28 thoughts on “Jenny: Choose Joy, Darn It

  1. Went exploring in the hills and found a bare dark crabapple tree in a pool of green-gold windfalls.

    Was found by a fellow photographer in the midst of a crowded trade fair. It was great to connect with someone real in the midst of the hype.

    Spring arrived on Friday. Suddenly the air felt softer and warmer, and it was still light at 6 o’clock.

  2. Four days continuous sunshine. Still cold, much colder than mainland UK, but the daffodils are out and nodding along the verges. It’s light till half past six now. The plumber has been very busy installing pipework to upgrade central heating and to supply a new bathroom for the master suite. At last, we’re making progress on this poor wreck of a house.

    On the downside, Minion 1 has been really challenging. Don’t know whether he can hold it together, but there are very few alternatives for him – stay on at his current school and get working so that he has a respectable baccalaureate and can get to a decent university or leave school with no qualifications and take a job in a local shop, if anyone will employ him…

  3. I put up a huge giveaway on my blog to celebrate my 7th Llewellyn book, The Witch’s Broom, which is coming out in a month. Everyone else seemed to be getting excited, which got me extra excited, which appears to have led to them getting EXTRA excited–in short, the damn thing exploded. It has gone so far beyond my expectations that every time I look at the numbers (page views, entries) and read the lovely comments, I get a big helping of HAPPY. Maybe number 7 really is lucky…

    I’m trying to focus on the happy, instead of my frustration and fear over increasingly intractable health issues. F-ck you, health issues. I choose happy.

  4. Kieran says:

    Deborah, keep moving. No matter how you have to do it. Good luck!!

    I’m just happy the shot fired merely hundreds of yards from our house last night in a domestic altercation did not enter my house and one of my kids’ bodies. They’re all home for a few days. Thank you, God, and may the mother***er who fired that gun rot in jail for a good long while.

  5. Congrats! Deborah. Yikes, Kieran!

    I chose joy when two local ladies decided to give me a book release party for Gone Tropical. I normally get shy about these things, but their enthusiasm for doing this has transferred to me and I’m looking forward to Wednesday afternoon. Our weather is in the low eighties and the event will be lakeside from 4-6pm. Wine and cheese. Wish you all could come visit.

    • Whoo hoo! Have fun, Roben! And Kieran, holy crap! I have “neighbors” who come up from the city occasionally and spend the weekend riding their 4-wheelers and shooting off guns A LOT. In theory, the guns are shot off out behind their barn/cabin, but it sounds like a war zone, and I always feel like I should be hitting the floor.

  6. Jill says:

    Sprout, I hope Minion #1 can get his act together. Sending ReFab vibes.

    Deb, good for you for choosing happy over fear of health issues. That must be an all the time struggle.

    Kieran, that is very scary. We live across a field from the creek and during deer season I get a little nervous. Even thought there are now 3 houses between us and the creek.

    Wine and cheese and a book party ? I wish I were not 1500 miles away.

  7. JenniferNennifer says:

    I choose Joy.
    There are lots of things to be joyful about, but i have to admit that the “darn it” portion rings a bell for me today.

    Enjoying being with my beloved sister.
    Enjoying break from my job
    Getting lots of stuff done on my “work but not my job” trip
    Eating lots of good stuff (which could be a problem, but since I have already done it, let’s concentrate on the JOY part of having enjoyed it)
    There is SUN here in Maryland, and not as cold as Michigan, which is nice.
    Will see husband and cats tomorrow.
    So JOY, darn it.

  8. Happy to get signed up with a new and very important client–fiction editing!! YAY!!

    Happy to have gotten pool time in with sister and yoga with Husband.

    Happy to Skype with Grandboy and Son. Grandboy played the ukelele for us, told us all the animal sounds with great panache, and even said, I love you, Nanny and Poppy” and blew us a giant, heartfelt “muaw” kiss. Wow…how happy-making is that??

  9. MJ says:

    Gave myself permission to stop reading a book 80 pages in, even though I special-requested it from the library and generally enjoy the author. Just too dark.

    Made time to get outside while it was sunny.

    Continued with small changes, on the way to big results!

  10. rode a horse, and it didn’t hurt (everything else hurts)

    glued leaves on a tree

    temperatures above freezing two days running – I didn’t do it, but I noticed it and reveled in it!

  11. I spent time rummaging through my craft stash, assembling jewelry components for my Bead Soup partner and making her a cute card that lists everything I’m sending her. She;s lives in the UK and we’ve exchanged a few emails; fun way to meet new people who are also beaders.

    DS, DH, dog and I went for a walk in the sunshine – not quite above 0 degrees but very enjoyable after weeks of deep freeze. Snow and ice are melting. Plus, weather report was wrong and we didn’t get more snow this weekend. Spring may not be just around the corner, but at least now, it’s in the same time zone.

  12. With the help of a housemate, I got out of bed before noon most of the days this last week. (The winter depression drove me to sleeping until noon or 1.)

    Heard from a couple of recruiters. One sent my resume to a client, and one wants a phone interview on Monday!

    Finally watched The Hobbit (ep 1). The housemates have a very large big screen TV, so it was quite lovely.

    Deb: yay for the book-related stuff, boo for the health-related. ReFab vibes for better health for you!

    Kieran: I hope the gun shooter gets locked up for a long time! Glad you were all safe.

    Brussel Sprout: sending ReFab vibes to Minion 1 so he pulls himself together for his own good.

  13. We celebrated our GD’s 5th birthday. We all had Yum-Cha for lunch, went home and had ice cream cake. We bought her Barbie on a Vespa 😉 and a Ukelele, which she strummed off and on all afternoon. We went into the garden and blew thousands of bubbles. Her Pa managed to get one bubble inside another. We laughed a lot…it was great fun watching the kids and their older cousins enjoy each others company. 🙂

  14. I finished an early draft of a WIP, and I’m choosing NOT to wallow in all the ways it fails to live up to the vision I have for it, and instead I’m choosing to revel in the fact that I have a complete draft done, which can be improved in the next draft.

  15. Saw sunlight several times and felt its warmth.

    Laughed all week with the man I’ve been laughing with 42-and-some years.

    Grandson with shingles and son-in-law with gall bladder surgery both healing fine.

  16. Carol says:

    Joy in seeing the office come together and the old paperwork shredded

    Walks with Marlowe, son’s dog

    Dinner with dear friends last night

  17. *Thursday night, first date that went pretty well on my end. Of course now he hasn’t been in contact since Friday. Fingers crossed the attraction was mutual.

    *Friday night, dinner and drinks with my college roommate. I hadn’t seen her in MONTHS so it was great to play catch up. Lots of laughing.

    *Saturday: TOM HIDDLESTON’S CORIOLANUS in the movie theater!!! OMG this was SO good. He was amazing, of course, but the whole production was really well done. (Write up on my blog for the interested:

    *Sunday: quiet day at my mom’s hanging out and booking flights for RT in May. Her cat adores me and keeps trying to sleep on my chest. Such a little love bug. ^_^

    All in all, a pretty darn good week. 😀

  18. Kelly S says:

    I exercised today. Admittedly, I was procrastinating and exercising was better than the work I need to get done, but it was the first time in a month. I’m happy that I got myself up and moving.

    I spent time this week reading a novel that I wanted to read. Quite enjoyable.

    Like most everyone else, the day of sunshine with temps above freezing made me happy.

  19. Thea says:

    I choose joy —

    Terrible umbrella committee is vanished (along with two million dollars, but never mind.) We’re on our own for putting on a superb event, no more roadblocks, yay.

    Favorite blogs help with perspective: Paris Breakfast, David Lebovitz’ Sweet Life in Paris, The Miserable Gardener, Argh Ink, ReFab, StoryBroads, thank you very much for delivering me into a better place.

    Found and bought a book of village oral history I’ve been pursuing since forever. Yaha, yippee.

    Bonus joy: Coffee and conversation with a wonderful group of early morning Jazzercise ladies, my people. We are so various and splendid.

  20. Lynn says:

    For me? Snow and sweat and sunburn, mud and mayhem and ratty kisses. It’s been a crummy couple of weeks, but a pretty joy-filled weekend nonetheless.

    But I actually stopped by to recommend a show for Jenny. Orphan Black is available on Amazon Prime (at last!), and I really think you’d like it. Outstanding storytelling, among other things.

  21. I made two equally delicious cheesecakes for family birthdays (but please don’t tell the plain w/blueberry one that I continuously described the chocolate one as “fabulous”).

    Most of the time, when the kids were extra whiny, I just chose to find the positive in the chaos surrounding us.

    And then I ate more leftover cheesecake to soothe my frazzled nerves. Cold season has to end soon or I may start drinking!

  22. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I got a clean bill of health from the eye doctor which is always good news as so many eye diseases run in my family. And I got a cute new pair of sunglasses for driving.

    Tall Boy came through his hip surgery with flying colours and he’s home now.

    I spent Saturday vegging on the couch watching the Miss Fisher Mysteries on Netflix. It was glorious.

  23. I’m a day late posting about happiness because I was away all weekend choosing joy! I went to see the Phillies play a spring training game — they won! I made an impromptu visit while up that way to see friends who are training sea lions and got to meet two Patagonia sea lion sweethearts. Fun! I also had an opportunity to shop at stores we don’t have in the Keys — yes, new bras, flip flops and candles are joy choices. One candle is lilac fragrance which always makes me smile and think of my mom. I even splurged on a half a dozen small, hand-crafted, excellent quality French chocolates. When chocolate is this great, I can readily confine myself to one per day. The treat bolsters me and doesn’t wreck my weight loss efforts. Win-win!
    On my way back to the Keys, I stopped for lunch with dear friends. Lovely!

    Really a wonderful, joy-full weekend!

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