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  1. Sure Thing says:

    I been busy getting a social life. Went out to the theatre to see a show I saw before but went with two new people. It was wonderful, got an autograph and joked around with the cast at the signing.

    Spent half the day with the best friends yesterday. So that was brilliant. Theatre night was girls night too and it was just chilled for it.

  2. I gave myself three days in the garden, in the sunshine.

    Squares! I’ve hired a mirrorless camera for the weekend, to see if an electronic viewfinder would work for me, and it lets me shoot square pictures, something I’ve been wanting to do for more than twenty years. So exciting to have a different frame to compose in.

    Went out in the woods yesterday, camera testing, and found some wonderful zebra ripples over coloured pebbles. My favourite kind of image, that you don’t realize is there until you really slow down and look.

  3. Sure Thing says:

    Ooh, also – ownloaded a free book on minimalism and it seems to finally have hit the spot and I’m ready to de-junk. Doing so today. And putting in place a 3 month program to get into good habits.

  4. Minion No.2 celebrated his 11th birthday, we’ve had gorgeous weather here on IOMan and we’re off to London today to see the Veronese exhibition at the National Gallery and the Vikings at the British Museum. Yay!

  5. JenniferNennifer says:

    Having Easter brunch with friends later.

    Preparations for our Bay Area shows going well, and we are not feeling too panicy.

    Got books for my birthday and the first 4 have all been good.

  6. Visiting family out of town and went to pick up youngest brother at the airport – got terribly lost coming back to my mom’s but gave us more time to talk, just the two of us.

    Watching the hockey game last night and DS cuddled up against me.

    More flowers in my garden – they survived last week’s snow.

  7. Jill says:

    Got out of the hospital (just an overnight) Friday. Easter with family yesterday-much fun and laughter. Today helping younger daughter finish a t-shirt quilt.
    This week is full of dark times–funeral for my oldest and one of my dearest friends.

  8. Finished week 4 of a ten week course to learn HTML/CSS. It’s way more time than I thought I’d need to do all the assignments, between 8-10 hours per week on top of my job, so I’m tired, but very happy to be half-way done.

  9. I’m hosting a writer friend’s husband and 17 year-old-daughter at my home for Coachella Fest, they found all of the hotels in their budget had been booked months in advance. It’s great having a concert-going teenager in the house, such fun and excitement in hearing her stories. The dad is a TV Director so I get to pick his brain for the book I’m writing, which features a part of the entertainment industry. So a win-win for all concerned.
    Happy Easter to all who celebrate.

  10. Love that switch plate! Turning on the light this week has meant finding a new house to rent, one with considerably more space and a swimming pool so I can do all my PT in the backyard. Extra super bonuses are fruit trees and rosebushes.

  11. Gave myself a lovely, lazy week…took a book (Crusie, of course) back to bed one morning, another day I tried on old, too-little clothes and discovered some of them fit. Started reclaiming my office…finished the first draft of Bel’s Story and made notes on revisions…just a very I-pampered-myself week!

  12. Oh, Jill, I’m so sorry. Take comfort, please, in the knowledge that being one of your friends meant that she was truly blessed. She must have been wonderful.

  13. Applied to a job that would be different for me: not in high tech and would be a bit more useful than writing yet another user manual. (i am so done with writing in high tech!) Fingers crossed!

    Spent the weekend at my other friend’s house. Spent yesterday out with her and our third friend.

    Helped my friend weed in her yard. I love weeding because I can see the results of my work. I really love pulling up dandelions with the appropriate tool because it is easy and effective. Outside, moving my body — good stuff but now I am sore. I feel motivated to work in the yard around here, just to keep up the exercise and outdoors stuff.

  14. Thea says:

    Happiness switch is on!

    Sailed through my root canal, and now I’m crushing on my endodontist.

    Had a last glass of wine in the garden last night. Then the sprinklers came on. Good to know I can still move that quickly.

    Easter dinner with friends. After twenty years of gathering for Easter and Christmas parties, their friends have become our friends.

  15. Reb says:

    It’s coming on winter here, we’ve just come out of 10 days of rain, the lawn’s a swamp (squelch, squelch), and I mowed it anyway. So pleased! I thought it was going to have to wait till spring.

    Seeing the sun again is great, and I’ve had a lovely Easter with new friends. Life is good.

  16. Kieran says:

    Jill, I’m glad your hospital stay wasn’t long. And I’m so glad you had a happy Easter. I’m also sorry for you that you lost one of your oldest, dearest friends. Sending you big virtual hugs.

  17. mitchiewitch says:

    Raked out & weeded beds in front of house & sunroom. Put down weed ‘n feed and mulched. this took two weekends. Croci are done, daffodils & hyacinths are blooming and tulips are budding. So are the lilacs. The front of the house looks good and we’ll start on back next weekend. My new mantra is a little at a time. The days of powering through a weekend & finishing everything are long gone.

  18. Carol says:

    Having 30 of our nearest and dearest friends over for our annual Easter lunch/lamb barbeque-a-thon. Been doing this since the early 80s (pre-DH!), and it just keeps getting better.

    Watching a woman I’ve known since she was a little girl get married, and, okay, basking in the compliments on the beautiful veil I fashioned for her. 🙂

    Dancing. Because.

  19. Sure Thing says:

    Miss Minimalist by Francine Jay. It might be too drastic for some, but I’ve been building up to this for a long time. Maybe most of my life.

    Best advice so far – stop buying stuff, even if you think you need it. Just aim to quit consuming anything other than food. Second best bits – have a base colour your wardrobe so that you’re not stuck buying matching pieces that you seldom wear . I like this idea and have decided to limit mine to 3 colors and weed out what doesn’t work. I cant do one colour, I am not Steve Jobs. Almost all my greens and yellows are gone as of today. My reds, oranges and blues are staying.

  20. Micki says:

    This is a good idea. For some reason, I like brown and have far too many coffee-colored pants. It goes OK with turquoise (my true love, and a color that looks good next to my face), but . . . . I think I would choose navy/indigo, turquoises and cream and dusty rose for accents. I am going to be soooo sad when blue-green goes out of fashion.

    I went through my wardrobe about, oh my, more than seven years ago. It’s time to go through again and get rid of the ugly stuff.

    I need to work on my sewing pile before I buy any new sewing stuff.

  21. Micki says:

    The light of the world is coming over the northern hemisphere, and I am ready for it! I gardened . . . so happy to see the snow gone. I’m thinking hard about pulling out the grill and cooking outdoors (fire, good!). The crocus and aconite (I think it’s aconite) are up!

    I am so scared I’m going to get sick and not be able to follow through on everything. But, for now, I stuff those worries away into the attic of my mind. I’m moving my body, and spring is here. Now is very, very good.

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