25 thoughts on “Jenny: Internal Joy

  1. Thea says:

    On my inside, happiness is —

    Corned some beef, took five days, oh it is delicious tonight with garlic spinach on parmesan-whipped polenta. Ah. Tomorrow home-made pastrami.

    Dull garden event dinner, the fun old guard having vanished into the mist. BUT drank a glass of wine on the deck overlooking the bay with San Diego lights glimmering from opposite shore, yammered with a couple just back from Sydney who stayed at the same b-and-b above the bar on the Rocks as we had the year before, on our way out watched my husband snafued and dancing with the vice-prezzy to acoustic guitar Van Morrison.

    Friend bought at Friends of the(not ours)Library book sale a vintage “Rose Gardens in England” knowing we go there in June to a heritage rose conference and tour. Sweet friends I have indeed, and I cherish them, every one. (waves to ReFabbers).

  2. I finished a major project that has stressed me out for two weeks. Sent it off and owned my own awesomeness for getting it done well despite obstacles and delays caused by others.

    Celebrated the community spirit of my town that is rallying to raise funds to fill the scholarship gap for a talented kid who was accepted into a prestigious performing arts school!

    Woke up this morning to beautiful weather and am looking forward to finally getting back out on the boat with friends. Ocean here I come!

  3. Kathleen G. S. says:

    I heard Kieran Kramer’s brother Patrick Wray sing last night. That made me very happy.

  4. JenniferNennifer says:

    Some of our snow has melted. (sorta an inside about outside happy)

    Had a happy, productive day yesterday, followed by a pleasant evening with friends.

    Ordered three dresses on line from uniqlo, and all three of them are good.

    Bought Russel Stover “Iddy Biddy Chocolate Bunnies” which are incredibly cute and just the right size for a doll house. I put one in a tiny basket and made my guests all go “aaawwwww”! They taste good too.

  5. My wish for more contact with friends seems to be having results: went to a meeting of the artists group I belong to on Tuesday, and we decided to drop the rules and formality that have crept in over the years, and refocus on mutual support and sociability. I’m just off for a walk with a new member.

    Went to Powis Castle garden and enjoyed the usual dose of peace it gives me.

    Spent the morning in my new greenhouse, sowing more seeds. Wonderful to be gardening in the sun while a bitter wind was blowing outside.

    Had fun with Mum yesterday, looking through my photographs to pick some more to frame for the lounge. She only likes the ones where the subject’s absolutely clear, and in the middle of the frame. No mystery allowed. There’s now a collection of front-facing daisies, etc., for me to try and choose a non-boring series from.

  6. mitchiewitch says:

    Added Krissie’s Drama Queen Blog to my favorites list so I can follow her easily for her 40 days.
    Bought three new doors for our house – an outer storm door to the sunroom, to replace the one with the makeshift handle; the door to the house from the sunroom which the cats have clawed badly and looks awful. The new one is two full panes of glass with a shade in between them so there is nothing for them to destroy. And, lastly, the old wooden front door that has warped & splintered due to the Southern exposure.
    Taken the time to admire my crocuses when arriving home from work each day.

  7. Kieran says:

    Aww! That makes ME so happy, Kathy. Thanks for sharing that. He’s going to help me get karaoke set up at the retreat. My fondest childhood memory is singing with Patrick and all my siblings.

    I’m going to confess I wrote the long limerick in the last post. That made me happy. Nothing like twisting words around to fit an idea and getting a crazy mishmash, but it was written with great affection for the Grande Dame.

    I’m also happy because it’s been a terribly stressful week with a shocking death in the family of a faraway cousin my age who died in her sleep and no one knows why yet–and I’m a week late with my book–but I’m hoping to turn it in tonight. Also, a baby in the family who was born early and put under a hypothermic blanket for 72 hours at 92 degrees to prevent brain injury has finally gone home with my niece, her mother.

    When times are rough, the Universe hugs you in ways big and small, which includes support from writer friends online–and chocolate. I bought myself an entire Whitman’s sampler this weekend and am enjoying picking out my favorites!! I’ll worry about the calories later!!!

  8. Kelly S says:

    I got to be in a sunny and warm place all week -Phoenix, AZ. I spent as much time as I could in the sunshine.

    While there I met up with a college friend who I hadn’t seen in nearly 2 decades. I got to meet his wife & kids. It was really nice to hang out.

    I made progress on a work project I’ve been procrastinating on. It will be tight but I should have it ready by the deadline.

    Finally, I got to see & pet my grandcat. She had been born in my garage and my brother-in-law & wife adopted her. Last night we were at they’re place, so I was able to see what a beautiful cat she became.

  9. We had 6 inches of fresh snow yesterday – instead of crawling into bed and pulling the covers over my head, I took out my camera and took pictures – focused on the right now, rather than “where’s spring”?

    I made a big pot of sweet potato, black bean and kale soup and ate it for lunch almost every day. It was a crazy, busy week at work, with lots of drama from my staff – having yummy soup to eat was calming and good for my stress levels.

    Loving daylight saving time. Even though we’ve still got plenty of snow, the days are considerably longer and I’m not coming home in the dark every night.

  10. Kieran says:

    Oh, God, I sounded so callous. I didn’t mean I was happy about my cousin’ death. I meant that I was happy I made it through and did my best to stay on track.

  11. I had made little progress on content edits for a new story. Had been working at it for five days and doing more bitching and moaning than changes. I was convinced my writing days were over. Finished. Kaput.
    Thursday, I took two lady friends (who had hosted a book launch party for me) to lunch at Tommy Bahamas-one of my favorite restaurants-and we kicked back for several hours, feasting on Maryland crabcakes and Key Lime pie and talking of things not book related.
    Re-energized, I finished the edits by Friday night! It’s amazing what a little pie and conversation will do for a gal.; )

  12. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I’m working hard on being happy this week because we found out that Tall Boy did not get picked up by the new company, probably because he had his surgery and is on short term disability. There’s lots of complicated stuff going on with that but it will involve some kind of severance payout from the old company but that’s not really helping TB’s sense of self-worth. Thursday was a really crappy day. The upside is that no one we loved died or was diagnosed with something horrible.

    Happy things: the dentist’s office direct bills my insurance company which is fantastic because between last week’s appointment and the one on Tuesday, I need five little fillings.

    Tall Boy’s incision is healing up nicely, it will be a tiny little narrow, 10″ long scar.

    Our old boss called to talk to TB about the job thing and really helped him see the positive side of things. That was amazing because TB was pretty down. He’s worked for the old company for 18 years as an employee and six more as a contractor. He hasn’t been unemployed since he was like 20.

    Also, I put some things in the Make-it drop box but I don’t know where to email the details. Help!

  13. Carol says:

    Joy, the sun is shining, family brunch this morning, (yum-yum)and my office is done, done, done. It’s beautiful and no clutter!

  14. I’ve had a gorgeous tortie cat for about seven years now, and it took about two years before I heard her purr. At one point I was convinced that she lacked whatever it is that enables cats to purr. Even when she started to purr, it was like two or three individual little breathy rumbles, and then she’d stop, as if that was all she could do, even with the greatest of efforts.

    It wasn’t that she was miserable or anything, but she just didn’t purr, which made me feel like a totally inept cat person. I’ve had nine cats over my adult lifetime, and this is the only one who resisted purring, and I couldn’t help thinking I was failing her somehow.

    My happy this week has been in noticing and appreciating that over the last few months, she’s finally figured out that if she keeps on purring, she’ll keep on getting her head rubbed, so she actually purrs for more than a nano-second at a time.

  15. aunt snack says:

    I found asparagus on sale and now there is Springtime in my refrigerator even if it snowed here this morning.

  16. Kelly S says:

    Aww, that’s sweet! I met two cats this week who both seemed to lack purr motors. The second cat was in stealth purring mode. I petted her and could tell she was loving it, but no noise. I felt her chest and there was a steady vibration going on. I have hope she’ll purr like a champ one day.

    It was very nice to get home & pet my own cat whose motor turns on fairly instantly with a bit of loving.

  17. Lois says:

    Spent hours at the botanical garden today. Knowing it was 6 below at home this morning made it even more precious. I sat in a bamboo forest and could hear drumming in the distance. All of it was great for my interior self.

    Went to a work conference on Friday and Saturday and realized how much my career has enriched my life. Nice since I’ve been rather discouraged lately.

  18. Thea says:

    Powis Castle! Oh lucky, lucky JaneB! Nice to get your take on its environs — peaceful. Never thought of that site that way. Thank you for the insight. I grow several plants marked Powis; the artemesia, of course.

  19. came here and read everyone’s hits of happy. Sometimes that is the best that a gal can do and thankfully you all come through.

    I talked to a friend on Friday and got to see her that was happy.

    Today was happy. Went to water Zumba, then to niece’s soccer game, then to pet store and took niece home but ended up staying there for the whole day. Played with puppy and dog and recharged.

  20. MJ says:

    Made progress on a work project that feels overwhelming; head is now above water.

    Made DH laugh when he was anxious.

    Made “Go, you!” signs to encourage our daughter in a far-away competition, took a picture of DH and me holding them, and emailed it to her. By the time she realized there was a photo attached, the competition was over–but she still got a kick out of the picture.

  21. I spent 2 whole days trying to get a fix on setting up a permanent signature on my emails. To say it was doing my head in is putting it mildly. I left DH alone to work through it and heard him cry out in triumph. YAY! I’m so over-bloody-joyed 🙂 He finally conquered the Mozilla Thunderbird. And I can move on 🙂

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