Jenny: ReMocs

I like sloppy houseslippers, but even for me, there’s a limit.  I loved these suede mocs so much I bought two pair and wore them into . . . well, into this:

This pair is missing their laces (that would be Mona; she looks on suede laces as a particularly chewy form of spaghetti), they’re shapeless, they’re stained, they’re . . . comfy.  Really, really comfy.  So of course I decided to ReFab them.




Here’s how:

Pair of disgusting black suede moccasins
1 ounce of bulky #5 Lion Brand Tweed yarn (or whatever yarn you want to use)
G/4.5 hook
Tacky Glue, Elmer’s Glue or Fray Chek
Goop Craft Glue

1.  Give your mocs a good brush and clean.  I used a nail brush to get the worst of the dirt off and then followed that with a vinegar and water scrub with a paper towel.

2. Tighten the fit with new laces.  The old ones were long gone, so I chained a length of Lion Brand Tweed using a G/4.5 hook (about 20″, your mocs may vary) and pulled it through the existing holes on the sides of the mocs with a small steel crochet hook.  Then I tried the mocs on, pulled the laces tight, tied them in a bow, put a squirt of Goop on them to keep them from coming untied, and trimmed the ends.  Mona will have to chew through the glue.  (Note: if you don’t crochet or just don’t want to crochet chains, use ribbon.)

3. Crochet Irish roses to cover the toes.  I’ll post instructions for making Irish Roses tomorrow.  [Note: If you don’t crochet or don’t want to crochet Irish roses, find some nice fabric flowers at the craft store, and skip to the gluing part.



4. Glue finished roses onto toes of moccasin with Goop.  (You can sew them on, too, if whatever you’re sewing them to takes a needle easily.  I wasn’t up to pushing a yarn needle through leather, so Goop.)










ReFabbed Mocs: Because it’s easier to crochet roses than it is to break in a good pair of slippers.



33 thoughts on “Jenny: ReMocs

  1. Maybe it’s because I was talking to my eye doc’s office today, but this feels like an eye test for me. One I failed.

    In the before pics, the slippers look blue and the one added flower looks pink. In the after pics, the slippers look black and both flowers look red.

    Oy. And this hasn’t even been a long day.

    Nice refab, though. Bet you could work wonders if any of your grandkids’ teddies lose a nose:)

  2. Alis says:

    Well, if you failed it, so did I. When she said “disgusting black suede moccasins” I did a double take because they looked royal blue to me. Royal blue with fuschia yarn. Then, to make it really interesting, they switched to black and terra cotta.

    The moccasins must have multiple personalities. Everything’s more interesting at Chez Crusie.

  3. I’m hoping when Jenny said she bought two pairs that one was black and one was blue, and she refabbed both with different colour flowers.

    I’m not colour blind or anything, but when I go to the eye doc, I actually do have to do a colour test. Not nearly as cute as this, though.

  4. You’ve made me realize why I haven’t been keeping up with my writing targets recently…I keep forgetting my slippers. Slippers make all the difference.

  5. Now I want to buy a pair of mocs and wreck them, just so I can do this to them. Well, if I could crochet, which I can’t.

    Nice job!
    (And they changed color on me too. Or, if Alastair is here, they changed colour. But either way, blue and then black.)

  6. You are hilarious. With all that excess energy I think you should go find a boyfriend…um….manfriend, seeing as how we’re too old for boys. However, that said, I did find your latest creative project to be awesome.

  7. Julie says:

    Fabulous! I’d totally buy these. (My creative talents do not include crocheting.) And my bunny would totally eat them. But it would be worth the effort to keep her away from them. 🙂

  8. ETCSY!

    And in other news, over at Food for the Thoughtless, Michael Procopio writes verse on his hatred of kale. He really, really hates it.

  9. Diane (TT) says:

    That is SO clever and charming. But I, too, have the color changing. I will cope with the cognitive dissonance. Perhaps they are two pairs of moccasins from alternative universes.

    Many things might be improved with an Irish Rose. Hmmm.

  10. Robin S. says:

    Whew. Glad the color thing wasn’t me. It’s been that kind of day. Definitely want the crochet instructions for the rose.

  11. Micki says:

    (-: I LOVE the blue on the first set of photos; wish they really were that color. But this is adorable!

    I have a lot of slippers that need refabbing, but their problems are worn-out soles and slanting heels — I may have to take them to a shoe repair shop, because I simply can’t find them in the stores anymore. The uppers are still decent . . . . I’ve been thinking about making my own shoes for quite some time, because I’ve got such weird feet.

    (-: BTW, another lovely foot pic!

  12. See, here’s the thing: I am trying really, really hard not to get into anything that involves yarn. I already have a room (plus) full of fabric. God knows what would happen if I got into knitting or crocheting. But how am I to keep up with this noble resolve when you show the cutest darn project? Store bought flowers? Phooey. I suppose I can thank Cooper for chewing my slippers beyond repair. I’m just wearing holes in my socks these days.

  13. Micki says:

    Fabric flowers!! I love the idea of crochet, but it takes ages and ages to see any results, compared to working with fabric. (-: Want me to look for something? (LOL, why am I procrastinating today? Would love to spend a lovely half hour looking up fabric flowers, though.)

    (I had to give in and spend two minutes: don’t know if the links work, but it looks like some of these would survive dogs. For a few days, anyway. And you could probably find a tutorial to make up fabric slippers, too!

  14. Melanie says:

    Majorly adorable. You will gaze down at your feet and be overcome with giddy lust, then realize they are your very own, the product of your singular genius. Let mere mortals fall back in awe.

    I mean to say, SERIOUSLY CUTE!!!

  15. You’re right, they do look blue. But they’re black. It’s different times of day lighting and a camera phone.

    Must get my good camera out and go for quality, not spur of the moment.

    The color in the last pic is true.

  16. Here I was thinking I adored that blue and wow of course Jenny would have the fabulous rich peacock blue on her feet. But the black with Irish Roses is quite pretty too 😉

  17. Micki says:

    Are you kidding? Look at the mystery, the suspense, the romance you introduced into a post about refurbishing bedroom slippers! Spur of the moment is good. It can be absolutely amazing sometimes . . . .

  18. Danielle says:

    These are FABULOUS (which you already knew)! Makes me almost want to learn how to crochet.


    I’ll stick to knitting for now.

  19. Moses
    his toeses
    are roses
    but Moses

    ’cause Nobody’s toeses
    are roses
    as Moses
    his toeses
    to BEEEEEE

    (which of course makes me want to knit bees and watch Singing in the Rain. Except my mother taught it to me from an Iona Opie book in my childhood. So the idea that anyone else knew this was enchanting)

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