Jenny: Kleaning for Krissie

Krissie’s coming which is good in so many ways, but one of the most useful is that it makes me take a new look at the house and realize that I’ve let it degenerate into chaos again. That’s okay, I’m in the middle of a rehab, I have a lot of stuff I can’t completely put away until I get all the shelving up, and after that I just have a lot of stuff that Krissie will take back with her. So while the Bad Wolf whispers, “You’re disgusting” in my ear, the Good Wolf says, “Oh, goody, we get to go through everything and become ORGANIZED.” She loves organization almost as much as she loves gold spray paint. Of course it never lasts, but that’s not the point.

We did manage to get Krissie’s room and bathroom cleaned out, if not finished (still need that skirt for the bathroom sink and the wall stuff hung), and we occasionally open the door and look in because it’s so pretty and clean in there. The Good Wolf says, “Ooooooh, so nice” and we congratulate each other, and then we close the door and look at the chaos in the rest of the house. The back porch, hey, that’s a work in progress, the Bad Wolf doesn’t even do much snarling back there, although he thinks the floors are deplorable and somebody really has to do something about that laundry (the Good Wolf and I are thinking Tuesday for the laundry; we need to pace ourselves), but the living room and kitchen . . . yeah. They’re pretty vile.

So that’s our plan for today from 9AM until Krissie arrives, sometime around four or five: Get stuff either put away or in boxes for Krissie to go through, and then do floors, wash dishes, transfer paint to better containers, put that refrigerator back together if we can get that damn screw unfrozen, find some clean underwear . . .

We’re not going to get it all done in time, but that’s okay. To paraphrase Calvin, if you can get everything organized in eight hours, you really have to seriously examine your life. Life is chaos; organizing it every now and then is just a way to learn to live in it.


What’s your good wolf up to today?

29 thoughts on “Jenny: Kleaning for Krissie

  1. Liz H. says:

    Too many years ago to count, when I was applying to NYU they asked us to write an essay discussing literature and philosophy. I discussed Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes, and the daily impact of their philosophy on the lives of thousands. Whether or not that impacted my denied admission, I don’t know. But that was by far the most fun I had applying to any college, and I’m still proud of that essay.

  2. Maine Betty says:

    I’m laboring under the impression that it’s Monday, I don’t know why. But a friend came to stay for Christmas, so the house finally got cleaned up and decorated a bit. We had a good time, former housemates, so we have to secrets.

    Today my brother is coming with his wife and grandchildren, a 4-year-old boy and a little girl six months old. So children for Christmas! Oooh, I sound like the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

    Happy 3rd Day of Christmas! Yes, I count all 12.

  3. I’ve spent the morning organizing books and maps into double rows on the bookshelves in my bedroom – so one step forward in sorting the chaos. But though Bad Wolf is nagging me to get the whole sort-out done yesterday, I’ve just decided to do some of my proof-reading job instead – sitting on my bed (the workroom being too chaotic to work in) with the sun on my shoulders, reading ‘As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning’.

    And when the engineer’s been to repair the central heating timer, I might go for a walk, too. I’m easing back to work gently . . .

  4. Lynda says:

    I hope to get a few more Christmas presents wrapped. It would be nice to have them in the mail before New Year’s Day. What I’m enjoying most, however, is that yesterday I finally located the crochet pattern for a teddy bear that I’ve been looking for, the one that’s from a 40 year old magazine. I made a dozen of them when my children were babies. Last night I tried crocheting for the first time in a couple of decades, and it didn’t hurt my hands the way that knitting does nowadays. The hardest part was remembering how to read crochet instructions. Anyway, I’m hoping that I’ll actually be able to make a teddy bear. It would be so wonderful to be able to do handwork again.

  5. Organizations sounds nice, especially of your very own space that you are making beautiful and all your own, step by step.

    Today, I have to continue crocheting gifts. I need to get back to my WIP. I had two excellent bouts of writing (90 minutes each time!), but now I need to incorporate it daily. I have to do 15 minutes of exercise (my rheumatologist said it’s about changing the brain’s chemistry [for the fibro], rather than getting in shape, and I deal with life intellectually, so it’s more motivating and makes more sense). And I’d like to get some of my bedroom organized, dusted, vacuumed, etc. I’ll be happy if I accomplish the first two. 🙂

  6. Oooh, Lynda! Crochet teddy bears! Are you willing to share? I’m sure the pattern’s copyright (or at least the magazine’s) has lapsed by now. I love to crochet stuffed toys.

  7. Office Wench Cherry says:

    My good wolf was going to go into town and do a little shopping but the roads are crap so she and I are staying home to make turkey soup. And go for a walk on my new treadmill and watch Doctor Who. We’re supposed to get 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) of snow today and nearly that much over the rest of the week so staying home is a nice idea.
    I’m currently obsessed with meringue cookies so I might make more of them too. More of the same for the weekend but I might tackle cleaning my office/library/computer room. That will require some serious time and book organizing. I’ve only been unemployed for six months, you’d think I would have gotten around to this sooner…

  8. I did massive de-cluttering some years ago, so the house is reasonably lean, but I still have attacks of “get rid of more stuff” every few months. I’m having one right now — the urge to get rid of the old to make room for the new, I guess.

  9. KimCz says:

    Most of my house is ok, kind of falls into the neat enough camp. We’ve got Christmas decorations up everywhere and so my clutter filter tends to get a little skewed. The real problem is my craft room, it’s a mess. I spent September and October making Halloween costumes, I had the flu for over a week and then started working on Christmas crafts including cards, wreaths and blankets. Then, add three young cats that skated across my table, knocked over containers and had the ultimate kung fu battle in the closet. It seriously looks like it’s been ransacked.

    Oh, and please don’t ask about my garage…seriously messed up.

    As for today, lunch and shopping with family, then later I am going to do some more hand stitching on the blanket that I made for me. I figure I don’t care if it takes a week to finish, I’ll do a little here or there until it’s done.

  10. I finally finished the Christmas hats and got my bedroom back. My oldest had the flu yesterday and while I was washing her bed clothes I also washed mine so clean sheets that don’t have bits of felt and thread, ribbon and brim wire all over them. I slept really well last night.

    I’m playing scrabble online and occasionally walking through the house to do a small pick up of bits of Christmas detritus that seem unending.

    The puking (oldest child) has stopped so it will be a calmer day and I think I’ll do laundry. Just mine, everyone else is on their own.

    I’m trying to figure out if I can ease back in to blogging and writing along with the job search that I have to continue even though I technically have a job starting in Feb. Oh the hoops I’ll jump through for a couple of hundred dollars a week.

    My plan is to simplify in the house and have a studio raising party to clean out the back of the garage and put up walls and ceiling. I will have a studio next year so that I can make presents in peace and not have to climb over projects to get into bed at night.

    Happy New Year, all. In case I forget on the actual day.

  11. My house needs a major cleaning and I’ve yet to fully organize my new writing space. Which means I’m feeling overwhelmed and playing online. Well, I did just vacuum. That’s something. I’ve been fighting some weird cold/allergy thing for two weeks now. Was fine Christmas day, then woke up the next morning with an eye crusted shut and terribly sore throat. I just cannot shake this.

    Fighting back with Mucinex and determined to get this house into shape. Though maybe I should eat something first. I keep forgetting to do that until later in the day, then I eat too much to make up for the missed meals. Not a good routine to get into.

  12. I have to do some big-time cleaning before NYE, but first I have to wrap gifts because at my house Christmas has only just begun. Lake pals will be here en masse for a New Year’s Eve get-together where we exchange gifts (we draw names in October). I’ll have 6 overnight guests here and 4 more in my neighbors’ guest cottage down the road on NYE. I’m making Hoosier Comfort Food supper and then we’re having a big pitch-in breakfast on New Year’s Day. Two days later, Son, DIL, and Grandboy arrive for Christmas and stay for 4 days. We don’t have big plans except to take GB down to the museum to see the trains. Otherwise, it’s just visiting and playing and having fun at home, although I imagine Son and Husband will spend at least one afternoon splitting wood. Son loves a project with Dad… Can’t wait!!

  13. Okay, so ignoring the messy house. Ignoring the dusty patio, the roses that need dead heading, the marketing that needs doing. It’s book release day, and with the Holidays I’ve been going like a steam train.

    Wouldn’t you know it? Today I slept in, and I was the guest on the blog, and I had to do my FB and Twitter and cross-promoting with other authors, and oh a gazillion other things. So it’s almost noon in Cali and I’m still in Pj’s. But you know what, I don’t care, and there’s a big, huge smile on my face. It has been a fun whirlwind kind of a morning and just adds to my joy.

    But I must go eat something before I slide off this chair. Here’s to happy times shared with Krissie. Sister’s don’t care about mess. In fact a little mess just makes you more real, more adorable. So there!

  14. Lynda says:

    I’m going to try to get a good readable scan of the pattern–I have the original pages from the October 1974 WOMAN’S DAY–and if I do, I ought to be able to email the file to anyone who wants it. Will let you know.

  15. Kelly S says:

    Anything published before 1923 in the USA is out of copyright. The next few decades after that are iffy and depends on whether the copyright holder renewed it or not. 1974 article is still under copyright unless the holder has chosen to make it public domain or they failed to renew the copyright after 28th year. The current copyright law, I believe, is 70 after the author’s death. I often refer to the current version of the copyright law as the Mickey Mouse act because Mickey was about to enter public domain and Disney corp fought hard to extend copyright way beyond its original intent.

  16. Kelly S says:

    Once we get home (in about 2 hours) there’s unpacking & kitty lovin’ and a quiet night reading. Next few days wil be spent quilting. I’ll hopefully have pictures to share on Tuesday.

    Good luck everyone with your organizing. I love to organize!

  17. Terrie says:

    My good wolf is humming because I did a bit of a retrospective journal entry last night and realized that despite having some on-going health issues that have been hard to pin down and which have triggered anxiety and brought down my mood to varying degrees, I just have so much I’m grateful for. It felt good to just really feel that. Keeping on the bright side makes the good wolf happy.

    My good wolf is thinking about the year ahead. I envy women who have close friendships with other women. One of my intention for the coming year is to reach out more.

  18. jinx says:

    I don’t seem to have any inner wolves, but oh man, do I have a whole lot of chaos going on! It’s productive chaos, but it’s one of those giant projects that involves reorganizing place A to make room for pile X, then moving Pile Y to the place where X was, reorganizing that place (B, I think) and realizing that place C next to it would be a better place for pile Q, and so on, and so on. Got new pantry shelves set up, then discovered they could really use some additional shelves, so we went to IKEA and the guy in Self Serve ordered the wrong size set of shelves, which we didn’t find out until we’d waited for them, then had to wait in line at Returns, get the right set ordered, then go back to wait on THOSE to be ready.

    Luckily we discovered that Friday nights are Fish ‘N’ Chips night at our local IKEA, price $1.99 for a large plateful, so THAT was serendipitous. And we got home, the second set of shelves fit perfectly, and tomorrow we will build the next set. And probably move some things from place Z to some other darn place.

    It’s very calming to know that others are battling the chaos too. I feel very trendy tonight.

  19. Carol says:

    DH and I just sorted through piles of papers that had amassed in his office (no, we don’t need prescription information from 2006), and boy does it feel good to throw much of that stuff away!. Still a long way to go – too much stuff for our little Spanish bungalow, but we’re feeling good about our process (Bird by Bird). We will have a less cluttered home sometime in 2014. Bad Wolf is snarking, Good Wolf is cheering.

  20. Micki says:

    I love having guests, mostly because it’s fun to have guests and chat and exchange lots of information and laugh. But, a tiny, bad part of me loves having guests because I will clean for guests. I won’t clean for myself, I won’t clean for my family, but I will clean for guests. That’s very, very bad.

    But, guests are good for the family, too, so it does work out in the end. I had some guests in mid-December and worked very hard to get the front foyer cleaned out — then I plonked the Christmas tree down there so my husband couldn’t use the area for his “clutter storage” — as soon as I get the tree put away (today, sob, must get it put away before New Year’s), I’ll have a spacious, decluttered foyer — which is more than I had last year!

    Kitchen surfaces (cupboards, counters and floors) are also on the to-do list today. Guests are coming tomorrow night . . . .

  21. Go to Rav and search in the pattern section for crochet teddy bears. There are 99 free teddy bear patterns there.
    This one’s really cute:
    And this one is fabulous:
    And these are quirky and fun:
    I love the proportions on this one:

    I love Rav.

  22. Laura says:

    If you live in the USA, Goodwill. I use it all the time. I don’t like to waste, but you can get a tax break, no matter how small the donation. Just count and itemize your stuff and then after the drop, park and go into the store and note the prices on the items you donated. It’s win-win for all. Jobs, re-use, re-purpose, save on taxes. ps, I have a of of clutter and a live-in bad wolf. I am no saint.

  23. Krissie and I were just talking about that. My mother’s tradition was that it stays up until Jan. 1; she said where she lives in Vermont, they take them down the day after Christmas. I like the way mine look, so they’re staying up for awhile.

  24. Twelve Days of Christmas in England (Christmas Day being the first). If you don’t take everything down on Twelfth Night, though, you’re supposed to leave it up until next Christmas!

    I find I need to take time out and really slow down at this time of year – which makes sense, since the solstice lasts for three weeks: day length hardly varies for ten days before and ten days after the shortest day. By Twelfth Night you can see that all your solstice celebrations have worked: the day’s noticeably longer again.

  25. Micki says:

    My aunt left hers up until February . . . out on her sun porch. Absolutely charming to have the wintry scene outside, and her darling tree inside.

    But, I’m in Japan. Christmas is all very well and good for kids and whippersnappers who like to use Christmas Eve as a date night. But the House Must Be Clean by the stroke of midnight — and that means the Christmas tree is gone. It clashes with the New Year’s decorations, and I don’t know, might make the Gods of Japan huffy. I dunno, throw them some rice cakes and several glasses of sake, and they are pretty well appeased. But, for the sake of my MIL, I get the tree down.

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