Jenny: The Good Wolf Lunch: Curriculums, Appliances, and Blogs

Welcome to the Good Wolf lunch, so glad you could join us.  Cute wolf, too, but she looks hungry.  Here, honey, have a bread stick.

So what did I accomplish this week?  Well, I gained two pounds–

HEY, WHO LET THE  BAD WOLF IN HERE?  OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT RIGHT NOW.  You’ve had enough to eat this week.  Hell, after last year, you’re clinically obese.

Where’s my good wolf?  Oh, there you are.  Have TWO breadsticks.

So this week, I finished the 523 curriculum, figured out my appliance problem, and started a private blog.


The curriculum is for the third course in the McDaniel Writing Romance program, Structure (although I think I’m going to switch things around next time and do Structure as the second course and Character as the third).  Since I now know from experience that if I assign a twenty-page reading, these people will read forty, I have scaled the readings back considerably along with the assignments.  I’ll add a lot of optional stuff, too, but the pace we were setting in the last two courses was ridiculous.  Also, it’s winter and we need to be kind to ourselves.

I also blocked out the whole program including a possible second year, but I did that last week so it doesn’t count as lunch.  Still isn’t it pretty?  Color coding is so important, I think.  And tasty.  Here, baby, have a curriculum.

Then I FINALLY figured out my kitchen appliance problem.  It was two-fold: (a) there was no place in my tiny kitchen to put a refrigerator and (b) I’m broke.   The stove was easy; I got a bottom line GE with electric burners because it looked retro, it was cheap, and I only need it for baking and scrambled eggs anyway so those fancy gas burners would just be a way for me to set myself on fire.  I was amazed they still made electric coil burners, but I was also thrilled because I hated that ceramic cooktop I had in Ohio.  The microwave was easy, too: a $99 basic GE I picked up at Lowe’s.  You can go cheaper but I’m a slave to certain brands and a microwave is the gerbil of appliances: you don’t fix them, you just get another.  (Apologizing to gerbil lovers now.)

The fridge was a different story.  See the original kitchen was, uh, small.  Well, here’s the original floor plan (if you click on the image and then click again, it gets bigger):


Yeah, the kitchen was ridiculous, even with the pantry.  So the obvious solution was to expand into the 9′ x 9′ dining room (see picture below) which I didn’t need anyway.  But I wanted it open to the living room–lots of light–and I didn’t want a fridge overwhelming the space there, so no fridge in the former-dining-room-now-cook-space.  And because the old kitchen was so narrow, putting a regular fridge in there meant it would be hard to walk through.  Even a counter depth fridge was going to overlap the opening to the old-pantry-new-office by a good six inches.  So for months I’ve been cogitating about this and I finally came to the conclusion that had been staring me in the face since I’d bought the place: I couldn’t get a refrigerator in there.


So thinking outside the ice box, I analyzed what I needed.  Which was basically:

  • A place to keep milk, soda, juice, and water bottles.  (And yes, white wine for when Lani comes to stay.  Chipperish needs fuel.)
  • A place to keep veggies, meat, cheese, and butter.
  • A place to keep frozen pizza, frozen waffles, frozen ice, and anything else I want frozen.

So a drinks cooler, a small fridge, and a small freezer.  The freezer was easy; Sears has a small upright Kenmore that looks vaguely the size of an old fashioned ice box and fits perfectly beside the farm sink we found in the basement and moved upstairs.  The drinks cooler was harder but I found a GE that wasn’t nosebleed expensive, so that’s on order.  The fridge, however, was trickier, and I finally bit the bullet and bought a Fisher Pykel drawer.  If it works as advertised, it could be very cool (pun intended) since you can set it to be a freezer, a fridge, a wine cooler, and two other things I forget at the moment.  Fits under the counter, frees up my sightline, empties my bank account, and solves my problem.  The only thing I have to figure out now is where to put the drinks fridge since it won’t fit under a counter, but I have a plan.  Now fingers crossed everything works.  God knows I’ve been researching this stuff long enough, it ought to.  So here, little wolf, have a kitchen appliance plan, on order.

And finally, I started a private blog.  No, you can’t see it, but I’ll show you a screen shot:


Why did I start another blog?  Because when I get really stressed, I go to Ravelry and look at my projects page: thumbnail after thumbnail of things I’ve made that feed my good wolf.  A couple of days ago, I was in there, feeding the baby, and I thought, I need one of these for my life, a place to go where I can see where I’ve been and what I’ve done in pictures.  So I headed over to WordPress, searched the photoblogging themes, picked one called “Hatch,” and started a Good Wolf journal so I can go in and write down what I accomplished that day and put up a picture to represent it.  I have no idea if I can keep doing it but it does make me feel good to look at the pictures and think, “I did that.”

So there, a three-course lunch for my good wolf.  And for dessert, did you see that baby in the latest picture on the journal blog?  She’s there because today is my kid’s birthday.  Yes, I know Mollie runs her own very successful business while taking care of my three grandchildren so “kid” may not describe her, but that was a good accomplishment in 1975, and I did call her today to tell her so, too, in spite of the fact that I’m HORRIBLE about remembering birthdays, so here, good wolf, have some ice cream and lick the bowl clean because that was a very, very good thing we did back then.

Now what are you feeding your good wolf this week?



88 thoughts on “Jenny: The Good Wolf Lunch: Curriculums, Appliances, and Blogs

  1. I’m feeding my good wolf with smoothies because I make them healthy and I like drinking them for breakfast and, sometimes, lunch. I’m still on the losing track of my new life and this is easy. While I type this I’m sipping on one I made with pineapple, green apple, kale, ground flax seed, bee pollen and almond milk. Yummy! (No, Jenny, you don’t taste the kale.)

    I’m also feeding my good wolf by accepting that I can do a lot but sometimes the “all” in doing it all is way more stress than I need to put on myself. The brain power I can muster in one day might be considerable, but it isn’t limitless. So, feeding my good wolf means being absolutely serene and fine with this realization. (In other times, I would have beaten myself up.)

  2. Nice lunch, Jenny. Nan’s good wolf got fed with work–work can be good food if you truly need to get it all done and you do. Now I can go have my foot surgery today and not worry that I’m behind schedule or worry while I’m healing that I need to stop taking pain meds so I can get busy on the editing gigs waiting for me. Some are waiting, but they’re fed for now and napping peacefully. Good wolf.

    Also got the first chapter revision done on MUSIC IS YOU and I love it. It works–we’re in the present, we’re active, we’ve laid the foundation for the story without info-dumping…it’s all good.

    Simple Abundance is keeping me grounded, aware of the good wolf and keeping the bad wolf (that would be that bratty, ungrateful, I-hate-my-current-house wolf) at bay. In spite of surgery today, we’re all polka dots and unicorns over here at Nan’s house.

  3. I knitted socks.
    I rode a red horse (who always amuses me).
    I sat still and did some very good nothing.
    I really, really leaned into the doing nothing thing, to the extent that I’m not standing in my room thinking about setting all the fabric on fire, but instead sitting happily and knitting socks.
    Also I watched a pile of strange things on Netflix that were suggested (by Netflix) after I finally (finally) watched Hugo. Like A Cat in Paris, and then Miss Minouse. Both lovely and strange and aimed at kids, so not pushing me too far out of my comfort zone.

  4. Finished an editing job early, and was given some proofs to read to follow on. So I’m generating some income again (relief); and also spending time in Chinese and now Spanish mindsets – so mind is being broadened too, as a bonus.

    Faced the fact I needed to deal with the mouse invasion, and spent yesterday hunting them down and cleaning up after them. Don’t like killing things; but couldn’t bear the dirt and disease they carry.

    Mastering my new iPad mini – which really came into its own last night when there was an unexpected power cut, and it worked as a torch, and then as bedtime reading (reading my first novel by Lani: just the right thing to snuggle up with when the world’s gone dark!).

    And this morning, having put it off because of feeling broke, I registered to do Open Studios in June – with the idea of promoting my photography/gardening ebook. Which is going to get finished and (self) published in good time . . .

  5. Kieran says:

    I love cool appliances, and that Fisher Pykel drawer is one I crave!!!

    My good wolf seems unreachable right now. I feel too frazzled to connect with it. So I’m going with that and enjoying other people’s. I like what Mary said about realizing her powers aren’t limitless.

    Good luck with the foot surgery, Nan!! XOXO

  6. Micki says:

    (-: Your good wolf must be feeling very satisfied right now.

    I love your pantry — it looks like a good size, and designed to actually keep things cold (I’m assuming it’s either north or maybe east of the house).

    Traditionally, Japanese people haven’t used big fridges because there’s a strong preference for fresh foods, and also houses have a “cold space” that works most of the year — we have a back pantry, and I’ve also seen secret caches in the floors where people keep things that need to be cool, but not cold. That said, we have two big (for Japan) fridges — one in the pantry, and a big deep freeze in the pantry. Six people in the house, eight people at the dinner table . . . we need to store some food in the house somewhere.

    The pantry also has a mudroom that leads to the outside, so we actually have a lot of food storage zones. It’s been very cold lately (about -13F every morning when I leave for work), and not only have the veggies in the mudroom frozen, some of the stuff closer to the exit in the pantry proper has frozen . . . not good. (-: I have to keep stuff in the fridge to keep it from freezing.

    My wolves are kind of wandering around, asking, “Are you my pack leader?” I’m trying to be kind to everyone inside my head right now. I think the best thing I can do is make sure they get proper sleep and nutrition, though. The holidays have really messed us all up. I also read a couple of books, and made some progress on a winter hood that I’ve had in my knitting bag forever. So . . . maybe I’ve given them a few crumbs?

  7. Mitchiewitch says:

    Letting her sister, who is a nurse, take my honey to the doctor’s yesterday instead on going myself. Between using family sick leave (while she was recovering from surgery due to her car accident)bereavement (mother-in law’s death) and scheduled vacation time (during which I got sick myself)I worked 4 days in December. I have a very understanding boss and generous benefits but the work did pile up. I always tell her to relax and let others help her rather than trying to do everything herself & getting stressed and am happy that I was able to take my own advice. Another solid day of work and I’ll be caught up and ready for the Spring semester.

  8. Mitchiewitch says:

    Jenny – I noticed that your plans have a front bathroom but didn’t see any other. Have you moved into a one bathroom home or is there an upstairs?

    • There used to be another one in the basement, but we had to gut the entire space due to mold. I’ll put another one in on the main floor later. For right now, I’d be grateful to have one so I could move in.

  9. Yay for figuring out the appliances! I currently have a broken washer, dryer, and dishwasher. And Mercury isn’t even in retrograde.. Figure THAT out.

    I fed my good wolf with the news that my favorite of my Llewellyn books is going back for a 5th reprint and that through a long, slightly flukish chain of events, I am about to have three books out on submission at once. (Please goddess, ONE of them has to sell, right? Right?)

    Also, my “kittens” Magic and her brother Mystic, turn 11 today.

  10. Hellion says:

    I’m feeding my good wolf fruits and veggies; my writing on my current WIP which I am excited about and still going strong; and reading…all easy things. *LOL*

  11. stephanie says:

    I’m feeding the wolf with bread crumbs to try to get back on track. I went to a new yoga class on Wednesday and I’m going back today even though I can still feel every muscle in my body.

    I’m also shaking off the mommy guilt. I haven’t been rushing home every night. I’m letting dh be a real parent and do the things that parents do – make dinner, take the kidlets to practice and games, and give them baths. [we’ll work up to laundry some day in the future!] This is the busiest month at work, not to mention trying to write, and I’m tired to trying to do it all.

  12. Maine Betty says:

    Ooof. Both of my wolves just want to be fed carbs and then go curl up on the unmade bed until March. My resolutions run into the reality of deep winter and melt like snowflakes on a warm wood stove.

    I’ll walk the dog on Saturday, she may have some useful insights to share.

    Which means really that what I need is to be outside in the light more. We have no windows in this office, so light exposure is limited.

  13. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Here were my thoughts while reading this post:

    1. Fridge: under-counter version. Especially since you have a separate freezer already. But you came up with that on your own. Problem solved. (Yay!)

    2. Dining room pic: tiny, but ADORABLE. Love the wood. Love the porch through the window! Love it!

    3. Journal blog: Ooooh! Ooooh! You ARE going to share with us, right???????? Please, please. (If necessary I will resort to truly evil tactics and send a photo of my dog’s best pleading face!)

    My good wolf is telling me today that my boss is being a jerk (which he actually is NOT normally), and there is nothing wrong with me. In spite of the fact that he took one of the projects that I spent 18 months acquiring and gave it to my colleague. (I had been told that the colleague was interested in working on the project, but not that he would be made PROJECT LEADER and I would be effectively out…)

    My Good Wolf is giving me pats on the back for going down the hall and bawling my eyes out with another colleague instead of raging, ranting, teary-eyed and shaky-voiced, into my boss’s office and saying things I might later regret. (Like, “this institute has crappy equal opportunity policies and you guys know it, but still a male colleague is allowed to cherry-pick from the projects that a female colleague acquired — without asking her first”…)

    So I am going home early and will find something to do to burn off the anger and NOT feed the Bad Wolf.

    Seeth, seeth. Down, Bad Wolf…

      • German Chocolate Betty says:

        Funny — I read it as “bad loss” three times before I realized it was “boss”… Gotta be freudian, eh?

        My Bad Wolf was snapping around saying “see, you must have done something wrong that they want to take it away from you…” So my Good Wolf was saying “naaaah”.

        I did just feed my Good Wolf. I have to go to Madrid for the kickoff of the project; colleague coming along (as I thought until today, as backup). One day meeting, but two days when travel reckoned in. Just found out about the trip last evening and it lands in the middle of the visit of my BFF from Montana here. So “double farts” on that. But then I came up with the idea that BFF flies with us to Madrid, then colleague goes home along, she and I poke around Madrid a couple of days, and part ways at the Madrid airport. And we drown my frustration with lots of vino rosso, sangria and mountains of tapas.

        So, Good Wolf is now happy dancing because I turned a negative into a possible “yippee”!!


    • Jessie says:

      If you can do it without going nuclear, write a note to your boss pointing out that this project was one that you have worked to acquire and now has been given to someone else. What was the reasoning since this was your baby? Try to be non confrontational and as brief as possible.

      I have to point out your boss will hate this. Because you will have pointed out his unfairness in writing and thus have a record and you may be building a file for grievance purposes. Your boss and his boss won’t like this. But it means you will have documented it. And since it is in writing, your boss should answer in writing. And while your boss will hate it, it means he will think twice before doing this again. It will not necessarily affect your promotion prospects. Being a doormat will. They won’t worry about not acknowledging your accomplishments if they know they can get away with it. And they will decide that you probably weren’t up to the work. Not doing anything implies that you agree with the idea that someone else could do your project better. Get on record. You don’t.

      Something like this happened to me years ago. I was turned down for a promotion then asked to help train the person who got it. I filed a grievance. When the guy left after a year – he really wasn’t very good at the job and after I filed the grievance, he was reluctant to ask me to do major parts of it – although I always was helpful, and polite – I just wouldn’t take the lead since it was his job. I then reapplied for the job and got it.

      And if he asks you what you want him to do, you say give the project back to you. The other guy didn’t worry about taking it away from you. Don’t worry about him. Don’t worry about being fair. Neither of these clowns were to you.

  14. I fed my good wolf by working on my husband’s quilt yesterday and vowing to do so again today. That’s feeding my good wolf because I’m not thrilled about this quilt at all and I keep putting it off — and the opportunity for self-flagellation that creates is like sending my bad wolf a box of chocolates and a dozen roses.

    I also fed my good wolf by working on the mini quilts I WANT to be working on. I decided to become good at free motion quilting. I have a long way to go, but I truly love delving into a new passion. The times when I get really focused on something are some of my best times ever. (Have a nice big meaty bone, Good Wolf!) Many moons ago, there was the summer of Errol Flynn. That was very, very good.

    I love the things you make, Jenny! I hope you show more pictures here — even though every time I see one I have to tell myself, “Terrie, back away from the yarn. I mean it, now! Back off!!”

  15. Dayna says:

    Good wolf got fed Greek food last night. Yum! Good wolf also got fed exercising on more days than not this week. Bad wolf is chiding me about falling off my new eating plan for 2 days in a row and gaining some weight back but good wolf is giving her the boot because I got back on my new eating plan.

    Good wolf is my own personal cheerleader and I like her.

  16. Alis says:

    My good wolf is looking at me like, “Food? You mean you’re really going to feed me?”

    1. Lost 4lbs this week. Bye bye bad sugar!

    2.Sat the family down and said, “I need to write. I can’t do that and do everything else. Do you all have any ideas of how we can fix this?” And lo and behold, my 12 and 14 year old VOLUNTEERED to help with the housework. More surprisingly, they’re actually doing it! It’s amazing how much better it works when they’re the ones deciding what to do instead of me telling them what to do.

    3. Wrote almost 6K words. Probably only 4K after I axe the adverbs, but still… progress. 🙂

    And the little good wolf creeps out, snags a few bites, and flees back into his corner. Hopefully he’ll get used to this. Soon.

    • Lulu says:

      Alis, similarly my 11-year-old rebelled as I was asking him to do this chore or that chore. He fumed that I was just ordering him around “like a slave” (hmmm, dramatic much?) So I just listed all the chores that needed to be done and he got to pick which ones to do. I was doing stuff off the list too, so it wasn’t just a list of what he had to do all alone. The absolute bonus? My husband started peeking at the list and pretty soon he was able to start crossing off things too. That dang list worked for all of us!! So that’s how I became a list-maker. I’m not afraid to include wishes as well as must-do items. And we don’t feel like absolutely everything on the list must be done or we die. But it gives us all a plan and choices.

  17. I love how you are handling the kitchen issue with creative solutions that fit your needs rather than trying to force a traditional solution that wouldn’t work. The floor plan looks very cool.

    My good wolf is siting beside me and reminding me that I cannot do all kinds of things right now because I just had surgery for a skin cancer on my nose (and they needed a skin graft from behind my ear to fill in the hole), so I cannot exercise or do some things for the next week or two — and I hadn’t quite gotten back into the habit after the holidays yet. And my good wolf is trying to make me feel better for the fact that my nose is going to look awful for awhile. It’s also comforting me for making the very good decision to NOT take a job that would require me to work in Mozambique for 28 days, then have 28 days off and work then next 28 days for 6 months or more. My anxiety disorder was going thru the roof about all the travelling and living and working and trying to function in a 3rd world country. I’m not to that level yet, so my good wolf is patting me while my bad wolf is telling me I’m a failure. I’m having a lot of stress right now, so my wolves are fighting a lot.

    • Office Wench Cherry says:

      Your good wolf is right, you have to take care of you. It’s not a failure to realize that a job is not right for you, it’s a success. It wouldn’t have been very good if you’d taken the job and then quit. You’re allowed to quit any job you don’t want to keep but if you know that the job isn’t right then why take it and keep it from someone it is right for?

      Good luck with the grafting surgery and glad they caught the cancer.

    • Chris S. says:

      Ouch! Hope you’re recovering well and quickly. And that you let yourself really accept that taking that job wasn’t good for you. Down deep accept.

    • Lois says:

      Give your good wolf a pat on the head and a kiss on the nose. Tell the bad wolf to back off.
      Sending fast healing vibes your way.

    • Reb says:

      I don’t think anyone would count as a failure for being freaked at a month on / month off job in Mozambique. I think it’d take an exceptional person to cope with that. I’m pretty laid back and it sounds freaky to me!

  18. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I’m feeding my good wolf by staying home today, reading and watching tv and taking some pictures of hoar frost on the trees with my new camera – the one that I’m actually going to learn how to use properly, like by reading the manual. I feel like crap (dr’s appointment on Monday to get the results of the tests of the eight vials of blood the vampire phlebotomist took on Tuesday – I’m pretty sure the last two were just her snack) and there’s no need for me to go when I have perfectly good sick days for this sort of thing.

    And it’s not like I’ve been effective at work or anything. Lately, my day goes like this: call TB to tell him I’ve arrived safely, log in to system, check email, ignore email, read ReFab, check personal email, code an invoice, play Solitaire, code a couple invoices, play a few more hands of solitaire, lather, rinse, repeat, go for a staff lunch for my team lead who quit this week, return phone calls, check email, stare blankly at my monitor, realized I’m staring blankly at my monitor and then frantically code a bunch of invoices until I power out then there’s more solitaire until it’s time to go home. That is not a productive employee and it’s not the way I like to be at work. When I’m at work, I work.

    I did discover something interesting in my first session with my new therapist – my bad wolf is a very frustrated story teller. Good wolf is very good at recounting facts and telling things like they are/were. Bad Wolf just makes shit up. There’s gotta be a way to harness that…

  19. The Bad Wolf is going on and on about the house and throwing anger out again about Life. I’m trying to get the Good Wolf through the door with Simple Abundance again and reminding myself that 52 isn’t death. I’ve also used my Christmas Cheer to get better lodgings for my lizard (Good Wolf) and plants for in my house and my sanity (Good Wolf). Onward!

  20. Hi,
    I have been so good this past 10 days. Wrote about 50 pages on a new book, and I was so happy. And I’m using my stand-up desk, which is great and making me so happy.
    And the today, damned bad wolf came along and said, “Your new book is stupid.” (sigh)
    Why does he do that? Bad wolf.

    Good Wolf: daughter (sometimes daughter-from-hell) is in Seattle this week visiting a friend, so it’s like we’re childless again, briefly.

    I was hoping you could feed my Good Wolf and a lot of other people’s here by letting us see the colors you’re using on the cottage as you try to pick them out. I love colors.

    • Micki says:

      Why does that happen? It seems like so many writers go through a “this new book is so stupid!” phase . . . even in my little writings, I’ll finish a short story knowing it is absolute crap but it’s done, and then when I read it two days later, I wonder what I thought was so bad about it.

      Fantasy/reality dissonance, and two days later, I’ve forgotten the fantasy and can appreciate what’s actually on the page?

      Hope you find it’s just a phase, and the wonderful parts leap out today.

  21. Chris S. says:

    My Good Wolf is… resting a little more comfortably in her den. Because this year I am finally, FINALLY taking my own frigging advice and stretching every morning and evening. Not in a hurry, not as a chore: but carefully, mindfully, as if I’m doing something I like.

    And lo, my whole body aches a lot less. Win!

  22. My good and bad wolves are playing tag through the house. We’re wrestling with promotion and marketing and getting totally confused. So much to do…so little time…not enough money.

    One minute the good wolf is getting work done and feeling satisfied at the accomplishment, and then the bad wolf comes along and bites her on the ear. Then the screaming starts, and the fight is on and I toss my hands in the air. Screw it. I’m leaving them both at home and going to see a movie.

    BTW, I love your floor plan, and your problem solving with the appliances, and your daily journal…the cottage looks wonderful, rich and warm.

  23. Redwood Kim says:

    Good Wolf Meal this week: I’m computer challenged right now, but I figured out how to make a few things (MSWord) work, so that I can move forward with my coop preschool board duties. And I acknowledged to myself that while I didn’t get all of my action items taken care of last month, I handled a hell of a lot of other, high priority items. SO instead of slinking into the meeting the way my BW thought I should, I just owned it, and kept my head up, and it was fine.
    I have Moved My Body. I want to do more, but this is what I did do, so have a snack, wolfie. And on my walk today, I thought about how I want to journal – don’t know if I want to do a fullblown food diary, and I emphatically do not want to track numbers, but I do want to stay mindful of intake and exercise – and I think I’ve come up with an idea. Although, I don’t know, Jenny, yours looks pretty good. I may have to haead over to WP myself. I kind of like the idea of a private blog.
    Hurray for the good Wolf!

  24. I’m feeding my Good Wolf by reorganizing the budget, paying things a little differently, and NOT being broke on payday. So far, so good. Also worked on the storyboard for the WIP last night and while talking to my mother about this home stretch to The End, figured out I have 7 scenes left and what those scenes are. The words come so much better when I have a plan.

    I’ve been snacking on raisins all week and not eating candy bars every day. I did make chocolate chip cookies at home, but I’m not beating myself up about them. And I didn’t eat them all either.

    Finally reconnecting with my local writing group this Sunday for the first time in months. That will definitely provide the Good Wolf with a nice meal.

    Kudos on figuring out that floor plan. Though I’m wondering why you’d turn the pantry into an office instead of that front bedroom.

  25. JenniferNennifer says:

    I am listening to my good wolf say “We will deal with what we can when we can. Some of the items on the worry list are not ours. Where are we right now?” It calms the frenzy feeling when I listen.

  26. Redwood Kim says:

    Oh! I forgot the most important food of all!

    I have made some really awesome parenting moves in the past ten days. I’ve finally internalized some of the positive discipline ideas that I’ve been studying/practicing (in the yoga sense) for lo these many years, and I’ve been really pleased with the way I’ve responded to some of the curves my kids threw at me. Not always, but hey – since there was a day last month that I’m sure they’ll be bringing up to their therapists in 20-odd years, Good Wolfie food. Plus I handled a school situation in a way that strengthened the bonds between my daughter, her teacher, and myself.
    Makes the other stuff look like gravy, really.

  27. Jessie says:

    My good wolf is feeling like she should audition for Iron Chef (or whatever the show is called). After almost 30 years of thinking it would be fun to try making my own sausage links using fresh herbs, I bought 10 pounds of pork shoulder at Costco and so far have made country sausage and sweet Italian sausage links all by myself!

    And I used some of it to make a soup of fresh mussels with sausage and herbs in wine that was amazing.

    Now I am trying to decide if I go with the same kinds for the next batch or try another kind.

  28. floorplan pron! Woot! Great idea on the accomplishment blog. And I love that you started with a picture of Mollie as a baby – she started out cute and kept going 😉

    Yesterday was my brain being eaten by Bad Wolf, so now that’s out of the way, Good Wolf gets to be in charge for a while. Going to do my knitting homework and stay warm and hydrated today. I woke up hoarse and don’t want to be too sick to participate in a Bringing In The Light ceremony tomorrow. We / I need more Light around this here place – Bad Wolf doesn’t get my help darkening anything else.

    I’d second the request for color swatches when you get a chance.

    Love and smooches!

  29. Caryn says:

    Good wolf got through the tantrums of the bad wolf last night and got my attention. I have a good wolf! (Yes, that -was- the message. And one I needed to hear.) So I got up and found the missing notes for the story I’m working on and organized stacks of paperwork I’d put down “until the weekend” back in June. At least it was June 2012 and not 2011.

    Go, Jenny!

  30. Maine Betty says:

    Both my wolves still want waffles.

    I know, I’m bringing the tone down.

    I’ll just take notes on the action of others, and get up tomorrow and… and… change the sheets! And give a voice lesson, and work on the studio room.

  31. Lois says:

    Good wolf and I have been walking most days. Several sunny days made it a real joy. Got to the gym yesterday.

    Made the ton of calls I needed to make before leaving town.

    Have been using the full-spectrum light to help keep the bad wolf back in the cave.

  32. Jill says:

    the Bad Wolf is winning right now-I am part of the National Sinus Crud Epidemic.
    But the Good Wolf is doing his thing also. Going to finish up 2 simple lap quilts for the hospital, that will make 6. We put these on all the beds in the hospital.

  33. I got a raise this week. Not a big one but still… And I was made to feel so very appreciated at work.

    I’ve been to the pool twice and will be going again tomorrow.

    An obscure movie I’ve been waiting for on netflix became available and is on its way to me. Heart Like a Wheel. It’s about the first ever female drag racer. It’s research for a novel and I can’t wait to watch it.

    Ps Jenny – add the word ‘journal’ into your private blog thing and people won’t beg to see it so much.

  34. Lulu says:

    I’m feeding the good wolf by reminding myself that my big new project doesn’t have to immediately be a complete, whole, instant success and Big Thing. Baby steps, we’re taking baby steps but progress _is_ being made. There’s a lot to learn, and we’re going for long-term quality, not instant, quicksilver success.

    Bad wolf is aggressively insisting on impending doom & failure, and resorts to reminding me of all those times I have fallen short or made big mistakes, or just couldn’t keep up with something. I give it a strong, convincing, “No,” or “Stop,” when it speaks up — sort of like training a recalcitrant dog — and that’s helping.

  35. oneoftheotherjennifers says:

    My bad wolf doesn’t need me to feed her, circumstances outside my control are doing a great job with that.

    I’ve been taking care of my good wolf this week by insisting on an hour of calm every morning when I first wake up, when I drink coffee and don’t think about anything that needs to be done. One hour, no worry, no stress. Just standing in the kitchen, drinking coffee, making up stories in my head. After that I can deal with anything that comes my way during the day.

    This is my first step in establishing habits that will increase my resilience and keep me on an even keel even when chaos hits.

  36. Is there a way to make a Pinterest board private? That would be the lazy person’s way to do your private blog, Jenny. Good for me!

    I’ve been planning a trip to Ireland. I want to take my kids. It may take me a couple or three years to save up the money, but it makes all of me happy to plan to travel again. This makes my good wolf very happy. I’d also like to take a couple of my friends, but that will take even more years to save for.

    I’m not sure why planning a trip makes my good wolf so happy, but it does.

    • Pinterest does have a new feature where it allows its users to create up to three private boards. When you’re on your own “boards” page, scroll down to the very bottom and there are three blank squares labeled “secret boards” – and you click on one of those and create whatever you want. You can invite whomever you want to share those, but they’re not seen by the public.

    • Pinterest does have a new feature where it allows its users to create up to three private boards. When you’re on your own “boards” page, scroll down to the very bottom and there are three blank squares labeled “secret boards” – and you click on one of those and create whatever you want. You can invite whomever you want to share those, but they’re not seen by the public.

      I know entirely too much about Pinterest.

    • oneoftheotherjennifers says:

      Kate, we went to Ireland a couple of years ago. I don’t know what kind of places you’re thinking about staying, but if you want some rec’s just drop me an email (found over at McD 522). Places off the top of my head- The Old Forge B&B was very kid/teen friendly and had an awesome game room. It makes the top 20 of B&B’s we’ve stayed at in the world, which number in the many hundreds. We also stayed in a real thatched cottage, a stand-alone rental far from tourist areas, that was cheap. I think that was south of Galway… maybe. It came with complimentary peat for you to burn in your fireplace. Way cool.

  37. Catherine says:

    My big wolf moments this week have revolved around exercise, goals, motivation and results. The wolves they like to tussle. On mornings when I know I want to walk 5k lately it starts with my good wolf whispering that it’s nice and cool at this time of the morning let’s get up and walk now. The bad wolf smirks 5am, seriously? So far this has ended in me walking at 7, 6.30 and this morning 6 am. I figure my good wolf will have me out at 5.30 next. I’m half expecting my WTF wednesday will be walking at 5am.

    I fed my good wolf a new cushy cool( as in temperature) pair of sneakers. Wow. Such a difference. My bad wolf liked settling for less and currently has its tail between its legs.

    My good wolf has been capering a lot this week, as I’ve been listening more closely to what could be and turning it into action fast. My new to me goal was to train for a walking 5k race. I figured training for 5k in an hour here with plenty of hills was something good to aim for. I did my walk this morning in 61 minutes. I figure if I hadn’t taken a picture of dome horses I would of done it an hour… My new goal is to do this and not have my face take on raspberry hue.

    I’m so surprised how motivating striving towards exercise goals is in other areas of my life. It’s giving lots of food for my good wolf. Bad wolf is still slinking around poking around trying to cast doubts. However that good, good wolf just keeps skipping along with his tongue hanging out laughing.

    • Catherine says:

      Lol yes if we had actual dome horses here I’d really have to stop. Some horses. Duh, not weirdly misshapen dome horses.

  38. RanchGirl says:

    My bad wolf has seniority and he keeps throwing that in my good wolf’s face, but I am going to work on changing that. I really need the good wolf to step up right now. My 25 year old mare, that I have owned all her life, is at the end of her road. She has extreme arthritis in both her knees and is really struggling. She can barely walk and is dropping weight every day. I am keeping her on bute, which is an anti-inflammatory and pain killer, but It has just about stopped being of much use. I have to face that I have done all that I can, and I need to make that final decision. I need that good wolf to assure me that there really is nothing more than I can do, even though my vet has already told me that and I need to let her go.
    I just can’t seem to stop crying and I need that good wolf’s comfort.

    • Maine Betty says:

      Oh dear, I’m so sorry. If it helps, remember, she ‘s not worried, she’s not afraid. She’s had you her whole life. She trusts you to take care of her.

      • RanchGirl says:

        Thank you for reminding me that she is not worried. She does sometimes look at her knees as if to say, “WTF?”, but then she just carries on. She is still eager for her feed and hay and she is still the boss of the pasture. I would not give up these 25 years for anything but this part is really hard.

    • Lulu says:

      Condolences, RanchGirl! This is one of the hardest things we have to do sometimes for our faithful furfriends and companions. Never, ever easy to say good-bye.

    • Thea says:

      Oh my. We’re talking about a long relationship here, and real affection. We’re also talking about an animal friend in pain. You know what you have to do.

      Sending soothing vibes your way.

    • 25 years is a long good life for a mare. You’re a good horse mommy. I can’t give you any good words that will help. I’ve never found any. So I’m sending you many FGBV’s and huge {{{HUGS}}} to help you get through this. So sorry.

    • Office Wench Cherry says:

      Oh, I’ve been there and it sucks. You have my condolences. It’s not fun being the human sometimes. (hugs)

  39. Finally got my ass to the library and got a library card. Promptly picked up six books of research for my screenplay idea. Dinosaurs! I used to be a total dino nerd but that fell by the way side in middle school. Had a nice moment where I was looking at all the dinosaur research deciding what to grab and I saw one on flying dinosaurs. I didn’t really need it but my eye kept wandering back. Finally, I just had to grab it. My inner dinosaur nerd is ascendant once more! LOL.

    Wrote almost 6000 words this week on the new story. Pretty much right on goal. And my cat is happy because he gets to sit on my lap when I’m at the computer desk. Like he is right now. 🙂

  40. Ann says:

    I fed my good wolf this week by going to my autism support group and reconnecting with a very old friend there. Also, I worked hard to feed and listen to my darling good wolf, who told me to talk to people and accept help from friends when my daughter was hospitalized for pneumonia and my husband flipped and totaled our car (black ice – nasty, but he walked away with only some bruising). My bad wolf always tells me to isolate because nobody really cares about me, but I didn’t listen this time. It worked – I didn’t break down in a puddle of anxiety and we are healing pretty well.

  41. Nonny says:

    I really like the idea of a Private Good Wolf blogging journal!!! It is nice to know that a private blog is an option, as I am not comfortable blogging in public.

  42. Carol says:

    Good Wolf got fed with good friends, good conversation, exercise, and putting my boss on a plane to London. Oh, and my Paris Passes arriving. 7 days, in case anyone was counting.

    Jenny, I have a Fisher Paykel dishdrawer (it’s only two of us, we almost never would use a full size dishwasher) and I adore it. I hope you have equal success with your fridge.

  43. Reb says:

    I fed my good wolf with healthy breakfasts and pretty decent lunches – but dinner mostly went to my bad wolf. I’ll try and starve her more next week. Or force something healthy down her throat and see if it makes her better.

    At work, I spent two days gritting my teeth and fighting a document template into shape. I won; Microsoft Word lost. That was a pretty substantial meal. Not fun to do but satisfying to succeed.

    At home, I started sorting and editing my thousands of Europe photos from the trip 6 months ago. The bad wolf’s been stopping me from starting this because it’s such a daunting task. She’s slinking round with her tail between her legs. My good wolf’s bouncing round telling me some of these photos are pretty good really and remember how spectacular Rome was.

    And I did a welcome-the-year ritual at church, which people loved, and we spent today at a gathering of the people we went camping with over the new year, and I enjoyed talking to a crowd of near-strangers, instead of freezing up.

    My good wolf’s been pretty well fed really. I was a bit wiped out by the end of the week, but reading that list makes me realise it’s no wonder.

  44. Maine Betty says:

    So I went home and had waffles for dinner. My wolves, the cat, and I found a comfortable chair and watched Thor on Netflix. I spilled about 4 things, so a quiet evening was probably a good ideas.

    Today is a new day, albeit a dark and gloomy one. And those bed sheets are coming off! And new ones on. Beyond that, the day is fluid.

  45. I’m feeding my good wolf with healthy breakfasts and lots of walking. I’ve taken some beautiful photos, including a serious shot of a glacier, up close. I had to get on a scale to get on a helicopter and nearly had a heart attack until I saw that it said CR weighed 10 km more than he did the day before. So, whew.

  46. I fed my good wolf by finally buying a new car. My bad wolf is now telling exactly how bad it’s gonna be, paying for it and adjusting to a brand new car after driving an old Corolla for EVER. But I’ve driven 5 other vehicles intermittently so I’m not worried about my skills.

    I’m a good driver, I truly enjoy being at the helm for an aimless drive and my bad wolf needs to shut up, because the roof doesn’t leak in the new car.

    My bad wolf liked to play Martyr. My good wolf is happy being warm/cool (airconditioning y’all) and dry!

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