30 thoughts on “Jenny: Exercising Joy

  1. Carol says:

    Just little moments of pure joy every day, often over small things, step by step things and I played my piano again this week.

  2. Enjoying banks of primroses and wood anemones and clouds of blackthorn blossom. And now the lady’s smock is starting. I love the progression of wild flowers unfolding spring.

    Had a long catch-up chat with a friend who’s been away; and another emailed to say she’s up here at the end of the week, so we can meet up.

  3. I took a much-needed day off work and just did stuff I wanted to do. No big accomplishments but my batteries were significantly recharged. The snow is melting slowly, but we can see bare ground; plus, the sun is out today. Lastly, I won the office March Madness pool at the office – no system and I beat 13 guys.

  4. Maine Betty says:

    Singing in a concert today, a J.S. Bach cantata and a bunch of other wonderful music. My humble artist and my diva selves both enjoy that.

    In late February I decided to loose one kitty cat’s worth of weight, and have succeeded by two cat’s worth. I spent some of yesterday trying on clothes that I couldn’t fit into for the last couple years. Sweet. Maybe I’ll go for another cat’s worth. Fortunately, she’s not very large.

    The sun’s out, it’s going to be…50 degrees!

    Phone interview tomorrow, please send me good vibes.

  5. Kelly S says:

    I love your unit of weight measurement – a cat’s worth. Are you going by the actual weight of your kitties? I have an 8 pounder and a 16 pounder. I’d like to lose one of each, please. 😉

    Good luck with the interview! Be certain to stand in a power pose for at least 2 min. before the interview (like wonder woman or superman) and you’ll sound more confident. They also say you can hear a smile, so if you can, smile.

  6. I spent Friday with Dee, who is getting weaker and weaker from the cancer, but is amazing and inspiring. We did her spring cleaning and when we were done, she was exhausted, even though she was mostly the boss and I was mostly the laborer, but still, she smiled and said, “Now shall we go do yours?” I am constantly surprised at how my heart can ache so desperately and yet sing so joyously whenever we’re together.

  7. Kelly S says:

    I’m reading a novel.

    I painted the master bathroom. I love the color. Hubby is now putting in the new cabinets. There is a really good chance it will be at least to a half-bath stage before Friday! New shower won’t arrive until May. Project started in January? So, I’m really happy for the visible progress.

    I exercised every day I intended to this week. I may be more proud than happy but I am happy that I’m back at it even though parts of me hurt today.

    Oh, I also noticed trees budding! Spring may actually come!!

  8. JenniferNennifer says:

    Did a really good job cleaning the slate floor in my kitchen, and it looks great.

    got books for my birthday.

    Made my own birthday cake using a new recipe and it was good. Frosting, though delicious, didn’t come out the way I expected. Now I want to make another one to see if I can make the frosting fluffy. People have volunteered to help eat the second attempt as well, so maybe next week will also have good cake in it.

  9. Love the cat measure of weight. Except if I tried to lose twice my Todd’s weight, I’d be emaciated. He’s a big boy — trying to keep him under 20 pounds, and it’s a challenge. He was around 17 pounds at his official weigh-in a year ago.

  10. I’m making a basket for the NECRWA conference to raffle off in a few weeks, containing books by other authors at Gemma Halliday Publishing to publicize our group blog, Laffeinated Ink. Even though I don’t get to keep the books they’re sending me for the basket, it’s like Christmas in April, with all the package deliveries.

    It’s going to be one amazing basket (books and caffeine — cocoa, tea, choc-covered coffee beans, and I don’t know what-all else), and I’m having so much fun putting it together with a friend who’s going to make it look pretty. There’s some new happy every day for the basket.

  11. Lynda says:

    I’m approaching the finish line on the quilt I’m making for my grandson, and I’m rediscovering the sheer pleasure of watching a really big project come together the way I imagined it. That doesn’t always happen.

  12. Jill says:

    working on stuff for Grandson’s wedding. And feeling good about what I have done. Dinner with friends. Freezing cold bike ride to Springfield (75 miles) and back. Lunch at Lambert’s -home of the throwed rolls.

  13. Susanne says:

    Went to a maple sugar bush. Haven’t done that since I was a kid. Bought a litre of maple syrup. It was still warm 🙂 Gosh it was pretty out.

    Bought Nordic poles for walking — they look funny but apparently give a good workout. We’ll see.

    Feeling like we’ve seen the backside of winter. Finally.

  14. It must be spring! I spent one day cleaning windows and doing yard work, the next dusting, cleaned bathrooms and kitchen, and on the third day vacuuming and washing tile floors. Then I bought a couple of new floormats, some new kitchen towels, bed linens and bath towels. Everything is fresh and clean and it makes me soooo happy. Got a ton of exercise too! ; )

  15. Spent the weekend with my girlfriend and her family again. It was great! I got in two long, brisk walks with my friend and her dog. I’m feeling positive and energized.

    On Saturday I went to look at pond supplies and fish with my other girlfriend. We saw some great water features and some koi that were $2200 PER FISH! Way to expensive for our blood. But it was fun.

  16. MJ says:

    Walked out of the house that’s been “home” since 1964 for the last time–sad and happy. I am enormously proud of my enormous family: the 10 of us have divided all the stuff and are all still talking to each other. Plus, everyone who could do so pitched in on the final great cleanout. The house is ready for its next family.

  17. I attended a high level business-related meeting for the first time and realized that I belonged there and had things of value to contribute.

    Had dinner with one of my nephews since I was sort of in his area. Haven’t seen him since Christmas. Getting to spend time with him lit up my heart.

    After getting home late last night, today was devoted to relaxing at home with the fur kids. Cuddle time and resting up made me very happy indeed.

  18. Micki says:

    I actually did exercise for the last two weeks — a modest program, but the pay off was finally today: I walked to a restaurant at lunch, and I had a spring in my step! I felt so strong and proud, and of course, the weather was just awesome today — wind strong enough to blow your hair off, but otherwise warm and springlike.

    In the past few days, I’ve had the energy to do other things as well, like put out my pots of hyacinths and tulips (still just sprouts).

    School starts tomorrow for both my daughter and me; it’s always fun starting a new year! So much hope and potential!

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