47 thoughts on “Jenny: Happiness is Great Music and a Short Memory

  1. The fact that we all seem to be getting on with each other, me, DH and Minion No.1 – after horribly turbulent times, he seems to be less angry, less quick to lose it, better focused and kinder to his younger brother.

    And music wise…running to Vampire Weekend. Oh yes.

  2. Susanne says:

    . best friend came to stay for a week and we had a ball

    . life seems to be settling down and not so hectic

    . made a fabulous raspberry frozen yogurt (not as good as the strawberry buttermilk icream, but better for us)

  3. Saturday morning, I made a real breakfast with eggs and toast at my new stove in my new kitchen. We ate at the breakfast nook table and reveled in the feeling of sitting in a cafe in Provence or Tuscany…wow. Just wow!

  4. Sharon says:

    Found out that I am going to be a grand parent-didn’t think it would ever happen-I’m 65. My husband and I are over the moon!

  5. As an AC/DC fan, a trained psychometrist and a professional teacher, THIS SAYS IT ALL.

    What made my heart sing? Line dancing at my friend’s wedding. Even though I’ve never done it before, just joined in. So happy for him. And happy for me for putting myself out there, trying to connect with people and reconnect with old friends.

    And today, I literally sang – Happy Birthday to an old school friend – over the phone. I’m fussy, must do birthday calls and get birthday calls. But Yayness.

    Hi Refabbers, Argh people, Cherries and Betties.

  6. Gail says:

    It’s WisCon, see joys of below.

    A clothing swap Friday resulted in things that I loved that no longer fit finding good homes, and I came home with new stuff in a smaller quantity than I donated. Victory for the now only slightly overstuffed closet.

    I have been having great conversations with awesome people all weekend. Not over yet.

    I have the Space Babe flask. It is now full of amaretto.

  7. I managed a couple of days with no naps and no overwhelming desire for one either.

    Last night, since the housemates were gone until very late, the cat chose to curl up in my lap and be petted for a significant time: first time ever!

    I read two and a half books yesterday and enjoyed the solitude. 🙂

  8. Lois says:

    Nature. I am becoming pretty much a loner so these big family things are very draining (30 for dinner last night). But we are at a lovely cottage on a lake with lots of quiet space to escape to. So I am walking the dogs frequently! The ground in the woods is white with trilliums. There are tiny bits of pink from the delicate spring beauties.

    Picking ticks off ourselves and the dogs constantly is not the part of nature that makes me happy 🙁

  9. Carol says:

    Finally cleaned off the deck for the patio furniture. All the furniture is out, cushions on, now to buy new potted annuals for the coming summer on the deck which also includes a lot of food and yummy drinks.

  10. Family fun time! Friday night we went out to dinner and then bowling–laughing at gutter balls and dancing in the aisles, and then yesterday we went to a Memorial Day Carnival. My kids are young teenagers(almost 13 and 15) and I spent the evening at the carnival looking at the other kids their age and marveling that somehow I managed to end up with two kids that don’t mind hanging out with their geeky parents, or hugging their less than super-model mama in public.

    Life is good, and I am a ridiculously lucky woman.

  11. juliet says:

    That my Chap returned from his trip to England safely, and that life seems to be settling down a bit from a very turbulent winter and spring for both of us. Was feeling sufficiently content to attack the house and spring clean it, and invite folks over for a big dinner tomorrow.

  12. What a week!

    Anniversary–34 years! To the same DH. Who is still a hunk. Pretty cool, huh?

    And a great series of harp lessons on YouTube. AND my favorite, really weird radio station played some Mississippi John Hurt I’d never heard. AND it’s available on line.

  13. KellyR says:

    Visiting my brother and his family this weekend. My niece who is two months shy of turning two literally shrieks with joy every time she sees me. It’s awesome for my ego!

  14. Sent book off to beta readers. Did 10 pages on the screenplay in one day! (Whee!)

    Bought a dress to celebrate my promotion at work.
    Because every woman needs a quirky parrot dress for summer? AmIRite?

    And, to brighten my morning (and anyone else’s who watches…)

    Cumberbatch/Pine on Graham Norton:

    (the part where they each run into the audience to hug their fans! So sweet!)

  15. Lynda says:

    My grandson Ricky and his fiancee Kelly visited me for a couple of days. It was the first time I’d seen them since Thanksgiving 2011. They’re such fine young people, and I almost ache with joy when I see how much in love they are. They’re going to make me a great-grandmother in July, and I know they’re going to be amazing parents.

  16. The musical part of this week’s happy is listening to the Smothers Brothers on CD. Not “great music,” but still great, with a dash of music.

    Beyond that, mostly just the little things, like getting the garden planted right before the rains hit New England, and taking a day off from more structured writing to play with the brainstorming of a new story and also giving myself permission to spend a good chunk of the entire three-day weekend making a quilt with a cherry-print fabric that I’ve wanted to do something with for years.

  17. Jill says:

    We rode to Hot Springs AR yesterday. Rode around lake Ouachita this morning. I just got from a mineral bath and massage. 🙂

  18. On Friday, we went to DS school concert – grades 4-6 singing rock songs with a live band. DS was in the front row and we could see him singing his heart out and having a great time. He also got up with some of his classmates and introduced a couple of songs. proof positive that my ADHD, anxious boy has come a long way.

    Saturday am, DS and I got up early and went to a huge neighbourhood garage – he was great company and figured out bargaining.

    After a week of heavy rain, the sun came out and I worked in the garden.

  19. Thea says:

    The Death Cold finally subsides, followed closely by the return of energy. I missed you, Old Friend.

    Full Moon Yoga on the Beach almost wiped out by high surf. Yay, full moon and high surf!

    As soon as I fill a basket with Finger Food, I will walk to join my girlfriends for the first of the Summer Concerts in the Park. Then home for zucchini frittata, Champagne and a book. Bliss.

  20. Librarian Betty says:

    Thank you, Jenny. I watched the “pumas in the cravasses” clip and laughed so hard that I had to show my 15 yr. old son. He thought it was really funny (high praise indeed from a teenage boy)– we’ve been saying “there’s pumas in the cravasses!” all evening. Can you believe that I’m 45 years old and I had never seen that before?

  21. Micki says:

    Wait, really? LOL, I need to google that. I’m imagining other literary works IN 3-D! Pride and Prejudice, now in 3-D. Bridget Jones Diary, in 3-D! LOL . . . glad the 2-D was good. I think I want to see that in the theaters rather than wait for DVD.

  22. Micki says:

    Very good weekend with family and friends for a “sports festival.” A friend came out and helped me make the picnic lunch for Sunday, and we had a great time chatting all weekend long. (-: And I didn’t have to play any sports! (Although, we took a walk after the festival, and then I got some mowing done when she left.)

  23. Kelly S. says:

    Music – when I went to set an alarm on my iPad to get up too early to fly home, it defaulted to the song “American Wake” by the Elders. It seem a perfect choice.

    Happy to be home w/DH & the cats. I also read a novel in under 36 hours. Started it on the plane & finished it this morning. I enjoyed the story and am sort of proud that I picked doing something fun instead of being responsible and reading the Drupal book.

  24. Deborah Blake says:

    I grew up watching the Smothers Brothers, and they can still crack me up. (And they were actually great folks singers, too.) “Take it!”

  25. Deborah Blake says:

    Homemade hollandaise sauce on homegrown asparagus. Yum.

    And watched an amazing movie called Chasing Mavericks. I originally got it because it has surfing in it (which is in the book I’m working on now, and I know nothing about it) and stars Gerard Butler, who is the face of my male protagonist

    Gerard Butler in a wetsuit. YUM. But also, it turned out to be one of the best movies I’ve ever seen–based on a remarkable true story. If you watch it, bring tissues.

    Also, there might have been bacon for breakfast…

  26. My house! 🙂

    A renter from age 19 until this past autumn, I’ve moved a lot throughout my adult life, I’ve lived in some dumps, I’ve LOOKED at a lot of dumps as a potential renter or buyer, and I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about where I’ll live. When I decided I started looking to buy 2+ years ago, I thought I’d never find a nice place that I could afford (I looked at some places in my price range that you wouldn’t want a convicted felon to have to stay in). And being a midlist writer who’s struggled financially through my whole career, I’ve often feared I’d end my life in some dreary rat hole.

    But now I own (well, with the bank; but my mortgage is actually lower than my rent was for the previous 5 years!) this genuinely lovely, comfortable, well-constructed house that’s exactly right for me, just the sort of home I wanted–and increasingly despaired of being able to get.

    And every day this week, I’ve thought at some point, “OMG! I get to live here! This house is MINE! This is MY home! I LIVE here! HERE!”

  27. Redwood Kim says:

    Went to see Epic today.Had the three year old on my lap for a while, until the going got really rough. Then I had the six year old leaning into me. It was a lovely story without a single vomit or fart joke, and now I desperately want to ride a hummingbird.
    I have a new dishwasher, installed by my decidedly non-handy husband. Hurray!
    My chldren zoned out in front of the Wii, which allowed my husband to demonstrate some talents he is decidely good at. I think I may buy them a new game next week;-)

  28. Carol says:

    A fabulous weekend in San Francisco, the highlight of which was seeing my best friend from jr./sr. High school for the first time in 33 years. We picked up pretty much right where we left off.

    Oh, and there was yarn shopping. Plenty of yarn shopping.

  29. Kieran says:

    I’m so glad you showed us that dress–it’s adorable, and now I have a new favorite clothing website!!

  30. Kieran says:

    Going with my daughter to see amazing genius The Punch Brothers tonight at the Spoleto festival, which is an international arts festival based in Charleston. Working the Tea Room this week at church–a Southern tradition. All the money goes straight to local charity. They raise about $50,000 in ten days (we get lots of Spoleto visitors who come to the Tea Room every year). Homemade ham biscuits, creamy crab soup with a dollop of sherry on top, chicken salad, shrimp salad, etc. and best of all, platters and platters of homemade cakes and pies for dessert!!! And a man playing nice old songs on the piano, lots of art on the walls for sale. Nice time of year in Charleston.

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