Jenny: The Good Wolf Lunch: Painting New Jersey and New York

I painted this week.  Miles and miles of drywall.  The house is finally getting to a point where I can see what it will be like and I love it, but first there is paint.  I also got my McD class up and running (which is mostly posting things, opening discussion threads and then standing back before the stampede starts), and got Krissie’s bedroom in the rental ready for her and went to New York to do a TV interview and have lunch with my agent.  It was the last one that really fed my good wolf: I really didn’t want to go but I’d promised, and then the day before was awful and I didn’t get anything I needed to do done because I was fighting fires, and then I couldn’t find any dress pants and had to wear jeans, and I couldn’t sleep at all the night before, and the car came at eight instead of nine.  But once I was in the car, I thought, “Come on, Crusie, you’re in a private car being driven to New York City to have a great lunch with an agent you love, and all you have to do is answer questions in front a camera to earn it.”  Deep breaths, and two hours later I was in Times Square.  The TV people were wonderful and best of all, they did my hair and make-up.  By the time they were done, I looked like a much older Laura Linney.  Note to self: Use more eyeliner.  Then I went to lunch and laughed like a loon with Jodi, and my good wolf absolutely gorged because all day people were telling me how wonderful I am and for once, I believed it.  Tip for feeding good wolves: BELIEVE WHAT THE GOOD PEOPLE TELL YOU.

Then I had Jodi take a picture so I could remember what the hair looked like:






Shortly after that, my good wolf burped and went to sleep.

What did you feed your good wolf this week?

68 thoughts on “Jenny: The Good Wolf Lunch: Painting New Jersey and New York

  1. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Jenny, dahlink, you are looking absolutely gawgeous!!! Seriously!!!!

    My good wolf is on a bit of a diet this week, because next week she’s getting mussels in white wine sauce every single day, if not twice a day (I am in Brussels on business). Oh, yes, and loads and loads of Neuhaus chocolate from the gorgeous shop in one of the glass covered galleries near the Grand’ Place where the ladies in silk dresses pack your selection of chocolates into bags or boxes wearing white gloves. Because I adore moules au vin blanc, and because I love Neuhaus chocolates and because I deserve them.

  2. Jenny, you look and are fabulous. Love the top!

    I fed the good wolf by knocking off beating myself up about my girl dog’s weight gain. Instead of continuing to blame myself for not exercising them enough, I had her tested. Her thyroid function needs a boost. So she’s getting treatment and we’re walking more as a family.

    • That’s actually a 3/4 length sleeve winter coat with a high belt. God knows where I got it; it turned up when I was packing. I really like it, too.

  3. Jenny, you were right to believe them. You look (and are) fabulous! For some bizarre reason, I’m taking your makeover personally: I think it means I too can look fab. So thanks.

    I’ve just (this morning) got back to working on my ebook, and it feels great to be tackling the fiddly final bits of it (how to write the copyright page; how to create a contents page with hyperlinks). But I also gave the captions a final check, which involved looking through the whole book, and the images are just so lush. So I’ve reconnected with it, and am feeling fired up. Good wolf.

  4. Wow! You look amazing! And skinny! And the hair is fab!

    I’m so glad you had fun. A driver, no less.

    My inner wolf is having a really rough week, alas. I’m doing a cleansing week, so no chocolate and no bacon. And had a really upsetting doctor’s appointment which sent me into a tail-spin (not bad news, exactly, just “sorry, this isn’t fixable, put Vaseline on it and come back in May” news).

    But tonight, there may be wine.

  5. Micki says:

    You look great! What a wonderful way to start the New Year (well, I know — the New Year is almost 4 percent done and over with, but I still feel like I’m just launching into it).

    My pack leader has just about sorted out the sleeping/eating issues, so maybe my wolves will be ready to show up next week. Maybe not.

  6. You look amazing! So beautiful. I’m glad you believe them when they tell you how wonderful you are. You never believe me. But that’s what I get for spouting chipperish all the time; I say it so much you don’t believe me. (But I’m RIGHT!)

    Anyway, so glad you had a good time! You deserve it!

    As for me, my good wolf is dining well. I’m working on all the stuff I need to do to start teaching at SU again, and I can’t wait. So excited! Also really excited about seeing you (if not Krissie, sniff) at the end of Feb. 2013 is starting out SO much better than 2012!

      • Lulu says:

        Oof. That’s why I moved 1000 miles from “home” to go to grad school & never moved back. If I was any closer, family would expect me to attend every frigging birthday, holiday, and tupperware party which would just be occasions of criticism. I still get at least one ugly comment on my hair every time I go home (“still with the long hair?” or, “why so short, kinda butch doncha think?”) Visit before last, my dad didn’t even say hello when I arrived, it was “What’s with the hair?”

        I think my moving away saved my good wolf’s life. Or gave me strength to adopt a new one…

        • When I graduated from college and was job hunting, I drew 2 circles on the map. Inside the first circle was too close to my parents, and outside the circle was too far away from my nephews. Moving far enough away that I could not reasonably be expected to show up very often was a lifesaver for me, too.

          Also, Lulu? Your hair is FABULOUS.

  7. Kieran says:

    OMG, you do look like Laura Linney!!! What a great picture. I hope you had a fabulous time. How exciting to have a car sent for you. I’d bring Doritos and a Coke and snuggle up in the corner and just look out the window and lap it all up!!! I’d also ask the driver to speed. Any time I go to NYC, I get in a taxi and tell the driver to go as fast as he can–because I want to feel like I’m in a movie. Most of them do, too!!

  8. You look so wonderful — the make-up and hair, of course, but mostly that incredible glow and smile. The good wolf is a beauty aid!

    Feeding the good wolf: I finished up a mini quilt that’s been sitting around for over a year and I free motioned quilt the whole thing. Very happy with that!

    The bad wolf grumbles because I posted pictures on my blog and the quilt (by which I mean, “me”) didn’t get the love I wanted.

    Me and the good wolf are talking about this.

  9. You look maaahhvelous, Jenny! The jeans totally worked!

    Feeding the good wolf by trying to stay off my poor cut-open foot and doing what I’m supposed to be doing instead of getting up every ten minutes to tend to some pointless task that doesn’t really need doing. And I’m back to work, which mostly feels okay.

  10. I’ll add my compliments to the rest. You look great. And best of all, happy!

    How did I feed the Good Wolf this week? Hmmm….not sure. I managed NOT to eat a donut here at work yesterday. Though they sat in the kitchen all day, winking at me every time I walked through.

    Got my hair cut last night and it looks cute. Still on path for growing it out and I’ve made it past that “middle of the ear” point that usually has me cutting it back off again.

    Colored the bottom half of kiddo’s hair last night, getting color EVERYWHERE and we laughed ourselves silly. There was a time I’d be totally freaked out to get black hair color on my bathroom floor. Last night, I just thought it was funny. I think this is progress.

  11. Sue says:

    You do look glorious.

    What was the interview for?

    Good wolf feeding? Reading, eating healthy great food, and putting my cold feet on the dh on a cold winter’s night. He doesn’t seem to mind.

    • It’s a new station that’s aimed at baby boomers, and they have a book chat show called Bookmarks. Mary Higgins Clark was the interview before me. They’re doing all the Olds.

      • All the Olds? I’d say all the Goddesses, based on how brilliant you look in that picture! And because it’s you.

        This week my Good Wolf is being fed by recovering quickly from flucoldthing, ogling The Prince, and applying for a very part-time job without having a meltdown. I have eye candy, lots of yarn, and am on the mend. What’s not to love?

          • Kieran says:

            Oh, yeah, and my Good Wolf this week is:

            1) I’m going to see a psychotherapist to get to the bottom of some of my insecurities. Why do I need anyone else’s approval? That sort of thing. I put this action in the same column as “going to a luxury spa” or “buying a fabulous dress.” The woman who’s going to work with me is smarter than I am, wiser than I am, both of which I so appreciate. I love to be challenged, and she challenges me like crazy.

            2) I’m back to Nathan, Jr., my version of My Net Diary. I’m putting everything in there, even the nibble I just took off one side of a Nutter Butter. It was 3 grams worth of nibble.

            3) I’m counting my blessings every day.

  12. redwoodkim says:

    My good wolf is still lapping up mama points. My Big has been having some issues, and I’m finally connecting the dots. She is highly sensitive, and she’s been getting overloaded. I’m halfway through a really useful book, and I’m taking her to a dojo this afternoon, all in the quest to find ways for her to get centered. And if, along the way, I figure some stuff out about myself, so much the better.
    The Little is wearing panties. It’s not going so well, but we’re on the path, and the good wolf deserves snacks for my patience.
    Christmas is put away and the house is clean. Munch, munch,munch.

    • Wearing panties as in toilet training? Oh, I feel for you. I have been there. The best tip I ever got about toilet training was when a friend told me to have my daughter clean up her own puddles. I was shocked, but she was 3, and oh, did it work. I gave her a roll of paper towels when necessary, and then followed behind her with the cleaner to make sure things were really clean. I think the whole clean yourself-clean the floor-wash your hands routine was such a pain that she decided she’d rather use the toilet. Good luck!

  13. You look wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Congratulations on doing all of that good work on yourself last year because, it really shows. You look happy and healthy.

    My good wolf worked hard on edits for the third book this week. The good wolf was proud that the few pounds put on over the holidays were slowly coming off. The bad wolf whispered in my ear that I’d done so much work I deserved at least a Hawaiian pizza and a couple of glasses of Pinot Noir and that I should eat in front of the TV and watch a show. My weight this morning is back to what it was on January first. And I burned the roof of my mouth with hot cheese. Sigh. Let’s hope the gain is mostly water weight. Now to get my piggy self off to Curves, and then do an afternoon of editing.

  14. Danielle says:

    Don’t have time for a proper comment, but just wanted to say: HOT DAMN, YOU LOOK FABULOUS!

    Laura Linney, Schmaura Schminney. She just looks like a younger YOU.

  15. romney says:

    Oh yes Laura Linney, I see it now.

    I’ve never looked like anyone. Maybe Clara Bow. But thats not really a look you want to leave the house with these days.

  16. KimCz says:

    I know everyone else has said it but I am going to say it again anyway.

    You look seriously fabulous. The best part is you know you look fabulous and you are happy. Love it!

    Good wolf…I finally got the bulk of the Christmas decorations put away. There are a few stragglers around that I missed but I will tackle them tomorrow. I am getting caught up with my blog posts. Saving the best for last, I’ve walked everyday this week and done my strength exercises.

    Bigger and better, onward and upward! Have a great weekend everyone!

  17. Jennifer.nennifer says:

    You do look fabulous, and not just because someone did the hair and makeup.

    When and where do we see this TV interview?

    Good wolf is being fed by being proud of finding a new employee for our non-profit, and trusting my instincts about her.

  18. Oh, we should all have TV people following us around doing our hair and makeup. (Although, in the best of all worlds, this would not involve me having to go on TV) This morning I did my hair and put something on that was not sweatpants and the baggiest sweater I could find, so I was pretty impressed with myself. Until I few minutes ago when I walked past a mirror and thought, “Dude, concealer!” But that’s my bad wolf. 😉

    My good wolf woke up this morning and got fed a plate of “I’m just taking care of me” this morning. It was delicious.

    • I personally have always wanted a writing staff – my dialog is NEVER as good as it is in books or onscreen. And then, of course, I have yearned after the horses onscreen. I’m ashamed to admit that hair and makeup are well down the list of things-I-wish-for.

  19. Karen says:

    Jenny, you look terrific. What was the interview for and where can we see it? I live in the Tri-State area so I get NY stations.

  20. Catherine says:

    What strikes me about that photo, apart from exceptional grooming, is that you look really confident.

    My good wolf got the hiccups a tad this week. For weeks I’ve been able to watch my scales going down. Little amounts sometimes, but consistently down. No movement this week. My bad wolf delighted in singing off key in my ear. Eventually my good wolf sat me down and I got a grip. But for a little while there some minor attitude hiccups tested me.

    My good wolf reminded me that I’m eating healthy food consistently, exercising well and have a lot of love in my life. Oh and that if I’m somehow weirdly attached to numbers maybe I could find my tape measure and chart how much my body is reshaping.

    I’m not sure yet whether my good wolf or bad wolf was dominant when I put a black dress on layby. Overall I’m doing ok… But this trip is testing my ideas about money. A lot. I think it’s my bad wolf that thinks that committing to purchasing a dress while I’m still losing weight is nuts oh and saving for a big trip. Crazy. The dress is black cotton voile with smocking at the bodice and black silk trim. It hits at just the right point on my knee ( which after a season or two of maxi dresses is a little thrilling). I think I got a little seduced by how confident I looked in it. At this point that alone seems excellent fodder for my good wolf.

  21. Oh, I forgot. How I fed the good wolf–I took pictures with everybody anyway, because I love them and all that we are doing. I bought books. I ate great daal makani in a really good Indian restaurant. I told myself it was okay if the girls in the basement are still sleeping.

  22. Jessie says:

    After putting the Christmas stuff away last week, we decided (read – a real necessity) to deep clean the house. All the furniture was pulled out, cleaned behind and in some cases emptied then the insides of cabinets cleaned, the hardwood floors vacuumed then steamed, the orientals vacuumed on both sides, plus the rug pads etc. We worked every day all week (one of deficits of being retired) but I look around the house and the crystal in the cabinets sparkles and the the chandelier actually looks like crystal and not glass and I feel like a really clean, good person – and I wonder what kind of sick upbringing caused me to rate clean and tidy with good anyway. While the upstairs and the downstairs are probably never going to be done this thoroughly, the public rooms are excellent.

    • jinx says:

      Wow! This is very impressive! I’m not sure I would even know HOW to do that level of cleaning, but I do love high-contrast results, where the final thing gains luster from the initial disastrous mess.

  23. carolc says:

    Jenny, you look so svelte! I’m so glad you’re doing well.

    My good wolf is in hiding because I’m so cold (we’re having a colder than normal winter) but I’m feeding her tidbits of Getting Things Done and Making Progress With My Writing.

    Progress. And spring will come, I’m sure of it. Really.

  24. Sounds like you had a good week. Look forward to seeing the cottage pics when it’s all painted. If you’re like me, just having your home base settled will be a game changer.

    Also, think you look fab–but your East coast living is nothing like mine. That coat is adorable but not for winters around here–this morning we were back to our seasonal temps–a balmy -31 degrees Celsius.

    Bad wolves around here are too busy trying to stay warm to cause trouble:)

  25. Lulu says:

    You do look fab – got that east coast chic going on! Isn’t it funny how we need to hear a message from the right “authority” before we can believe it? At my current job, I get kudos and more – they come to me for answers which means they think I know sh!t! And because I respect them — they are very smart, competent folks, I believe them! At 5 years in, I can still say that the worst day here is better than the best day was at the old job.

    And I fed the good wolf this week by going to counseling again – 4th appt and every time I hear something that I need to hear. From the very first appt last month, I felt that this counselor is someone I need to hear and to work with.

  26. I can finally comment here because I was able to separate myself from my work WordPress …anywho…

    Jenny! You look AMAZING! Seriously, Wow. It’s time for a new book photoshoot methinx! 😉

    My wolves are starving. I’ve been fighting Fibro pain crap but discovered how easy my new health insurance is (and my meds are miraculously less $$$! Shocking!) so I should be feeling better soon.

    Can’t wait to see the interview! <3

  27. Lynda says:

    I’ll join the chorus: YOU LOOK FABULOUS!! And Laura Linney should be proud to say she looks like you. I do think one of the most wonderful things about that picture is how confident and strong you look. More like the Jenny we’ve always known you were.

    This week I fed my good wolf by spending a chatty afternoon with a friend I hadn’t seen face-to-face in a while. I learned that oranges taste utterly amazing when you haven’t eaten a piece of fruit in months. And I bought new jeans that were three sizes smaller than the last “smaller” ones I bought in October, meaning that I’ve gone down six sizes in the past year.

    But probably the very best thing was when I said to my son–perhaps only realizing the truth of it as I spoke–“I’m happy now.” It’s been a long time.

    Stay as fabulous as you are, and have a wonderful time with Krissie!!

  28. You look wonderful.

    You actually are fabulous, so I’m glad you’re finally listening to people who say so.

    I’m glad you had a terrific outing; you deserved some good.

    Meanwhile, I have a very hype five year old granddaughter here, who is over-the-moon because it’s the first time we’ve been able to have her in two months. (She is terrorizing her Paw Paw as I write this. We are tag-teaming her. It’s the only way we survive the visits. By the time she’s a teenager, I’ll be so exhausted, I’ll be drooling.) Anyway, I’m going to go get some happy time with the g-kid. There is nothing quite like picking her up from school and having her completely light up and scream, “Mimi!!!” (what she calls me) from across the entire school.

  29. You really do look beautiful. And healthy. And not 63. Seriously.
    I fed my good wolf by – are you ready for this – writing. On my wip. Twice and I plan to again tonight.
    Yikes I might actually finish this book someday!

  30. Mary M. in Denver says:

    For the longest time I’ve believed myself to be unlovable because of my weight. Then I found a great guy who loves me and tells me I’m beautiful. This week I fed my good wolf by believing him and letting him love me just because I’m me. Knowing that if I want to change, it’s okay, but I know he loves me just as I am.

  31. Flo says:

    “Tip for feeding good wolves: BELIEVE WHAT THE GOOD PEOPLE TELL YOU.”

    Very much what I’m trying to do. My service dog tore his left CCL, and he’s had a TPLO. It’s hard seeing him in pain, especially when his pills are causing him troubles. While calling around to talk to the surgeon’s tech and our regular vet about dosages and changes in his meds (and blogging my guilt over his pain) I listened to the people telling me that my guilt, fear and worry were misplaced. He will get better. This is the best course of action for him.

    I also have been going to writer’s groups and feeding the good wolf their feedback- even the stuff that’s not so great shows me where the story can be stronger. None of their feedback goes to the bad wolf, anymore.

    Please let us know if you know more about were and when we can see the interview.

  32. So glad you had a good time. You look great. And I’m looking forward to the pics of the cottage when you’re done.

    My good wolf had to fight for position here this week. But I did help my daughter get her room at school under control and I got some of my monthly boxes inventoried.
    Now I just have to shake these sinus headaches and get some proper sleep.

  33. people used to say that I looked like Dana Delaney on China Beach, but as we got older (she’s older than me, but doesn’t look it) She got to hang out with make up and stylist people so she still looks young and I look like me.

  34. Lois says:

    Jenny you look beautiful and young and skinny and happy.So glad you are ready to accept your fabulousness.

    The bad wolf jumped out and bit me the other day. Serious doubts set in for a while but the good wolf was able to chase him away.
    Good wolf and I sat down in the sun and made lists. My goal since childhood was to be happy. Several years ago I added healthy, wealthy (a relative term) and wise. I spent some time thinking about what I want to do in each of those catagories. It was eye opening. I’m doing well with happiness – except I haven’t been doing anything creative and I miss that. Doing pretty well with healthy, just need to meditate regularly and add in some yoga. Then not so great on wealthy and wise. But my good wolf had some good ideas on what to do there. She is so smart 🙂

  35. Sally Mettlesome says:

    Jenny you look so fabulous! Love to see reinventing fabulous in action!

    Happy to hear all the good wolf news. My good wolf feeding includes doing strength training and interval training this week. Woo hoo me!

  36. Had my sister read the first couple pages of my two WIP. She liked them a lot, laughed in all the right places and demands that I right both tout suite so she can read them. Nice to hear.

    (Also with sister’s help) got my art hung that has been sitting around since I moved in last summer. One is a beautiful painting of the Hindu God Ganesh. He’s the “remover of obstacles” so I like to have him above my desk to help clear the clutter out of my brain.

    In the same vein of moving, I FINALLY brought in the three boxes of books that I’d been storing in my car trunk. Also emptied the glass jar where I put spare change: $118. Woot. So, lots of progress on the nesting front. Now the writing and dieting stuff needs to catch up…

  37. JulieB/Julie Spahn says:

    Yowza! I’m glad you thought to get a picture. Put it up somewhere to be a happy reminder.

    Um, I’be been putting out fires ever since my semester started Monday, so I forgot to buy wolf food. However, I did sign up for a free yoga class for employees which will start a week from Monday, I had lunch with my daughters after their finals, and I’m going to take a bath after catching up on ReFab news. So the good wolf isn’t completely starving, just concerned. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  38. Jill says:

    Jenny, you look great ! And you look like you feel great .

    My GW (good wolf) -I made a fish extender for my daughter, son in law, 2 grandgirls who are going on a Disney cruise. They said they liked it and I believe them 🙂

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