Jenny: St. Dolly of the Sequins

I’m turning Re-Fab over to Krissie for the week-end, but before I do I’m going to re-direct you to this Jezebel piece on Dolly Parton and fashion.   Be sure to read the comments, too.  The Jezzies can be brutal, but in this case, the Dolly love knows no end, which is as it should be.  I mean look at this woman, she’s a national treasure:

I want to be Dolly when I grow up.


I know she’s the same age I am, I still want to be Dolly when I grow up.

21 thoughts on “Jenny: St. Dolly of the Sequins

  1. Ylva Hedin says:

    ohh I love Dolly. She is smarter than people think and she just go all the way!! 🙂 Loooove her!

  2. Micki says:

    She’s a great singer, she’s witty, she’s gorgeous, by all accounts she’s a sharp businesswoman — and she’s survived. Amazing Dolly!

    LOL, and I’ve often thought I’d like to be a drag queen . . . maybe we could try being Dolly on Saturday nights, and see how it goes?

  3. I love Dolly and Cher. I’ve been in awe of Cher ever since she wore that black thing to the Oscars and then when she won stood there with the statue in her hand and said, “Obviously I didn’t get my How to Dress for the Oscars handbook,” or something like that.

  4. Egads says:

    I saw the trailer for a Joyful Noise. When Queen Latifah had her in a head lock and she said “You’re gonna break my hair” made me fall in love with her all over again. She’s smart, talented, and can laugh at herself. What’s not to love?

  5. Courtney says:

    She’s over the top and proud of it. I think she’s great.

    I also really admire her “Imagination Station” charity which works to get picture/story books to low-income children to give them a love of reading. What a great and worthy cause!

  6. I watched her in concert on PBS one time (I think it was PBS) and they interviewed her and she spoke of her childhood, but not in a disrespectful way, just honesty at being raised in poverty and her dreams even as a young kid. After that, I was sold. Nobody can ever say anything bad about Dolly to me. She is amazing.

  7. Dolly has a strong work ethic. In an interview publicising Steel Magnolias I think Julia Roberts mentioned everyone complaining about the heat and Dolly wasn’t. And when she asked Dolly why she wasn’t, Dolly’s response was somewhere along the lines of “I wanted to be here doing this, now that I am, I’m not gonna complain about it.”

    If anyone can find the interchange, I’d be very grateful. If I’m wrong, delete this!

    Dolly stuck to her guns on more than just her look. Her theme park is successful but people said it wouldn’t work.

  8. What’s amazing about Dolly is that I’ve never run across anyone who doesn’t love her at least a little bit. She is irresistible — so warm and genuine and full of fun. She has no fear of being just who she is, but she also doesn’t take herself that seriously. She’s the best.

  9. romney says:

    I met her once, fleetingly. She was incredibly charming and incredibly tiny. When you’re that small, you’ve got to dress a bit flashy so people don’t miss you!

  10. Kat says:

    Her response to criticism isn’t angry or belligerent. If you believe that anger is a manifestation of fear, then Ms Parton’s charming disarming and polite response to her critics reveals a woman with the comfort and courage of her convictions. It seems that she knows who she is and what she is, and she’s fine with it. I admire her depth of self-knowledge.

  11. German Chocolate Betty says:

    I think the reason why nobody picks on Dolly is because she’s so AUTHENTIC. I mean, yeah, tacky, but she’s loving it, just like a little kid dressing up in Mom’s old formals and high heels. She’s just happy with herself, is having fun, and always, always sweet. (And, man, what a voice! I’m not even a fan of her music genre but I still enjoy her.)

    She doesn’t try to pretend she’s anybody else — I think people end up getting criticized because of putting on airs or trying to be something they’re not.

    I’ll bet NOBODY has ever said anything about Dolly Parton that she hasn’t first said about herself. While laughing.

  12. I think happiness is pretty good armor. When people have come after me for one reason or another–critics, relatives, bloggers, whatever–I’ve looked at them and thought, “Yeah, but they’re them and I’m me. I win,” and gone on about my life. It took me a LONG while to get there, but once I liked where I was and who I was, I was pretty well insulated from the people who told me I was awful. This doesn’t insulate me from me, but it’s a start.

  13. Meegan says:

    Wow, Jenny! What a view point. I want to be YOU when I grow up. 🙂
    Love Dolly. Watching the trailer for Joyful Noise, I cracked up at the “you’re gonna break my hair,” but almost fell on the floor when Queen Latifah said, “Knock it off with the nails, Edward Scissorhands!” Still makes me chuckle!

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