41 thoughts on “Jenny: Imperfect Happiness

  1. Yeah, definitely a toughy this week all around.

    My dog is still hanging in there.

    I gave him a long over due bath and all told we took about three Pekingese worth of hair off him and he smells and feels and looks wonderful.

    I’m getting ready to go pick up my daughter at college!

  2. Micki says:

    Oh, lots of imperfection going around here! But there’s some “good enough” too. The only thing I can think of off-hand is that I got most of the junk out of the foyer and into the other house BEFORE a foot of snow fell today. Not perfect, but a good start.

  3. Steph says:

    1. I was really happy when I got antibiotics for my tooth.

    2. I was happy when I got my daughters Santa pictures done.

    3. Unbelievably happy when I got my ultrasound that said BOY BOY BOY! And he was healthy and strong and active.

    After two girls, I’m not sure what to expect but oh, I’m so so very happy.

  4. Imperfect – staying up waaaaay too late when I needed sleep but perfect – reading from start to finish two novels and knowing it is vacation so no work to wake up for.

  5. Catherine says:

    My relationship with my Dad is one huge arena of imperfect but happy. It’s taken years to get to this place… But I’m thrilled to enjoy what we have. I surprised him by turning up at the carol night he was involved in. He had a solo, singing ‘O Holy Night’. He’s been through such a tough year without Mum, but he sang with such joy and conviction. We had supper at one of his friends home. I don’t know what sparked it off but he started remembering the lyrics to
    ‘Hush-a-bye Bacon’ from a musical he was in 35 years ago. I’m happy that this song even exists. I’m hoping he sings this on Christmas morning.

    I’m having fun ( who knew?) finding different places to walk outside my neighborhood and then I have a nice meal out.

    I loved spending time with my youngest on her birthday the 12/12/12. She was fighting some sort of summer cold… But she paced herself with naps throughout the day. We had a great lunch at 12. We then checked out a picnic spot that at night overlooks the city lights. We walked around the cliffs up and down steep stairs in the hottest part of the day. Imperfect. However I was very happy that my fitness has improved to the point where it’s possible to do. We then bought enormous amounts of cheese and bread and fruit. She napped. I prepared platters and helped her get it set up for a low key evening with her friends. Then I left them to it 🙂

  6. Lots of ups and downs here this week, but lots of happy, too. My grandaughter was here all day on Wednesday and was racing around in her walker, laughing, joining conversations with my sister and I.

    Doing a tough plank move with eights with no trouble, earning a bravo from my trainer.

    Playing laser tag with CR last night. so much fun.

  7. Jenni Mac says:

    My birthday on Monday was low key and lovely, plus I got a super surprise Nook! The only imperfection was a missing teenager. My oldest has gone AWOL from my home to his father’s. Parenting teenagers is not for wusses!

    I got my first stop motion animation done with generous help and dedication from my 13 y.o. son. I struggled all day to get the models and backgrounds just right. It’s not easy getting a tiny Santa hat and beard on a golf ball, but we made it work. The boy worked his editing magic, it’s perfect!

    After multiple shopping trips, I was finally able to get my daughter’s elf costume skirt just right. She only used it for an hour, but she had a blast helping her Papa play Santa for the local American Legion Hall.

  8. Eileen A-W says:

    Lots of imperfection here but some happiness.
    1. The best happy was dinner with the girl friends this week. They are my support. Since they have recently retired from teaching they are helping me survive this last year of mine, after 36 years.
    2. Getting tons of baking done here yesterday. Hope to make some treat gifts for some close colleagues.
    3. My 83 year old mom telling me how she can’t wait for my 5 day visit during my winter break. This from the mother I could never please growing up.

  9. Kelly S. says:

    1. My hubby graduated from college yesterday!! I’m happy for him and excited about what it means for our future.

    2. Dinner last night was so tasty! It was hubby, his folks, his aunt and my folks.

    3. Watching my cat snuggle with his grandmother who was over the top with happiness that the cat would snuggle her.

    Bonus: I got a fitbit for Christmas and am enjoying tracking my sleep, steps, & such. I’m a geek that way.

  10. Jessie says:

    Thursday was supposed to be my last radiation but there was something wrong with the cable feed and after about 6 attempts to make it work properly, the doctors let me off the machine. I was so happy to get down. And so happy to give it a miss for once. Of course, I now have to go back but I will have more healing time between sessions. Imperfect happy.

    Portland Baroque Orchestra’s Handel on Friday night. That was perfect happy.

    We went out to dinner on Thursday and had an incredible meal and a great evening.

    And even a fourth happy, my sister-in-law offered me a dozen fresh oysters that she was given but was not going to be home to eat them. They were wonderful.

  11. 1. I have a basal cell skin cancer on my nose, but it’s no big deal and there is no melanoma on my back, just an abnormal mole. So all good.

    2. I haven’t gotten any of the jobs I’ve talked with recruiters about, but I have had time to make and send Christmas cards and do some cleaning and stuff.

    3. Went photographing birds with a good friend yesterday. The birds were skittish; they were all in a nature preserve, but you could hear the hunter’s rifles from the nearby hunting areas. But I got some good pictures anyway. And I was out in a nature preserve with a good friend in weather that turned delightful after an unpromising start, so double-good.

  12. Thank you for making me think about the happy for the week. Better than focusing on the other.

    Kiddo had a new friend over last night who seem smart and funny and a good influence. And since I’ve offered to take them both to Warped Tour next summer, there are now two teens who think I’m awesome. I’ll take that.

    Broke down and put up the tree despite believing the critters would destroy it. Been 24hrs and it’s still perfect. And kiddo and I had a great time putting it up.

    The WIP has been much slower going than I need but realized I’ve written 8K since Dec 1 so not as slow as I thought. Feeling good about sliding into the final stretch.

  13. Lois says:

    Finally got all the gifts that needed to be mailed wrapped and sent! The $46 for shipping was the not so perfect part. Plus the bad tape karma I had yesterday and is continuing into today.

    Had some great business stuff which will make Cristmas much more relaxed.

    Got an e-mail from my BIL saying what a fool he was for not appreciating my sister. Too little, too late (since he was such an asshole to her for so many years) but somehow it made me feel a little better. It will make being civil to him easier which will make it less stressful for my nieces.

    My youngest daughter gets home tomorrow night! The only imperfect is it’s only for 2 days and she has a long drive. But yeah for 2 days of daughters and grandsons and chaos 🙂

  14. Gin says:

    My furnace died on Friday night (and I’m too cheap to pay for an emergency plumber, so I’m waiting until Monday to call), which makes my four cats EXTREMELY cuddly, with each other and with me, even the one that doesn’t like to snuggle.

    My friend who dislocated her replacement hip was able to have it popped back into place without surgery.

    And, finally, I’m stealing Lois’s imperfect happy — getting all my long-distance Christmas gifts mailed on Monday (despite wondering how as the boxes get smaller each year, the mailing costs remain the same, or rise), and hearing that they arrived to brighten the recipients’ days.

  15. I’m trying here but this has been a tough week.

    No one hurt in the accident I caused Thursday morning. And only minimal damage to either car. No damage to property. And let me tell you, it could have been horrific. The angels were watching out for us.

    My Bff’s youngest boy came home from college this week. He’s so delightful, and always treats me like a special aunt.

    Well that’s two things more than I thought I’d find. There’s a certain happiness in that, so I’ll count them as three.

  16. Cathy M says:

    I finished and mailed the cookies I send to my mother and sisters. Hopefully they’ll get there quickly.

    My 86 year old mother received and loved the small live Christmas tree I ordered for her. She has already decided on a location to plant it come spring.

    I finished the hat I knitted for my hairdresser to take on her trip to Montreal to visit her son and granddaughter for Christmas. And tomorrow I’ll bake the cookies I give her every year.

  17. I went swimming with our two eldest granddaughters 16 & 14. We’ll probably do it again today, it’s going to be a scorcher.

    I shoved, poked, prodded, got really angry, but DH finally, finally, is seeing our GP this morning for his excruciating sciatica pain.

    I received my edits and it wasn’t as scary as I thought. 🙂

  18. oneoftheotherjennifers says:

    Mailed off the last of the holiday packages- Yay! After last year, I was careful to keep things *small*. Nevertheless, still spent $206 on shipping. Next year, each family gets one flat-rate rate box, and everything will have to fit in it.

    After overcoming numerous difficulties (including discovering that our marriage certificate had not been properly certified 20 years ago) we had our visa for our trip to Italy approved. Happy, happy to have that done!!

    Sad that Hanukkah is over. But the last night was so very lovely. I sat with my daughter and watched the candles burn until they were gone. We decided that just because we understand the science behind fire and flame, that doesn’t mean it’s not magic.

  19. Got to meet to write with my writing buddy, but got no writing done.

    Somehow payroll got all screwed up and Friday’s checks aren’t ready until Monday which meant no pedicure on Saturday, but got a closet cleaned out, three trash bags and three donate bags finished and taken out of the house.

    Got to watch and listen to Robena and several other members of the chapter speak about each one’s first sale journey. It’s my favorite meeting every year.

  20. Thea says:

    All my happiness is perfect!

    Toured the border area with the State archeologist and the State stewardship coordinator/environmental scientist. So many stories! Tidelands to save, invasive plant species to move out, smugglers of humans and drugs to dodge, on-duty Border Patrol on horse and in truck to steer clear of, artifacts to maintain, history of the border monument to hear. Most of all, a magnificent view northward of ocean, land and bay which makes clear the narrative of our area.

    Chamber Music in La Jolla, Bach chorale in Balboa Park, beautiful sounds in perfect acoustic environments.

    My flower seeds arrived just in time for the rain.

  21. Got to sign another book contract.

    Read a Liz Fielding romance to my daughter and her SO’s two cats. The skittish one loved my Brit accent and came and curled up in my lap. When I stopped reading she complained. I read for two hours. Ha ha.

    Spoke in front of my RWA chapter today, LARA. Didn’t get too nervous, or cry, or make any social faux pas. Which made me verrrrry happy.

  22. 1. I’ve been making progress on my goal to improve at free motion quilting. I’ve got a long way to go but my samples got better.

    2. I celebrated my getting better and my determination to get good by buying an open toe quilting foot. (It is a little shameful how happy gadgets make me but there it is).

    3. Playing Carcasonne with hubby and son.

    4. And four, because don’t I know just how lucky I am, having a sewing play day with my sister.

  23. Carol says:

    Went to the first Christmas Concert on Wednesday signalling Christmas for us. It was the best Stuart McLean Christmas show yet. Music was inspiring.

    Survived -38 degrees below and so glad to be back home in my own bed after a quick trip north to see DH’s uncle. He knew who we were. Yeah. He is fading fast, so not yeah.

    Had a wonderful dinner with little grand-daughter, son and DIL tonight. She is such a little girlie girl after raising two sons, it is such a wonder to watch. She loves shoes, bracelets, and now purses or anything that can be hung on her arm. Little girls. So cute.

  24. Beth E says:

    Prodded workmates into having a holiday potluck on Tuesday (because I love to cook but need help getting it all eaten). A couple people called in sick and the one planning to bring drinks decided to make a salad instead, but everything worked out fine and several people thanked me for suggesting it.

    Holiday tree is up and almost completely decorated. Just waiting for College Boy to get home so we can put on the decorations together. The house feels so festive now.

    Finished my outstanding tasks at work and McDaniel classwork, so I’m free to enjoy time off until January (although there are one or two work things I will need to do along the way).

  25. Redwood Kim says:

    Watching my girls with Santa Claus. The one at our mall was terrific, so warm and personable, and put both my girls at ease. The oldest will be working it out soon, if she hasn’t already, so it was especially nice.
    Watching LOTR whilst wrapping presents makes me all sorts of happy. Can’t watch it with the girls home, so it’s definitely me time.
    My husband and I…well, let’s say we don’t get nearly enough of that kind of happy these days, and are grateful when we do.
    Bonus: hearing the little one shout “Chissmess lights!” while we drive around in the dark.

  26. Carol says:

    1) Found my dining room table, which was quite the accomplishment-believe-you-me.
    2) I unleashed my inner twelve-year-old and kidnapped a white elephant of a resin green parrot from its rightful White Elephant winner. I have never, EVER, done anything quite so naughty in my life, and DH and I giggled all the way down to our car as our co-conspirator (aka, Stephanie the hostess), delayed and distracted the victims of our crime. Really, I’m twelve.
    3) Honest to g-d, the bird is making me giggle, and that’s pretty much all I can ask today.

  27. Finally got my hair done – amazing how chopping off four inches and getting a few highlights can improve one’s outlook 😉

    Spent Saturday afternoon hanging out with The Prince while he baked snickerdoodles and we laughed and laughed.

    Invited my college roomie and her 8-yr old daughter over to bake Christmas cookies next week – we hardly ever have people over and will be forced to Clean Some Of The Things before major baking can commence, so it’s a win all around.

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