32 thoughts on “Jenny: Clutching Happiness

  1. Micki says:

    Karaoke! I sang “Killing Me Softly,” but I wish I had remembered to sing “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” with that lovely lyric about “The first time ever I kissed your mouth, I felt the earth move in my hand.”

    I also got a lot more exercise this vacation than I usually do, and my body feels stronger. That makes me very happy.

    And, spring, which was not in the palm of my hand, but all around. It was warmer than some summer days this week . . . .

  2. Kylie says:

    I moved back to South Australia from Michigan this week. I will miss all my American family and friends but what joy to be back with my Aussie friends and family!

  3. This is my third gardening day this week. And it feels like summer today.

    I’ve finally got clear on what I want to do with my new blog. Relief. Hope this means I can finish designing my new website next week.

    Inspired by Jenny, I’m rereading Georgette Heyer’s detective novels after twenty or thirty years, and really enjoying them. Wonderful characters, and I’m intrigued by the social history, too.

  4. “Clutching happiness” is very apt for my week. After nearly 7 months of working intensely busy, long days at work, I hit a wall. It was a tough week. However, one bright spot was receiving my package from my partner for the Bead Soup blog hop, full of lovely hand-made components and bright colours. Definitely a pick-me-up.

    Had dinner and went to the theatre with some close friends and DS stayed home alone without a sitter for the first time. He didn’t go to bed on time, even after a phone call reminder from his dad, but he seemed fine about being on his own.

    My orchid is blooming and has more buds on it. Much nicer to look at than the thick layer of snow that (unexpectedly) fell overnight.

  5. Kieran says:

    Micki, I love Roberta Flack, and I know all the words to those songs! On the same album is a song called Ballad of the Sad Young Men, one of my other favorites.

  6. I’ve been struggling with some unpleasant physical issues (not life threatening, but definitely quality of life threatening) so I am having to really work at clutching at happiness. Doing, it, though.

    My new book from Llewellyn is coming out tomorrow, and getting way more enthusiasm from readers and fans than usual, so that is cheering. Plus I got my two boxes of the shiny new books, which always makes for a happy day.

    It’s working on spring here. Gray and rainy, but I saw my first robins, and the creek near my house is COVERED with geese!

  7. JenniferNennifer says:

    Had a lovely day yesterday. Our non-profit is doing well and that is always exciting.

    My local grocery store made “hot cross buns” (not actually hot, of course) and they are really really good. Also makes me think of my beloved mother who always made them at this time of year.

    Got my dining room floor swept finally after an embarrassing number of days of putting it off. Even mopped the kitchen floor and ran the roomba in the carpeted rooms. It looks so nice.

    Due to yesterday’s cleaning virtue, happily goofing off, sitting with cat draped across my arm, making me type with one hand. He exudes contentment.

  8. Carol says:

    Sitting in my lovely clean office is pure happiness

    Gray wrapping her little arms around me, kissing me goodbye and telling me she loves me

    Walking a lot has finally paid off, good results with my blood work

  9. Had a positive mammogram result on Thursday.I always work myself into a pre-mammo stew questioning all of the what ifs on the two and a half hour drive to the appointment.

    So, yep, I clutched the steering wheel of happiness on the drive home and gave out many, many thanks. Had to clutch the wheel because the winds were so high. They reached 90 miles an hour in Desert Hot Springs area. Driving through the pass was scary, and sand swirled and danced in front of the car decreasing visibility.

    It has been windy ever since, but not that bad, then there was a big fire, then the earthquake. Now the aftershocks. What a weird week.

  10. Terrie says:

    Biking to campus and back. Lovely weather. Lovely to be on the bike. Lovely to know the worst of winter is behind us.

  11. Home from a nice winter in Florida. No matter how nice it is, home is…well, home.

    Seeing my grandson in “Guys and Dolls” in the high school play. Never has there been such a cute Nathan Detroit.

    Planning a soon trip to Chicago with a friend. We are the Princesses of Slumber Parties.

  12. Kieran says:

    What a drive, Robena! At first, I was worried–I thought you meant positive as in they found something! Thank goodness they didn’t. 🙂

  13. The ground thawed enough that I could plant my new rhubarb roots, and I got it done just in time for torrential rains to soak them in (and I’m being optimistic that they won’t drown).

    Counted 60 garlic plants (out of 68) that survived the harsh winter, and a few more may be hidden under the mulch.

    I found a roommate for RWA National.

  14. Jill says:

    Good news on the mammogram , Roben.
    I gave myself several pats on the back this week. I got almost all of the decorations and bouquets done for grandson’s wedding . Just 4 bridesmaids bouquets, touch up the brides bouquet, 2 more decorations, label boxes and I will be done. Maybe

  15. The anxiety is high but the depression has decreased, which in itself is a happy thing.

    I spent last weekend with other friends for what should become a regular thing, at least until I get my own place.

    The flowering cherry and plum trees are in full flower with petals in white, pale pink, and bright pink. I’ve missed these trees.

  16. Eileen A-W says:

    Helped my sister get through a bad spell of depression this week,albeit over the phone since she’s in California & I’m in Minnesota. She’s bi-polar & ended up getting a tweak of her meds.

    My mom agreed to come celebrate my special birthday in May so I booked her flight from Las Vegas. That really made me happy since it’s usually just me, my hubby & the kids.

    Did some retail therapy for myself, buying 3 new pairs of shoes. I needed something to help keep me dry on my walks through the puddles.

    Best of all was my monthly get together with my BFFs for lunch. Talk about much needed therapy & happiness. Much needed laughter & love.

  17. New editing clients coming along and it’s fiction!! Maybe I can cut back on the computer titles. YAY!

    My lilies are coming up–soft, tiny green shoots that help me see spring is on its way.

    My Chicago trip with my dear friend is coming up fast and I cannot wait! We’ve been apart too long and I miss her like crazy! So excited to spend 4 days together talking and drinking wine and talking and drinking wine and then talking some more. (And maybe even drinking a little more wine!)

  18. On Monday, I’d declared that it was going to be a terrific week. The Universe then threw numerous challenges at me almost as if daring me to hold onto that “it’s going to be terrific” attitude, but I prevailed!

    Happy moments included one of my besties finding out that her book is a RITA Finalist. I am over-the-moon happy for her and proud of her. It’s a terrific book too!

    I hit my interim goal weight prior to seeing my doctor for a checkup. I now declare myself in the homestretch of my weight loss journey. I’m down 182 pounds and have only about 25-30 to go. Booyah! Overall, it was a great checkup appointment, too.

    Enjoyed some sweet cuddle time with my dogs on a bright, sunny morning. They just made me laugh for no reason other than that they’re sweet and goofy sometimes.

  19. Kelly S says:

    Your timing is off. You should have left in November 2013 and missed this horrible MI winter! I wish I could follow you. Have fun down under. 🙂

  20. Kelly S says:

    Mary Stella you have done awesome to have lost 182 pounds! That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you.

  21. Kelly S says:

    I am very happy that the webinar I gave on Wednesday is done and didn’t suck. The dude handling it from the organizer’s side of things said they’d be happy for me to do more. A huge compliment that scares me.

    Early in the week I was happy to get home and snuggle my kitties after having been gone a week.

    Right now I’m happy that I’m not freaking out about what I didn’t get done this weekend. Instead I’m relaxing & I actually exercised this weekend! So, yay me. 🙂

  22. Thea says:

    Listened to a performance of a Schubert piece by an octet from Berlin, then stood with everyone else in a standing ovation for wonderful playing. Usual pizza pickup on the way home, screeched in just moments before closing to rescue our pie.

    Watching my dog chase long-range balls in Dog Park, running all out with manic energy, then submitting sweetly to a brush-and-groom session at home. Good dog.

    Watching my roses and houseplants so beautifully respond to the new regimen of aerobic compost tea I’m applying. It works!

  23. Micki says:

    She’s got such a voice . . . . And then someone connected her to THOSE lyrics. Sigh. Roberta Flack.

  24. Micki says:

    That is so super! Challenges come and go, but you’ll have your body for the rest of your life. Good for you for taking care of it!

  25. Maine Betty says:

    Mary, congratulations on your success. I always read your blog, but can’t comment because of WordPress, or something. Thanks for working your process out for so many of us to share, in my own struggles. We’d like to think that a big emotional moment, and boom, all our decisions are made, and it’s easy and simple from then on. Thanks for the example of patience and persistence, it helps me!

  26. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Pre-purchased tickets to go see Captain America: Winter soldier in the fancy, adults-only (they serve booze) theater in the city for TB’s birthday. Best part is that it’s in the same shopping complex as a Cabela’s so he can spend the gift card he got for Christmas.

    Tall Boy’s (former) bosses are very gung ho to be his bosses again and they have said that if it is within their power to give him a job as soon as he’s healthy, they will do it. Since two people have recently quit, it’s looking likely.

    A friend sent me an article saying the Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be playing Hamlet in London next summer and that going should be our next group trip. If TB’s new job works out, we’re going. It starts in August so we may just swing up to Edinburgh for the Royal Military Tattoo. Excited just by the thought of it.

  27. MJ says:

    Continued overseeing the clearing out of my late parents’ home, dividing 50 years of stuff among 10 siblings. One more weekend to go.

    DH caught me wearing two pair of glasses–one perched on my nose, the other pushed up on my head. The picture he snapped has made lots of people smile.

    Did I mention we’re almost done Clearing Out the House?

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