Jenny: Happy Talk


Orison Swett Marden said, “Talk happiness. The world is sad enough without your woe.”

So talk about three times you were happy this week and cheer up the world. Β Or at least ReFab.

51 thoughts on “Jenny: Happy Talk

  1. Reb says:

    I’m happy to find refab works on my phone. Not so happy that it doesn’t on my pc but a reboot will prob fix that tomorrow.

    Excellent church service tonight.

    A friend might be coming to stay a while. not sure yet, but the possibility made me smile at nothing all day.

  2. Bernie says:

    1. Found out my best friend is moving back from Florida and will be here in time to celebrate our “40th anniversary of friendship” each other’s longest running relationship. (:

    2. Gave notice to a job I have not felt fullfilled doing for the last year to accept a position that I am truly suited for.

    3. Always, always, my little man, Charlie…. the best and most cutest japenses chin who is always happy to see me and is an excellent cuddler.

  3. Susanne says:

    Morning all,

    Happiness times three:

    1) I’ve finally shaken this 100 day cold and cough (okay okay, it was only a month long cold but it seemed much longer).

    2) Yesterday I stayed in my nightie all day while my husband bustled about doing chores and feeding me (what can I say? I was feeling lazy).

    3) I get to talk to my 82 year old Mom every day and she makes me laugh and laugh.

    And a bonus happiness:

    *** I get to watch Jenny’s cottage become a home.

    OH, and the ground hog says we’re getting an early spring.

    Life can’t get much sweeter.

  4. 1. Two great storytellers discovered this week (Sarah Wynde and Courtney Milan) – I’m really enjoying discovering new writers courtesy of my new ebook reader. And two in one week!

    2. Discovering I fit into a couple of pairs of jeans I’d stashed in the attic – a size smaller than I’ve been wearing for the past couple of years. It’s amazing how much better it feels to wear clothes that fit!

    3. Seeing miniature iris and crocuses come out in the past couple of days: spring is on the move.

  5. I talked happy talk with my dogs this weekend. They were both in high cuddle mode and it was lovely to sit with them on our porch.

    Every time I think of my vacation to Hawaii, I beam. The travelling starts mid-week. Whoot!

    Modern Family makes me laugh out loud every episode!

  6. 1. I won a digital scrapbooking software and I love new software. I’ve been making bookmarks — sewing themed, steampunk, and gothic dolls. What a blast!

    2. I finished up a mini-quilt that went for a swap — bookshelf themed. She’s an Oz lover so I found images of the first edition covers, printed them onto fabric, and filled her bookcase with those. I love how it came out. It made me very happy. Of course, I made up some Wizard of Oz themed bookmarks to go with it.

    3. Friends over for breakfast. Indulgent breakfast (eggs! bacon! waffles!) and good conversation.

    It was a week just full of happy!

  7. Registered for a mini conference in Sth Cal, as a treat for all of the work done in the past three months. Yay!

    I garnered some Amazon reviews on my books and they were not dreadful.

    Went shopping for a newborn baby gift and spent hours in the kiddie department at Macy’s.

  8. Redwood Kim says:

    Well, I’m hoping for more happy this afternoon during the SuperBowl. I’m not a huge football fan, but there’s no way I could miss the Niners in the SuperBowl. (I miss my dad already, but it’s all part of it.)
    This week, in snapshots:
    -my girl, snuggled and bed and sounding out words as she reads(!) to me
    -my husband, skipping out on the fancy work dinner to come home early
    -my neighbor, texting me about how wonderful my big girl is, and how good a parent I am
    – my little, dressed in her chef’s hat, ready to make cookies
    -my family, in the woods, stomping on a bridge just to hear the noise
    -my little girl, asleep on my shoulder, because I can feel this time slipping away
    -both girls, laughing and playing in a bubble bath
    -my kitten, perched on my chest, purring until he drops off to sleep.
    -my husband, pulling me into a huge bear hug and giving me that grin
    Huh. Pretty good week, I guess!

  9. RanchGirl says:

    Our weather has decided to start spring, so I have started my herb garden. Lots of basil – yummm.

    My husband got up on Friday and said that our project for this weekend was the potting bench I have been wanting. We went to Lowes and bought all the material. Today a finished bench is waiting for me to start spring planting!

    I have been spending a lot of time with my remaining two horses. I have been doing a lot of loving on them – both are foals that I bred and raised out of my old mare. They are bringing me a lot of closure and contentment right now.

  10. Happy times:

    1. Skyping with Grandboy–watching him play with a box of toys, shaking and rattling and chewing on them…so sweet!

    2. Going to see Dee with another of our horsey friends–we laughed and talked about old times and Dee said later, “I felt normal for a couple of hours.” Wow…

    3. Went to a birthday party for Dee’s husband last night and spent about an hour chatting with her son, who is a farrier. I hadn’t really talked much to him in ages, even though he was at my constantly as a kid. He’s grown into a fine man. Dee should be very proud of him.

  11. Can I hijack for a second to ask any ReFabbers in the San Francisco Bay Area if they’d be interested in a ReFab get-together sometime during the week of March 19-26. I’ll be out there then to see Grandboy and would love to meet up with anyone who’s interested. Just email me at nanleigh1atgmaildotcom if you’d like to connect. Hope to meet some of you in person!

  12. Jessie says:

    Three couples for dinner on Friday. I like to have people over but sometimes it gets fraught. This time it was really fun. And one of the guest spoke no English so the guest list had been predicated on who could speak his language and not necessarily on who liked whom.

    Then next day I got two charming bread-and-butter notes thanking me. It made my day.

    I primed and finished painting the back porch roof where the insulation was blown in and the spots covered beautifully.

    The weather on Thursday was glorious and I spent a couple of hours cleaning up my garden.

  13. 1. Receiving some positive feedback on my cozy mystery manuscript, from an agent I respect.

    2. Realizing that I met my writing quota EVERY SINGLE DAY in January, something I’ve never accomplished in any previous month, and now I’m keeping the ball rolling into February.

    3. Living vicariously through Jenny’s move, because I desperately want to downsize (but the timing’s not right, at the moment), so I’m using Jenny’s move to visualize what I WILL do within the next 2 1/2 years.

  14. Lois says:

    Tough week for happy. Everyone finally made it in safely for the funeral. Big sigh of relief since our weather has been so nasty.
    Nice to see husband and his siblings together, everyone getting along and supporting each other. I think all but one of the next generation is here too. Amazing that that many people can all be together and no one is snarling.

  15. Kelly S. says:

    I finally got to watch season 6 of Psych due to my back going out and preventing me from doing much else.

    Friday MY chiropractor was back and she got my back aligned so I could stand upright. Almost back to normal now.

    Having to ask for help at work with carrying my backpack and having people there who were happy to help me. It is good to realize I work with a lot of nice people.

    Bonus one: My top pick of the candidates accepted the job offer! Unfortunately, University HR has to still approve my selection, but here’s hoping for good news on Monday! If not, I’ll have a WTF for Wed.

  16. Lulu says:

    Husband has been traveling for the past two weeks; he got home yesterday and drove me around to take pictures for the “Run Free Race (the greatest race that never was)” — a faux marathon. We laughed a lot and I’m sure the cars going by while we staged and shot pictures by road mileage signs thought we were crazy.

    The snow drops in my yard are actually in bloom. Indeed, spring is on the way.

    I made chocolate cupcakes with almond butter cream frosting and took them in to work on Friday to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of starting at my job. Lots of coworkers came over and congratulated me on the milestone, actually thanked me for being there, and they loved the cupcakes! (The cupcakes were way too good. I added a tsp of almond extract to simple buttercream frosting and it was perfect with the chocolate cake.)

    And, like Redwood Kim, I’m excited for our SF 49ers in the Superbowl today. My sister & her husband (season ticket holders since 1973 or so) are at the game.

  17. I threw a fit and quit work-working around the house forcing the others to pick up the slack. Heaven! I can now move around without major agony and the pain is down enough I should be getting sleep now.

    Opening my front door to find out it had been snowing by discovering a 1/2 inch of snow covering my dog and he was delighted with the whole thing.

    Finding out the amaryllis I bought for $2-$3 on clearance was not the amaryllis on the box. A pretty surprise.

  18. JenniferNennifer says:

    The number on my scale was better this morning

    DH has been especially loving

    Very productive this morning, so I feel I have earned my relaxation time.

  19. Maine Betty says:

    My cat is setting on the desk in front of me, helping me type. She also likes to help me when I use a pen or pencil, by biting them. I feel so safe.

    I’m going to make beef stew, I enjoy that!

    Had a great heart to heart with a good friend in this town where I live. Heart to heart friends get harder for me to make, so it’s great to know there’s one in this town. We agreed to form a ‘get a new job and stop being miserable at the one we have’ mutual support society.

  20. I don’t have too many hits of happy this week. I will, but for right now it was a struggle.

    Still the laundry is done, my friend is coming out for our annual superbowl date where we do nothing about football and things are coming to a head that need to come to a head. It’s all good.

  21. Lynda says:

    My new granddaughter was born on Thursday. Little Victoria and her mother are both well and home. It’s hard to find anything happier than that.

    On Saturday I was able to have lunch with a dear, dear friend whom I haven’t seen face to face in three years.

    Life is good.

  22. All about health.

    Had blood tests done for various medical checkups and my insides are so sparkling clean they….sparkle πŸ™‚
    But I picked up a virus, from who knows where, which will be with me for the rest of my life. But now I know why I have a sore throat a lot of the time.

    Received a lovely review that put a smile on my face all day πŸ™‚

    Making arrangements to attend the ARRA convention, which just happens to fall on our wedding anniversary. I’ll spend the day with readers and writers and go out to dinner with DH πŸ™‚

  23. Finished revisions last night. (As far as I can until I get beta reader feedback anyway.) That makes me happy since the deadline is still a month away.

    Watched Pitch Perfect with kiddo and laughed a lot. (Though don’t eat during the movie. We made that mistake.)

    More laughing than arguing with my kiddo. The next five years will likely be very challenging, so I’m trying to enjoy every happy moment when we’re laughing and understanding each other.

  24. First spotting of The Prince’s newest book in the wild about 5 minutes ago! (Even though it’s not officially out until Tuesday, he’s speaking at a Sisters-in-Crime meeting and they have a stack, so it’s still a WOOHOO!)

    Had a good visit with my parents, no drama, no screaming, lots of laughter.

    Number on the scale continues to please me.

  25. January was a long month, with not much happy. February is starting of much better.

    – had coffee with a dear friend from university. We only live 30 minutes away from each other but this was the first time we’d seen each other in several years. We mostly talked about our kids but enjoyed spending time together too.

    – finished and delivered the last of my 2012 Christmas gifts (yes, I’m a little behind). Made a crazy 5 ft long scarf out of orange and purple eyelash yarn and my friend loved it.

    – went to a fitness class yesterday at the local community centre – first time in almost a year. Arms, abs and shoulders are sore today but a good mental boost. Am going to try and go a couple of times a week – I’ve got a bad case of the winter blahs and regular exercise is an easy fix.

  26. jinx says:

    Puppy Bowl marathon on the Animal Planet channel all afternoon, along with several episodes of Too Cute. Blessed upbeat happy for someone who’s not of the football persuasion.

  27. Micki says:

    (-: I finally finished my hood, all the way down to the ties, and wore it this morning. With the ties, it doesn’t block the vision, so I’m very happy (and have warm ears!9

    The kitties were so cold and lonely — they waited until I stopped running around like a crazy woman, and as soon as I plopped on the couch, they came up for a snuggle.

    Yesterday was great — did some outlining with a writing friend, we went out for curry, and then there was fancy hot chocolate with a third friend. And we drove the demons out of the house yesterday (Japanese tradition for Feb. 3), so we should rock the rest of the year!

    • Micki says:

      forgot to say — that’s a crazy picture that makes me smile! Is it a real album? I have a feeling that imagining the music’ll be more satisfying than tracking down the album and listening to it . . . what fun!

  28. Office Wench Cherry says:

    There was some good happy this week.

    1. I’m happy there’s enough snow on the other side of the fence (that would be on the down slope of the hill we live on) that my dumb dog who thought jumping said fence didn’t choke himself to death. We put him out on a light chain because the back gate doesn’t close all the way and he likes to go exploring. This is the first time he’s been interested in exploring the 4′ tall drift against fence. This winter.

    2. Made zucchini bread and veggie chowder yesterday. Used up the zucchini that’s been on the counter since, oh, October or so. Gotta love squash.

    3. Made bread today. Watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. Slept in. It was above zero and sunny. A day of good all around.

  29. Chris S. says:

    Got together with longtime friends. Because of our various family/work schedules, we meet up now only for birthdays and Christmas, and this past Christmas visit was a little harried. So to have such a pleasant, chatty, delicious evening felt like a double bonus.

    Noon on Wednesday: winter sun pouring in; Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ turned up loud; dancing with one of my employees. Good times.

    I went to bed at 9:30 one night. Decadent, comfortable and so necessary.

  30. After a year, found an editor for Eden, our California Garden and Landscape History journal. Coulda hired high-end her ten minutes after thinking of her – but, no, needed a year to create a template if we do this hiring again. Huh. Still, happy dance and champagne.

    Reunited with heritage rose friends for Great Rosarian lectures at the Huntington Gardens (where reside on gallery walls Blue Boy and Pinkie and a Magna Carta in the Library) and yakked and yakked in shared passion.

    Acquired from the Huntington bookstore “Gardens for a Beautiful America 1895-1935.” Contains colored photographs taken by Frances Benjamin Johnston with which she illustrated her talks for women’s and garden groups, how she made her living. Sam Watters did the text, and I’m hoping to lure him into giving a lecture celebrating the centennial of the Panama-California Exposition, fingers crossed. Absolute bliss discovering the outdoor indiocyncracies of a vanished America.

    • oneoftheotherjennifers says:

      Thea, when my husband was at Caltech we went to Huntington Gardens every week. I haven’t been back since we moved away in ’97, but images from there still flit through my mind every time I reach for memories of beauty and quiet. It’s such a very special place, isn’t it?

      • Oh, yes, on an art gallery, library and of course gardens level it’s special. I believe the Desert Garden has been declared a world treasure. I’m happy to hear you use the gardens’ image for finding your Happy Place. I believe ol’ Henry and Arabella Huntington would be pleased by the thought too.

  31. Jeannine says:

    1. I celebrated my 40th birthday this weekend and my sister flew in from PA to surprise me. It was a fabulous weekend and the best 40th a person could ask for!

    2. My younger son told me tonite he needed “sugar,” so we cuddled in bed and told each other that we love each other from China to Portland to London and various other places around the world.

    3. My husband told me last night at dinner that I am more beautiful now than when he met me. *grin*

    It doesn’t get much better than that!

  32. oneoftheotherjennifers says:

    I am in awe of my own good fortune in being able to sit at my table and see the Alps in all their beauty and many moods. I spend as much time staring out the window as I possibly can. Unbelievable sunsets I never thought to see anywhere but over the ocean, the way fog will suddenly roll down the sides in a huge blanket and sweep over the city, engulfing landmark after landmark as it approaches. Cherishing every second. Every single second.

  33. Electric Landlady says:

    1. Lost my job. Not something one would normally expect to be happy but it made me realize I’ve probably been really burnt out for a while now. I wasn’t doing a good job and I wasn’t doing the job I’m good at The severance package is generous so I won’t starve for a while, and I’m considering it a golden opportunity to figure out what I want to do with my life.

    2. Just discovered the Lizzie Bennett Diaries and am LOVING THEM.

    3. My friends are the best.

  34. KimCz says:

    I know I am days late on this but I want to make sure I emphasize the good stuff.

    1. I have a plan for this year and I realized yesterday that I am doing a pretty good job of sticking to the plan.

    2. I didn’t get to walk this week but I did all of my strength exercises.

    3. Best of all, my laundry room area is nearly finished. I got it all painted, the counter is in, and all of the shelves are set. I have some touch up painting to do and I have to sew some curtains. Then it will be done.

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