit at a time. It’s just these days the stuff looks neat on the surface.
    4. Bonus: Just rearranged my desk to face the door and window. Feel MUCH better. Finally starting work on a Sunday as a result. Wish I’d though of it sooner.

  5. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I was happy all day Friday when all of Tall Boy’s doctor’s appointments went well. The cardiologist doesn’t need to see him for THREE YEARS!! The ENT doesn’t think he has to have surgery on his nose, the Dr thinks the problem is just inflammation and gave him a prescription. He also sent him for allergy test – a last minute thing – and we got in right away. His MRI went well and even with lunch and the extra appointment we were still out of the hospital at least an hour and a half early. We left 30 minutes after the official time of his MRI appointment – I love when the person ahead of him cancels.

    I spent yesterday being a total lazy butt and watch five episodes of series two of Dr Who while TB was curling. It was a win-win situation.

    I got to laugh at the dog as he burned off some excess energy running around the basement being silly. He’d turn circles on the landing of the stairs (covered in nasty carpet so it was okay) and then jump towards me and yodel and then run away only to start the whole thing over again. He has a pattern. He’d be a star on Youtube.

  6. oneoftheotherjennifers says:

    Thank you for doing this. My first thought was that I had nothing to post here this week, but I just had to think about it a bit and now I can see so many occasions when I was happy. Instant attitude adjustment.

    -My daughter’s best friend walked into our house, threw her arms wide, and exclaimed, “Yay! Back to the happiest place on Earth!”

    -Finally figured out one truly excellent Christmas gift for my husband. Two hours later it showed up as an Amazon Lightening Deal, and I bought it 75% off. Score!

    -Put up our outside Christmas lights at the beginning of the week and am so happy every time they click on at dusk, despite the fact that some of the neighbors are doubtless rolling their eyes. I’ve finally reached a place where that is just funny to me and genuinely doesn’t take away even a smidgeon of my joy.

    -Found a super yummy-sounding recipe for parsnips to be our traditional Thanksgiving experiment.

    -Found THE MOST EXCELLENT purse at the Salvation Army. Eight panels of patterned leatherette stitched together with thick cord, crocheted fringe with dozens of plastic ovals hanging from the bottom which rattle delightfully. All in just the right length for me with a sturdy zipper and lovely lining. It looks like new, and is not missing so much as a single dangle. Half off day at the Salvation Army- final cost, 50 cents.

    -Sipping mocha while my husband fed me truffles at the romantic little french chocolate place that just opened in the neighborhood. The fact that my daughter opted to stay home. 😉

    What the hell is wrong with me? This was a GREAT week!

  7. I’ve been struggling with that key for most of my life, sometimes having it, sometimes losing it and having to look for it all over again. It’s a slippery thing, in my life, but I’m getting better at it.

    1. The series I’ve been writing on my blog, Memories of Mom, have all been happy memories to counteract the negative ones I was having as I approach her birthday. They’ve been working and I’ve been happier and had happier thoughts and memories.

    2. Went to lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in months. We talked books. It was a wonderfully good time. The burger I had was also happy-making good.

    3. I picked up the doily I had framed. It is basically an art doily I made for Gram years ago. The mat and the frame work perfectly together and they make the doily really stand out. It’s stunning and I look forward to having it on the wall so I can see it every day. It reminds me I can make beautiful things.

  8. Redwood Kim says:

    Oh my, what a week.

    Here’s the biggie. Wednesday my husband and I had $75 dollars between us. Thursday we got paid. Friday morning his company went public, and we know own $160K in stock.
    We have $160K worth of assests. Holy crap. It changes nothing about our daily lives, and given the season, we wil be counting the days for the next several paycycles. But we now have college funds, and a strong shot at retirement. The ebullience in my husband’s voice that morning was like a thousand shots of happy.
    Plus, although our Thanksgiving plans got shot to hell, we’ve recovered nicely, and will be spending Thanksgiving with new friends from our preschool (means the kids will have a much better time, even if they don’t see the relatives.)
    Had my Big’s first teacher conference, and worked the first Book Fair. And my girl is pointing out sight words like crazy, and writing them down every chance she gets.
    We took the girls out for a celebratory “fancy” dinner last night, and I pulled out a dress I hadn’t worn for years. It not only fit, it looked great.
    I know this is long – I really, really missed WTF Wednesday this week. I had a lot to share! And that’s not even mentioning that my favorite author had an SBI on her WIP….

  9. This week was awesome.

    Took Kiddo to see All Time Low at a little venue. We were three back from the stage, stood for 6 hours, sweat like crazy, and it was all worth it. Especially when the guitarist reached out and touched Kiddo’s hand. I am officially the coolest mom EVER! (And for the record, I love this music and this band so I had a great time beyond seeing her happy.)

    Finished my 2nd round edits which were not as fun as the 1st round but they’re done and that’s one step closer.

    Bought a new laptop with Windows 8 and hated the program so much I nearly returned it the next day. Instead I read articles and watched videos on how to work it. Deloris (my new computer) and I are trying to work out our differences. So far so good.

  10. Disneyland with the family on Friday. My nephew hadn’t been in about 5 years. Was very happy-making to see how excited he was.

    We rode the new Star Tours and I LOVED it, which is good because I was worried I wouldn’t like the revamp. My favorite part of the whole day was when the sea monster tongues the front window. I busted up.

    They had Small World decked out for the holidays. It was like a Christmas bomb exploded in there. No one was spared. My teeth hurt just thinking about all the sweetness on that ride. Fun to giggle at, though.

    • Mama_Abbie says:

      1. Taking four garbage bags of clothes that areTOO BIG to Good Will and the local thrift shop on Monday.
      2. My boss gave me ALL of Friday off for “free” when I asked if it was okay if I took 1/2 day of PTO Friday afternoon to drive to my daughter’s to spend the weekend. (Okay, I ended up working most of the morning, but that was my choice and I was able to turn off instant messaging and not attend any meetings and make it look like I wasn’t “there”. So much more productive.)
      3. Spending the weekend with my daughter and hitting the outlet mall with her. Hope my DH and SIL had as much fun as we did. (They stayed home.)
      4. Anticipating next week’s hit of happy: DD and SIL down for the Thanksgiving weekend. Not often that I get to see them twice in one week.

  11. gin says:

    1.My tenants cleaned up a mess they made without me having to ask them.
    2. I had lunch with a long-time cherry friend that I hadn’t seen in person for too long.
    3. Today I’m in a research clinic, being a guinea pig for science, and everyone here is AMAZING. (And they have wifi, so I don’t have to miss the weekly happiness check-in!)

  12. This was a pretty good week.

    – planting tulip bulbs in 21C degree weather (and then seeing snow from my office window the next day).

    – making shortbread dough and having DS rush over and ask to help.

    – going to see the new Bond film with DH.

  13. New book contracts for The Prince, which means new laptops for both of us (current laptops are over 6 years old and my failing eyes can barely see mine).

    Saw the new Bond movie and loved it.

    Proper rainy writing weather finally hit Santa Monica, and it was good.

  14. It’s been a big and wonderful pre-holiday week:

    The restaurant where I’d lost my wallet, found my wallet. Everything was intact, including the $6. I’d had nightmares about trying to get on a plane for the holiday without a photo ID.

    Strangers at my regular Saturday breakfast meeting recommended a new swimming pool to me. A little more expensive, they say, but dead empty all the time. That would be wonderful. Will check it out post-turkey.

    Made chocolate cupcakes for a party and they turned out great. I think the key is not substituting whole wheat flour for white, and being sure to include the butter. 🙂

  15. Chris S. says:

    1. On November 17th I finished a work week which began October 28th. Booyeah! I’m enjoying this thing people call ‘the weekend”.

    2. My 2.5 year old niece coloured her arms with (washable) green marker then asked, “Do I look like a Martian?”

    3. Going to see Skyfall tonight. Daniel Craig in a tux (or less) makes every day better.

  16. Watched a Great Egret catch a fish in our dam/mini lake/pond. He has breeding plumage so he’ll have dinner for wifey and little-uns.

    We had our first hot, sultry day. By the afternoon my writing room became unbearable. I put my bathers on and went for my first swim this season … bliss. DH who had been working on DD’s bathroom joined me … lovely.

    Dear grandson popped around with his girlfriend to say hello. We sat around the table and had a lovely chat. His girlfriend is sweet, gentle and has a great sense of humor. 🙂

  17. Found some more bulbs on clearance and planted them in freezing rain so I could be happy in the spring – that makes 84 bulbs in total (so far – it hasn’t snowed yet!)

    Finally finally finally started yoga again this week, at home on my own. Managed to do it 2x and wasn’t too sore afterwards;

    Cut down a small(ish) tree in my yard, replaced and outdoor dryer vent hood, and two florescent bulbs in my kitchen which made me feel very capable indeed;

    Watched both kids play in tennis tournaments this weekend and do well and come out happy – yeah!

  18. Carol says:

    1) UCLA beat USC. I’m not a big college football fan, but my Bruin love remains.
    2) DH cleaned out our floor furnaces so we could turn on the heat (it was time).
    3) Finally got the new scanner set up and scanned some old pictures of my dad in uniform, which made me smile.

    • Thea says:

      Me too, me too, me too! Go, Bruins! (UC Irvine charter year alum, we never had a football team, so DH and I rely on yours.)Isn’t Hundley great?!!

    • Go Bruins! I am not a big football fan either or fan of any sport for that matter, but having spent time as a Bruin and living in places surrounded by Trojans. Yesterday was a good day.

  19. McB says:

    Little ol’ not adventurous me now has a powder room with persimmon walls and it makes me happy every time I go in.
    Watching a video clip of my great nephew (not yet 3 mos) rolling over.
    Lazy afternoon reading and napping.
    A fall weekend nice enough to enjoy outdoors

  20. Micki says:

    I’m struggling to remember the happy . . . I know I was, it was just one of those low-key weeks where the happy just blended into the walls. On the plus side, I don’t remember the unhappy either.

  21. JenniferNennifer says:

    My sister’s hip surgery went well, and she was glad I was her Responsible Adult Companion for the day.

    Sunshine through the crystals in my window made rainbows on my walls

    Beautiful weather on Saturday; a bonus for the football fans, the disc golf players and those of us driving around doing errands (subsets which do not overlap).

  22. Jessie says:

    My hits of happy for the week.

    1. I am back walking 2 miles 3 times a week. Which while satisfying did not make me happy. The days I walked and it was not pouring rain but misty and the fall colors were glorious made me happy.

    2. Rustic clam chowder. First time I made it and there was no recipe I liked so I winged it. We had it with a very nice rose. At the end of the meal I felt euphoric. All those minerals in the broth and the clams in their shells and the greens of the leeks and the cream broth and the pink wine. Perfect.

    3. My cream and white tabby cat Aubrey lay on my lap upside down purring and flexing all of his 26 toes at once. Totally silly. Really adorable.

  23. Maine Betty says:

    I discovered Netflix streaming, and then I idly clicked on ‘The Tudors,’ which I did not intend to watch, but then I discovered Henry Cavill. And looking at that man is one big hit of happy. Phew.

    Still employed.

    Went to a painting party and painted a still life of fruit and vegetables, and I thought, oh yeah, I love doing this! I’m good at this! I’ll do this again soon!

  24. Beth E says:

    Had a wonderful time yesterday at my son’s last college football game of the season – he’s in the band, not on the team.

    It was senior day, and they recognized all of the graduating senior band members by name during halftime. It made me happy to see him so happy.

    The game itself was exciting, with the home team winning, which made me happy.

    The band rallied afterward and played many of my favorite songs. That, along with their enthusiasm and happiness made me happy as well. Enough so that I didn’t mind that I was standing out in the rain and cold to hear them play.

    Yesterday, I understood both life and happiness. Score!

  25. Kelly S. says:

    Went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert and it was fabulous!

    While watching TSO play, thought the violinist could be someone I knew and turns out it was! So, we stayed after the concert to catch up with him for a bit.

    Had quilt guild this week. Bonnie Hunter was our speaker. She was much fun as was going out with friends afterward. I also took her class today. Spending a day quilting made me happy.

  26. Lois says:

    This was a week of coming to some understanding of my life. I was like Krissie on physically aging – sorry I hadn’t appreciated being young and pretty while I was. Wondering what I could have done had I really applied myself to something (other than my kids) after college, etc., etc. So it was so appropriate to read the quote today. Because happiness is what I wanted out of life and that is what I have. I like where I live. I enjoy my family and love seeing my adult children be fabulous people. I have good friends. I am relatively healthy. Those are the biggies. As to the little happies in my week:
    1)did lots of Christmas shopping (snowshoes for the grandsons – on sale then an extra 30% off! Great jewelry from craft shows) with friends and 1 daughter.
    2)Started a picture-a-day project. Taking a pic of something every day while I walk the dog, even tho we cover much of the same territory each day.

  27. I was also having trouble with this week but I figured it out.

    1) Hanging out with my BFF and her family today. I really love those people, and guess what? They love me too!

    2) Started an anonymous blog where I can bitch about crap without damaging anyone’s employment, embarrassing anyone, etc… I have things to say.

    3) Watching (Listening to) my boys perform in the Winooski Valley Music Festival. I’m blessed with such talented kids.

  28. Thea says:

    Last Pap test of my life! under the protocol of my HMO and unless I request. Still. And – same day – dermatologist determines that bothersome red patch that swelled during the summer when the appointment was made is not in November basal cell carcinoma.

    John gave a presentation about our June trip to Japan to our heritage rose group. I jumped in to comment, and, lordie, don’t I love to comment. Plus, rose bouquets I brought elicited interest.

    We drink tonight wine from Australia, suitcased in from our November rose tour, bought at the winery. Vinter was our Gala Dinner speaker (his wine served), told the story of a notorious outing of their annual gerbil race. Winery had the favorite, male, who discovered a female contestant mid-race. True love or something like ensued. Both gerbils disqualified by the judges for going over the line first place together. Reason: He pushed her, she pulled him. Hilarious. What? You had to be there? Drinking the wine and inhaling pavlova? Lovely Balnaves Coonawarra 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, all ripe cassis and fine tannen. Now to the Interweb to find John’s Solstice present —

  29. It was the best of times, it was the well best of times. Love this week’s quote. I totally believe that happy is a choice; I don’t always make that choice, but it is a choice.

    1. Saw mom, sis, bro, sis-in-law and other family of the heart while my nephew played basketball. (Let me tell you, I hate being in smelly gyms, all gyms are smelly, and I cannot believe that I am back to watching basketball AGAIN!) But I LOVE watching the people I love do the things that they love. It is always a shot of happy.

    2. The ultrasound on Wednesday showed that the “mass” is the same ol’ cyst that’s been in my right breast for forever, but has grown in the last 12 months. Happy that thanks to changes in insurance, I now get a mammogram every year as part of preventative care and that I’ve been going to the same place for the last decade which means that they can compare all things with the prior year’s. Good stuff.

    3. Went to the monthly meeting of the first chapter of RWA that I ever joined. I love that place and those writers. We celebrated the fact that one of our members who had recently passed away had published his book and will have the second one published posthumously. Life is short. Follow your bliss – whatever that may be. Had lunch afterwards with one of my friends and as I told her and the world on twitter, it was worth every calorie and ever penny spent. I love her to bits. Yes, Christine Ashworth, I am telling everyone again. You were one of my hits of happy this week.

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