29 thoughts on “Jenny: Happiness: Heel!

  1. I collected my new glasses last Thursday, (my birthday) I need a +2 stronger lens. Everything is so much clearer now and quite scary when I look in the mirror 🙂
    Stopped by DD’s had coffee and cake with a musical candle, the battery was running low, and 3 year old sang happy birthday … loved it.

    Bought myself new skin care products, looking in the mirror with new glasses will do that to me. Also treated myself to a skin care clinic hoping they can erase years of sun-worshiping. Not going to happen I think.

    DH took me out to lunch at a small town called Tumbulgum right on on a huge river. We had barramundi also known as Asian Seabass with a side dish of salad and garlic prawns in a delicious sauce rice and salad. Because I can’t drink wine I had a G&T. It was great sitting in the pubs garden overlooking the river. The sun was glistening off the water, it couldn’t have been better 🙂

  2. Co-workers and I helped rescue a baby manatee. The little guy has a good shot to recover!

    Doing Zumba two days in a row!

    Talking with my family, including both nephews, on Thanksgiving!

  3. Maine Betty says:

    Red cardinal at the bird feeder in the cold light.

    Black cat curled up in my elbow.

    Happy Thanksgiving visit from my brother, SIL, and one nephew.

    Started a painting, the first in this house!

  4. Rachel V says:

    -decided to start painting again and started getting supplies to create some ‘cake portraits’
    -asked my son what was his favorite part of Thanksgiving Day and expected him to say unlimited servings of cheesecake, lemon cake, apple pie and peanut butter fudge, but instead he said ‘my family’
    -at 48,000 words on my NaNo piece and I am really liking it; my characters have gone through self-inflicted and external suffering, and I am writing them to happiness now; lucky characters!

  5. Winning a game of Catan for the first time EVER. Against my son & beloved, who are very good players. 🙂

    Getting back into my body by cooking like a crazy woman after turning in a book last week.

    Taking a 4-generations photo with my gr-daughter, son & dil, & mom. Yay!

  6. 1 Got to meet the DH and go to the movies…first date night in months (Argo was really good too).

    2 After sending out what seems like a ton of application letters and getting nowhere, I got asked to go to an interview next week. I’d really like some serious FGBVs here…I want this job. It’s head of the english department at a school which is one of the best in the UK for teaching the IB, the boys would also be able to go to the school and would get a great education there. And it is on the gorgeous Isle of Man which is beautiful and has low tax rates and amazing castles. But the DH is obviously a little bit concerned about what the heck he would find to do on a rainy lump of rock in the middle of the Irish Sea. But we’d get to live by the sea again – after 8+ years in Brussels with no sea, I really miss it.

    3 Minion No1 has been working really hard and trying his best to be generally nicer and sweeter. It’s hard, he has lapses, but his marks have rocketed up, and he is now passing all his subjects, some with really great grades. And he seems finally to be taking on board that working hard and getting good results is something that makes him feel better about himself.

    Sorry this is long! Stress central here, it just poured out!

  7. Gail says:

    Hung out with friends at a hilarious talk by Dan Savage.

    Went to a lovely concert by Heather Dale and SJ Tucker; picked up Dale’s Christmas album which has some absolutely gorgeous old carols on it. If you aren’t familiar with Dale and think you might like Celtic influenced songs drawn from historical and folkloric roots try her free(!) promo album. http://heatherdale.com/perpetual-gift

    One of my culinary experiments for Thanksgiving was a resounding hit. The fig challah will be repeated; one of the happy eaters described it as “Like a fig newton… only better!”

  8. Thanksgiving dinner with my family and Husband’s together–it’s so cool that we can all share that event now.

    Skyping during Thanksgiving day with Grandboy–he was a hit!

    Getting closer to done with the current editing gig…tomorrow!

  9. 1) good overall visit with X-Chromo. She goes back to school today, but we didn’t have one bickering session — although we came close when TV Stevie found my Celtic knot earrings in the washer, after she’d done a load of laundry.

    2) I wrote one page on an anthology project, and have glimpsed the characters.

    3) Thanksgiving wasn’t as dreadful as it could have been, given the political polarization in my family. the food was good, the conversation amiable. And I played an excellent practical joke on my brother.

  10. oneoftheotherjennifers says:

    -Smiling back at everyone who smiles at me as I sing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs in the car.

    -Skating at least six miles every day in our unseasonably warm weather this week. Joy on wheels.

    -Seeing all the years of cheerfully (at least, always on the outside) having my daughter help with every single cooking task (even though it took ten times as long) pay off on Thanksgiving. She walked into the kitchen Thursday and said, “If you chop the onions, I’ll stuff the turkey.” Afterward she proceeded, with no assistance, to make a beautiful lattice-topped peach pie from scratch. Her crust is better than mine. Amazing.

  11. Hanging my newly framed art doily on the wall and having it make the apartment seem like a homey cottage instantly.

    Spending Thanksgiving with friends and their family, and spending some fun time with them and their friends later.

    Coming back home and having it actually feel like home for the first time in ever! I’m hit a wonderful milestone in my therapy and growth it appears. It feels very good.

  12. Not having to cook Thanksgiving dinner in oh, let’s say about thirty five years. I did wash all the pots and pans and load and unload the dishwasher a couple of times though.

    Learning that a friend’s colon cancer is type 111 A and they think they got everything. Still has to undergo six months of chemo. But we remain optimistic. And she’s strong in spirit.

    Got the second book final copyedits done and sent. Heard that I might get my release date for book number one at the end of this week. Might. : )

  13. Lots of laughter on T-Day.
    Finishing my edits on MS1 and sending them off to my editor.
    Ordering some Christmas presents for Kiddo that I know she’s going to love. Cannot wait to see her face when she opens this stuff.

  14. 1. Reading the hits of happy for everyone else.
    2. Spending the long weekend surrounded by family & friends
    3. Spending today by myself and working on the writing and putting away laundry.

    A good week indeed.

  15. pamb says:

    Monday–the dog’s very nasty-looking small tumor turned out to be a sebaceous cyst. Happy tears here over that good news!

    Wednesday–euthanized one of the elder cats who had a multitude of health issues but six weeks ago developed a crazy-fast-growing tumor on his spine. It was peaceful and I’m so happy I forced everyone here to go along with doing it while he was still enjoying life, although declining rapidly.

    Thursday–Nearly all the kids & g-kids here for T-day & a good time was had by all. Before the kids were even dating, I had told them when they had partners, the in-laws could have all holidays except Christmas Eve. That one was mine. So usually some of the kids are here Thursday for T-day and some come here on Friday for a “leftover” dinner. Which is fine. But it worked out this year that everyone was free on T-day so all here at once. We actually all enjoy one another, so it’s fun.

  16. Carol says:

    1) Thanksgiving with 19 friends, and looking around the table to realize we’ve made ourselves a family of choice here in LA.

    2) Visiting my mom post- Thanksgiving and learning some family stories I’d never heard before.

    3) Discovering a great new restaurant and looking forward to going back, even though we were only there last night!

  17. Although I missed NYC because I fractured my fibula last week, I got to spend Thanksgiving with wonderful friends.

    Same friends took care of me for four days without complaint, with good humor and graciousness, which made me feel so welcome and not-a-burden.

    My kids had a fabulous time in NYC, they came home with so much joy in their hearts, which made me happy too.

  18. Redwood Kim says:

    Thanksgiving dinner with a new bunch of friends. My children were lovely and well behaved, and even managed to get some food in them. There were other children and rooms full of toys, so I was able to have adult conversation. And 20 minutes after we piled into the car, we were home. Did I miss seeing my family? Sure. Did I miss the raod trip with small children. Not at all.
    Took the girls to a late lunch on the wharf. We ate in the sunshine and listened to the conversations of the backpackers behind us – got a little nostalgia hit as they tried to figure out where to stay. And afterwards, I held on tight as my little craned over the fence to see the sea lions.
    DH took the girls out on Friday, and I watched LOTR as I started the end of year phot projects. It’s far too dark to watch while my girls are around, but I’ve missed my marathon viewings.

  19. Reunited with a college roommate who lives close by and is fabulous.

    Had a pleasant Thanksgiving dinner with the parents.

    Made it to an annual holiday party I’ve had to skip the last six years due to pain, and got to hug lots of friends and catch up.

    PS – One takeaway from the reunions this week is that the last five years have been ass-kickers for many, many people. And thankfully, most of us are still here to bitch about it!

  20. Micki says:

    The road conditions were very good when I went to Sapporo, and I had a nice chat with my eldest’s teacher there — and a nice dinner with her.

    Other than that . . . well, I’m very happy for our national health insurance and the Sunday Rotating Doctor’s Office. My 12-year-old has walking pneumonia, but we got the drugs, and everything was free.

    As the days get shorter, it’s harder to find happy things, but they are still there . . . .

  21. Chris S. says:

    1. New books by Jim Butcher, Ilona Andrews and Linda Howard/Linda Jones arrived at the store on Friday. Mmm, so nice to read one good book after another.

    2. Had a sleepover with my seven year old nephew, whose hair is long and hilarious. I told him that if he ever gets a Bieber cut I’ll shave him bald while he sleeps. He thinks I’m kidding.

    3. The weather finally turned seasonal. I love winter. Real winter, when just the smell of the air wakes you up, and the shadows are blue against the snow. We’re not there yet, but it finally feels like we’ll make it.

  22. Lois says:

    Did our usual marathon cooking session on Wed. with lots of laughs and love. And even tho I missed the family who couldn’t come and those who are gone I realized that the traditions are what keep us together spiritually and thru the generations.

    Ate one of the best turkeys ever!

    ‘Black friday’ shopping on Thurs. night. Got home before the snowstorm. Spent all of friday in pajamas watching movies, the Voice from the DVR and eating leftovers. Nothing like pumpkin pie for breakfast!

  23. Catherine says:

    I survived doing flowers for the big Greek/ Chinese wedding. I bit off more than I thought I could chew revisiting an ancient skill set. I made mistakes, I adapted, I worked through the night. I understand more clearly how strongly I battle with my perfectionist tendencies and the need to just get it done. Everyone was happy with the bouquets etc. There is part of me still wishing I could of had more time to tweak. I tweak therefore I am.

    I was so tired driving them down from the hinterland around weird highways ( thankyou GPS) to the far side of the city with very little sleep. I ended up getting a room for the night. My house looked like pale pink and white roses and pearls had thrown themselves around like an angry toddler coming off a sugar high. The hotel was clean and air conditioned and had a view of the river and an iconic Queensland brewery. My happiness calls in ways that may others scratch their heads over… But truly finishing the job, clean sheets, good food and some bonus visits with my daughters. Happy.

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