41 thoughts on “Jenny: Location, Location, Location

  1. pamb says:

    We bought a house. : )

    Well, put a contract on it, but we’re pre-approved and sellers agreed, so…we bought a house.

    The roof doesn’t leak. No raccoons in the attic or eaves. No honeybee hives in the walls. The electricity works in every room. No holes in ceilings, walls, or floors.

    A nice, solid, boring house. I’m in love.

    The listing says “Sale Pending!” I won’t admit how often I’ve hit that url. 🙂

  2. on a gray horse, who has not yet dumped me

    in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (amid mad crowds, it is true) looking at pencil and chalk sketches from 400 years ago of Dutch people by Dutch Masters

    unexpectedly, in the car, in the rain, on the way to Boston, listening to a group from Lahore play Take Five, and then another Brubeck piece that made my jaw drop, and then I laughed out loud (towards the end of this piece: http://www.npr.org/2014/04/26/306874889/a-millionaire-saves-the-silenced-symphonies-of-pakistan )

  3. Listening to the excitement in my 3yo’s voice as he discovered hidden Easter eggs throughout the house. We only hid about ten for he and his brother to share, and it was still “…the BEST Easter, EVER!!”

    Great random hugs and kisses from my kids.

    Snuggling on the couch with hubby.

  4. Thanks to Facebook and LinkedIn, I connected with 3 of my closest friends from university. I lost contact with them about 25 years ago, so very happy to have connected again.

    Spent some time puttering in my garden – lots of weeding and tidying to do and the weather is still chilly, but happy to get started and be outside.

    DS and DH are both out this morning, so sitting in my kitchen, drinking coffee and listening to the radio. Peaceful.

  5. Told kiddo that we’ll be taking a short trip west later this year which will allow us a quick visit to Disneland. She cried. She’s 14. They were happy tears.

    Made an unexpected visit to the oceanfront this week and stumbled upon a cute little store that resulted in fun new goodies for both readers and friends.

    Drove to Richmond yesterday with 2 writer buddies to learn how to use Scrivener. Awesome new program and time with the girls. Double win.

    PS: And my book is #1 in contemp romance on Amazon, so that’s a nice location as well. 🙂

  6. Eileen A-W says:

    Love the meme, need the ocean. Looking forward to returning to California for the memorial service for my sister. Will be reading something I wrote about her. It was healing to write it, but I still miss her.

    Congrats on the new house Pamb!!! OUr kitchen remodel/addition is finished, So now it’s decideing where to put everythint’s not as easy as it sounds.

    Have a good week everyone. We have rain this week. Hopefully more flowers will bloom & the grass will get greener.

  7. A good week –

    Lots of reading done
    some good editing done
    Finished moderating oral exams
    Hugged my nieces
    Took my in-laws for a posh tea at a fine hotel
    Saw cool viking stuff with MN2
    Survived ten days with MN1 without major arguments

    Now it’s back to school for a short term that will be jam-packed, like the two previous ones…

  8. Yeah, Pam. Congrats! on the new house.
    And Terri, #1 is an excellent location. Congrats!

    Speaking of money, I’d prepared my monthly bills yesterday. Last night I had a strange dream, where I owed someone $109. I got up shook off the dream, went back to sleep and dreamed it again. This morning, still worried about it, I double-checked my records. Nope. I’m in the clear.
    If I could drink tequila I’d have that margarita.

  9. Jill says:

    Saturday was granddaughters First Communion. So time with family which is heart and soul healing. Last night Joe and I and younger daughter went to see Celtic Woman Emerald Tour. I love this group.

  10. In a rough pasture that used to be a walled garden, retracing my steps for the fifth time, when I found the tiny black lens cap I’d lost from my expensive hire camera a couple of days before.

    Yesterday evening I saw my first patch of bluebells on a hedgebank.

  11. Spent yesterday with a group of local-ish (an hour away) Pagans, celebrating Beltane (May Day) on a beautiful piece of land full of creeks and trees. Drove up with my best friend, connected with another couple of friends once we got there, and enjoyed the Women’s Mysteries (in which the women do their own women-centric ritual while the men go off and do theirs, with a Fool’s Mysteries for those who don’t care to identify with either, or people who brought kids). As part of the Women’s Mysteries, we all dug a hole in the earth, and the men chopped down a tree to use as the maypole, then carried it back on their shoulders and placed it in the hole to much applause (and the occasional insult on the tree’s lack of size) by the women. What can I say–Pagans aren’t subtle. It rained for most of this, alas, but the skies kindly cleared up long enough for the joyful maypole dance, and the company and the energy were wonderful, even when damp.

  12. For some reason, I can’t come up with any specific happies for this week, although I know my week wasn’t that bleak. Instead of fretting about it, I’m just going to adopt everyone else’s happies, and experience joy today on their behalf.

  13. Sue D says:

    I made an awesome loaf of no-knead sourdough bread. Success after repeated failures.

    Last night, had a fantastic meal with my kids who are not really kids at 22 and 24.

    My 22 year old got a bursary to study French in Quebec for 5 weeks starting in May.

    Pam, congrats on the house. Nothing but good times!

  14. I went shopping for clothes with DH, he’s great to do this with. My favourite shop was having a sale and I bought up on summer tops for next year. I also bought a pair of ankle boots, they actually had my size in several styles. Unheard of for me. Someone suggested I go visit a boutique that caters for drag queens. I might try that next time 🙂

    Our grandson past 12 weeks of grueling, physical and psychological basic army training. (Yeah, very worried yet proud) For the recruits that made it, there will be a march out parade at Kapooka Barracks. The whole family is flying down to see him. It’s freaking cold down there right now, so the boots will keep my feet warm.

  15. Set up an interview with a recruiter at a clerical/admin temp agency. It’s not writing and editing, but bringing in some kind of an income would make me happy.

    At my weekend friends’ house. Went to one of the Seattle neighborhoods (Ballard), which has changed mightily during the 12+ years I’ve been away. Stopped in lots of cool clothing shops. I bought a hoody on sale and a couple of shirts at a 2nd-hand clothing shop.

    Started teaching my fake-niece to crochet today. While trying to keep the bunny from eating the yarn, the yarn wrapper, our clothes, our hair. Cute little ball of annoying, ADHD fur. 🙂

  16. Carol says:

    Well, I got to hang out this afternoon with Jenny’s fabulous Cousin Russ and his lovely bride Kathy at a foodie fundraising event (I ran the silent auction), so that was something.

    Other than that… really got a kick of how much Devil Baby Cat (now age 2) adores hanging out with me first thing in the morning, even if his winding around my legs will kill me one day soon.

    And Pam’s house… Well, that’s a true moment of happy for me. She is a deserving woman, that one.

  17. Kelly S says:

    I sewed on a quilt top that’s for me instead of doing work for others.

    Every time my cat comes running over to me once he sees that I’ve returned home. He’s such a mama’s boy, but I love that he loves me.

    Spending 4 hours reorganizing our linen cabinet and loading stuff into the new cabinets in the master bathroom. I love to organzine stuff and it is so nice to be able to use the new sinks in the master bathroom. We were also able to bring home the next set of supplies for finishing off the bathroom remodel – a new toilet, flooring & shower surround. I’m hoping the hubby will have it done by Memorial Day.

  18. Thea says:

    Concert, music composed by Astor Piazzolla, classical tango, played by a quintet including instruments the 1708 “Ruby” Stradivari violin and the Argentinian-by-way-of-Germany bandoneon. Once you’ve heard a bandoneon, you never forget the gorgeous sound. And the player, so cool, dressed in black with space-age thick-framed blindingly white glasses. Sigh.

    Friends of the Library Book Sale, usually raises forty thou, and, Readers, I bought my share at the members’ Friday sale and the Sunday all-comers half-price extravaganza. Plus, I played Sunday morning cashier after partaking in the community pancake breakfast. And, yes, there was a Flower Show going on as well, eighty-eighth year.

    Remet an old acquaintance (South African Ridgeback at Dog Beach) at Dog Park with her new dog, a Dandy Dinmont to match our own. We volunteered to shelter her Buddy while she travels, so the two came over to suss our place for suitability. With our Petey and Shredder hosting, all was copacetic. Yay! Plus, we’ll have champers waiting for her return to celebrate the new Ph.D. Again, yay!

  19. Jessie says:

    Happiness. First I managed months ago to secure a frequent flier trip to Europe business class using miles I have saved for probably decades. Second I managed to actually book the flights to where I actually wanted to go, after innumerable calls and itinerary changes to the frequent flier desk. So come mid-June to mid-July, I will be in Europe, guys. I fly into Budapest, travel with friends to their family places in Croatia, part with them in Venice then travel on into Germany and end in Paris (my husband, who if I have not lauded him previously is brilliant, firmly believes that every foreign trip should end in some place you have been before and loved so that you end on a high note (this trip it is Venice and Paris).

    Further my garden is spectacular and the loggia is everything I ever wished for.

    And last but not least, I have finally finished removing the paint from the antique Victorian chestnut wood dresser that will go in my refurbished guest bedroom. My mother-in-law said that her father bought it at the turn of the last century – well, about 1920 or a little earlier and he stripped it (not very well in my opinion) and then someone spilled scented moisturizer on the top and it became pretty sad. You cannot imagine the amount of old white paint I have had to remove from the carving. It was originally finished with a dark stain, then painted white at least twice (I know this because I have found both shades in the carvings, cleverly hidden beneath a dark ink), then my grandfather-in-law stripped it and refinished it and now I have it. And now it is clean of old finish. Hallelujah!

    This getting old business may not be too bad if I can continue at this pace. Well except for the arthritis, knee replacements, and the creeping decrepitude.

  20. MJ says:

    In the last two weeks I’ve found happiness in exotic locations:
    – A cabin in the middle of nowhere, Montana, as DH and I escorted our young nieces to visit their rancher grandparents
    – A hot city park in Dallas, Texas, as I walked with my youngest sister–and then a cool baseball field that night, watching my nephew play
    – The six airports I spent time in during this trip. Especially the three hours in Dallas, as my flight kept getting delayed and I lounged around reading and people-watching.
    Still, there’s no place like home!

  21. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I found a lot of happiness in Calgary this weekend.

    Had a fantastic time at the Comic Expo, got to see all the forums that we wanted and I bought four Doctor Who t-shirts.

    The major SNAFU of the weekend (that would be the photo op company over selling the Bruce Campbell Saturday shoot by, oh, about 200 people and my friend’s BIL being right behind the last person to get their photo taken) was made right by the Expo people, Bruce Campbell and the photo op company. After much fan protest.

    Jay flew from his home in waaay northern British Columbia to Calgary to do two things – have his photo taken with Bruce Campbell and get George Romero’s autograph for a friend. We are all so disappointed and upset for him but one friend checked the Expo’s Facebook page almost by accident and saw that they were arranging a special photo op time just for the people who were left out on Saturday. Yay for people doing the right thing.

    Tall Boy went to a trap shoot and came in second in his class. He won a really nice watch and was very proud of himself. I am too. It was nice to see him succeed at something since these last couple of months have been so crappy. There are also good things brewing on the job front.

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