Jenny: Cottage Saturday: Veronica’s Home

I know it’s not Saturday. This is a catch-up post to say that Lani came and brought the dogs and Veronica has claimed the bay window in the bedroom as hers:

Veronica Window

(Click on the pic to see the full gorgeousness of Veronica.) All four dogs seem very happy, and I am, too. I didn’t think we missed having the other two around, but now that they’re here, it really feels as though this is my house.

Yes, I’m going to finish painting that woodwork. Give me a minute here.

37 thoughts on “Jenny: Cottage Saturday: Veronica’s Home

  1. julianna says:

    She looks beautiful — and she looks like she knows she’s beautiful, too.
    Glad you have the whole canine family back together again.

  2. Yay that the whole pack is together once again! Veronica is gorgeous. I’ll bet the other dogs are looking at Milton and going “Dude? What did you do to your back? Is that a fashion statement?” And now you have four small, loud alarms to let you know when there is a bear on the property. Or a deer. Very happy for you.

  3. Barbara Cameron says:

    I agree with everyone that Veronica is gorgeous. And she looks like a model there in the pretty window setting. So glad you found a little cottage you love. I want something smaller and even more important, nearer my daughter and youngest grandson. I must sit down and make a treasure map/collage of what I want soon. That’s how I’ve brought some things into my life in the past.

    I can’t remember how you stumbled upon your cottage. One afternoon when I have time I should look it up in the archives. Or you could tell us a little story?

  4. Lovely.

    I’ve got a dog who likes windows too. Only mine spends most of her time there barking. Especially at little kids. And little kids in snowsuits are even better.

    Veronica, by contrast looks queenly & serene. And love the shade on the teacup lamp. Perfect union.

  5. She is beautiful! And yes, that is definitely her spot. My first thought was that she needs a little purple velvet cushion with gilt tassels to keep her tender feet from cold and other unsightly sensations 😉

    I’m happy that you’re home babe. Huzzah!

  6. Micki says:

    What a lovely vignette! Veronica in her curly winter coat next to that pot of spring on the window . . . .

    (I really need to put one spot of total calmness and beauty like that in my house . . . unfortunately, the leading candidate is the bathroom . . . . Although, perhaps it would be fortunate. I do spend time there everyday.)

  7. I have a serious case of window and lamp envy. Veronica looks stunning.

    And I know how you feel now that the house is full again. I don’t think I could ever live in a critterless home. No matter how many people there were it would still have space that needed filled.

  8. That gorgeous light becomes Veronica and gorgeous Veronica becomes the light. Such a serene, *surveying* little doggie.

    You’ve made yourself a sweet spot to settle in, you have.

  9. Veronica is so beautiful! And she looks so perfectly happy there.

    I’m so glad you said where to get the sheep because I saw it and thought, “Oh, I SO need one of those!)

  10. Renee says:

    Veronica looks like she’s home, like she was born to sit in that window. I want the lamp!! And I’m ordering a couple of sheep as I type! You sound very happy and content in your little cottage. I’m thrilled for you.

  11. Diane L. says:

    Veronica is a true beauty and that is a fab spot and beautiful photo but because Veronica is a dachshund and a princess (I guess that’s redundant), you will need to add a pillow and blanket to the window to the vignette.

  12. Nonny says:

    Veronica’s full gorgeousness is blinding!!! [and thanks for the sheep sherpa info] Glad your canine family is back together again.

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