Jenny: Bergman’s Bliss

Ingrid Bergman said, “Happiness is good health and a bad memory,” and she should know, she kissed Cary Grant a lot.

Tell us about three times you were happy this week before you forget.

53 thoughts on “Jenny: Bergman’s Bliss

  1. Clancy says:

    It’s all about people this week. 5 people came to stay overnight.

    I am happy that I didn’t over-stress about Stuff That Needs to Be Done before the guests arrived, or during either.

    The dinner was easy and popular, and everybody helped. There were many things to chop and I didn’t do it all in advance so that they could.

    And best of all I really enjoyed the visit. I was even sorry when they left.

  2. DD got her results for a biopsy on her thyroid, and thanks goodness it’s all okay. She will have to go for yearly checkups to make sure. We’re all very relieved. 🙂

    30 authors with Escape Publishers are writing 200 words (give or take) each, consecutively. It’s growing into an exciting and interesting short story. I’m on next. 🙂

    I’m volunteering at the ARRA convention on the 2nd of March. Haven’t a clue what I’ll be doing, but I know the group of women running the show are lovely. It’s going to be great fun.

    Started to walk the dog this morning, took the umbrella just in case and it bucketed down before we got 10 meters down the drive. DH and I huddled under the umbrella as so did Miff.

    Okay that’s 4…oh well 🙂

  3. Sue says:

    Went out for dinner to a lovely French restaurant in a little town close to ours. The night was crisp, but the roads were clear. We met my s.i.l. and her dh. Dinner was grand. Portions that didn’t overwhelm and tasted fabulous.

    My daughter is home for her reading week, so that means lots of laughs and more good food. She loves to cook and has never tried a soufle, so that’s up for today. As you can imagine, we encourage such experiments.

    My job continues to be the best job ever. I think I’ve “changed” more lives as a librarian than I ever did as a teacher. Finding the perfect book for a student turns them into lifelong readers. I overhead one teenage girl telling the boy sitting at her table how much she loves to read, how it makes her feel smart and there’s a sense of accomplishment every time she finishes a book.

    Whew, heady stuff.

    • Ah, Liz! Another Downton fan–my sister called last night to tell me that someone in her Ladies Lunch group spilled the beans about what’s happening tonight on the finale. PJ was so disappointed to know, but she didn’t tell me (she didn’t want to die!), so we can still rehash it when it’s all over…can’t wait!!

  4. JulieB/Julie Spahn says:

    My sister had a baby!

    I have lots of pictures of the baby!

    And, weirdly, I’m happy that I didn’t get down to see the baby. Turns out I felt _really_ lousy on Friday with a headache I couldn’t shake, ending up in nausea by the end of the night. I went to bed at 8 and slept until 7. I don’t know if it was hormonal or if I dodged a virus, but I would have been worthless if I’d been down at her house anyway, so I’m hanging in there until I can go. Getting more errands run yesterday made me happy as well.

  5. Kelly S. says:

    Lunch with a coworker at Buffalo Wild Wings which was totally off diet.

    Coming home on Valentine’s day to flowers, a letter & dinner from a loved restaurant brought home by a thoughtful husband so we could avoid the crowds and watch the premiere of Zero Hour.

    Spending yesterday organizing & identifying fabrics and planning quilts. I love Jason Yenter fabrics. I have some and now I have a spreadsheet of which ones by name & code and how much of each & which patterns they are in. I also have a spreadsheet of which ones I need to make certain patterns. I also ordered a bunch of the fabrics I would need for the quilt tops from eBay, my new addiction. (Jason’s Avalon collection:

  6. An afternoon at the park with my darling girl. Walking with her, as my grandmother walked with me.

    Sitting in my favorite downtown restaurants, having a vegetarian Reuben on my own, to eavesdrop and relax.

    Celebrating the baby’s 1st bd yesterday. So sweet!

  7. Didn’t Clark Gable and Cary Grant get together after every Christmas and exchange monogrammed gifts that they’d received but didn’t like? Or is that urban hollywood legend?

    I’m happy because I tried to get enough sleep and wake early and get to work early every day. It helped me get ahead of all of the work I need to do. And flipside was I left daily normal time- woot!

    Thursday was good because I got to pick up my fixed computer and it was FREE!

    Friday was good ’cause I did a short stint at gym. Which is how I wanted to start off – slow and easy will win me good health.

  8. I did my exercises this week.

    With the support and helpful nagging of friends, I finally got some tasks accomplished.

    I potentially made some breakthroughs on my stress-paralysis over getting all my pre-moving tasks done. We’ll see if I manage to ramp it up and accomplish things more on time.

    Little stuff, but significant.

  9. Gail says:

    On the job, I got to explain to a panicking student that no, she would not have to pay H&R Block $300 to do her tax return this year. The free tax assistance program I work for will no make her jump through hoops over a Schedule C EZ. I like being the bearer of good news.

    A good friend and I finally matched our schedules for a meet-up, and even though Plan A collapsed, it morphed into a relaxing princess tea (there were tiaras) and we both had much needed chill time.

    I got together with another of group of friends for drinks and while the music was bad, the company was excellent, and everybody got a lift for the end of the week.

  10. I ran three times this week – with icy pavements, I’ve been giving it a miss, but now it’s warmed up a little and I’m out there – still snowy on Monday, gorgeous on Wednesday and a little misty/grey on Saturday, but big buzz every time.

    MN1 came into the kitchen looking for me to give me a hug. The first time in many a long moon that I’ve been recipient of a spontaneous demonstration of affection from the boy.

    Lovely Valentine’s meal with the DH.

    A nice quiet week. Shame we have to go back to school tomorrow;-).

  11. This was my lucky week!First, I was nominated for a blogging award.Then, I won a dress from a local store as part of their month-long giveaway(I chose purple – my favourite colour!). And yesterday, I found out I had won the weekly bead draw on a bead blog I follow.

    Bonus – I’m participating in a bead blog hop.I’m partnered with a beader from Serbia and I’m connecting with lots of others. Lots of fun.

  12. Carol says:

    1) Found perfect accessories for my patio-in-progress, without too much stress.

    2) Doing the work to make the patio-in-progress take shape, and getting to call it exercise.

    3) Visits from dear friends (two, two nights in a row) – a blessing of friend riches.

  13. 45 minutes on Skype with a very giggly, happy Grandboy and Son, who was kinda giggly and very happy too.

    Got novel 2 back from 4 betas with great reviews–YAY!

    Had a whole day with no work–so I shopped with my friend CL, which was pretty okay. I didn’t overspend, but I found two nice cotton sweaters on sale and hit Ulta for hairspray, face cleanser and moisturizer and some new eye makeup. Fun!

  14. Writing thousands of new words on my cozy mystery, feeling like I FINALLY understand the structure.

    I did that all five days this week, so that one description counts as the three basic happies and two bonus happies.

  15. Redwood Kim says:

    My husband’s face, reading his Valentine’s card.

    My little girl’s fsce when she bounced out of her room in her new Batman shirt, complete with cape.

    My big girl’s face, complete with tongue in the corner of her mouth, as she painted her nails.

    Kitten fur against my face, as he settled in for an early morning snooze.

    • Redwood Kim says:

      Adding on: we spent the day at The Tech Museum in San Jose today, and it was the most fun we’ve had since Disneyland last spring. The wheels in my big girl’s brain were spinning so hard, sparks were shooting out the top of her skull. And while the little one’s independent streak can be maddening, she was clearly having a blast. It was a day covered in awesome sauce.

  16. Whew! I recovered all my son’s badge cards for his Eagle Review from ‘Someplace Safe’ with hours to spare.

    My son is now an Eagle Scout! Squee! (AND thankgoodnessthatsoverwith)

    And, holy crap, OMG, I hit the Lowe’s clearance rack and brought home $82.00 worth of orchids for $11. I gave all 7 of them a cleaning and a soaking and this morning every single one of them is standing tall. Squee!

  17. This was a pretty good week.

    1) Turned in book 2 more than 2 weeks early. My agent loved it and said it was ready so off it went.

    2) Got to see my full cover, front and back, for my first book and have been happy dancing ever since.

    3) Offered to take kiddo shopping for the semi-formal dance next weekend but she opted to wear my Christmas party dress instead. With her Vans tennis shoes. Very cute and saves me $$$.

  18. Won a copy of Linda Grimes ARC for Quick Fix and chocolate. She sent me chocolate!
    Had some fun writing breakthroughs.
    Read Robena Grant’s second book – The Blue Dolphin – and it was really good!

  19. Three times I was happy this week. I got a great review at my job from my new boss, he’s looking to promote me to asst director of the department. After a very long time in the same manager position due to nowhere to go in a stagnant company, the new owners are movin’ and-a groovin’ and gettin’ things done. It’s nice to see.

    The second time was when I took Friday off and gave myself a four-day weekend (President’s Day) and the look on my boss’s face when I told him that I had seven weeks of vacation this year. LOL! If I add in sick days and holidays, it would be ten weeks. Sometimes there’s a payoff for staying with the same company a long time, through good and bad times.

    The third time was when I came up with a plan to document my attempt to be healthy and strong. I’ve never REALLY attempted to lose weight, most of the time I give it a half-assed try and then stop after a day or a week. But my body hurts from inactivity and obesity and I would really rather be sore from working out than in pain from sitting on my ass. I think if I document it in a way that is public, i’m hoping it will keep me inspired and motivated because jayzus gawd, I’m tired of feeling like doo-doo.

    I had a fourth time when I found out that I will be able to see my cousin and his wife when they come from Nashville in March for their annual visit to children and grand-children. I’m going to be out of town for part of their visit but we’ve already made a date for us to get together. Woo-hoo!

  20. Catherine says:

    I pushed a whole slew of tasks that have been hanging around for ages off my to do list into DONE.

    My daughter, her boyfriend( exceptionally nice man) and her dog( an exceptionally nice red border collie) have stayed over. It was lovely feeding them and just hanging out.

    When I went to my local IGA I said a quick hi to a couple of friends who were having a very animated chat. I stopped on my way back for a catch up. I was asked what I’ve been doing with a loaded pause. I needed more info… I was told that I sashayed down the bread aisle. I’m so delighted by this as I think I’ve spent a lot of the last couple of years plodding.

  21. Milton survived his operation and three nights in the vet hospital and is now sleeping on the bed next to me and Mona, ecstatic to be home. He’s on cage rest for the next six weeks, but the bed counts as a cage as long as I’m beside him.

    I got the white table put together, the one whose pieces have been staring at me accusingly for a couple of months. It’s the right size and it looks good in spite of being a PITA to assemble, so excellent all around.

    I took Saturday off to get my head straight because I’ve been making myself insane with all the things I’m behind on and all the things I owe people. I’m back to bird by bird now, and screaming less from guilt.

    I love my cottage. It would be better if Krissie and Lani were here, but I love my cottage.

    I get to have lunch with my daughter on Wednesday.

  22. Lois says:

    Bought that yarn that turns itself into ruffles and instead of putting it aside until I lose my enthusiasm or waiting for someone to show me how to do it I figured it out. Sat in the sun coming through the patio door to work on it.

    Finally felt well enough yesterday to do some basic things – like watering plants, doing a few dishes and making dinner. I think the massage and 2 chiro. appts really helped me on the road to recovery. According to the chiropractor, having an adjustment when you are sick kicks your immune system in gear or something.

    Love having cell reception at home – I can check re-fab while I am cozy in bed.

  23. This was a GOOD week.
    1. Adopted a terrier mix from the shelter as our family Valentine present.
    2. Picked up my son from an overnight at the grandparents and was so thrilled to have him back.
    3. Was offered a contract on my second book!

  24. cleo says:

    – Winter term ended and I turned in my grades three days early (which is unusual for me, to put it politely). And for my reward, I read something like 5 books in two days.

    – Dinner with my parents for Valentine’s Day. Had a really nice talk with my Dad.

    – Cats lying in the sunshine in my dining room

  25. Micki says:

    I have a new phone, which is causing some stuff that will go in the bad-memory-to-be-forgotten file, but . . . there are some little things that make me so happy! Google Maps and directions, for example. I travel all over the place for work, and it’s fun to see that “I am here” and that I only have XX km left until my destination. Once in a while we get mileage, and this is going to make figuring out mileage a breeze.

    (-: And it’s in English. I love that. And it’s in pretty good English!

    I hate getting a new phone and setting everything up again and I always feel like they are trying to screw me on the contract. But, having the phone . . . good. Happy.

  26. Let’s see:

    1. Today was spent at the Los Angeles writing Chapter – I love all of my friends from that group. They are all so wonderful.

    2. Met up with the other chapter Conference Liaison and compared our registration lists and for the first time we MATCHED exactly. Whew!

    3. Conference is almost sold out and a big whew and OMGosh how wonderful is this? Our inaugural conference is almost sold out. WOW! Plus, I saw the bags – donated by the fabulous Boroughs Publishing Group – and they are fabulous, too! How is it that a cute bag will always make me feel better? I am getting very excited for this conference, woo-hoo! (California Dreamin’ put on by the 4 Southern California Chapters of RWA).

    • Woo-hoo! I’ll be there Maria…it’s my treat to me for all the hard work of the past six months. You on the other hand must be exhausted.

      Hits of happy, let’s see:

      1. Got to watch my daughter hostess at a restaurant she is part owner of. It reminds me of a garden cafe in Paris. Anyway, lovely to watch her work and bask in the pride that I had something to do with making her. ; )

      2. Had three totally unexpected requests from readers to be a guest on their blogs. Makes me all teary-eyed that people care.

      3. Couldn’t sleep one night last week, just totally wired. Got up at 2am and called Mum, in Australia. It was evening the next day for her. We had a good old giggle about a ton of things and then I curled up and went to sleep and woke at 10am. Sometimes we just need our mummy.

  27. KimCz says:

    My week was pretty good.

    – I have not gotten sick, which is surprising since both Sully and Boo have been sick for the last two weeks.

    – I wasn’t able to take my daily walks but I kept up with my strength exercises.

    – Came up with a great idea that solved my storage issues in my laundry area.

    The weekend has been great. Last night, we started James Bond night and today Sully took Boo and I to a movie and out to lunch for our Valentine’s celebration.

  28. Carol says:

    Monday traveled back home on the train, so relaxing, after a great weekend in Portland. The food – yum, yum.

    Thursday, had a fabulous dinner at VJs before seeing “Leave of Absence” a play written by one of my favourite playwrights,Lucia Frangione. A fearless writer and actor. It was excellent. All about bullying, gender identity and God. A+

    Today the Vancouver chapter’s Valentines Lunch and four newly published authors gave very inspiring speeches.

    My bonus absolute joyful moment – another baby is coming.

  29. My aerated compost tea equipment arrived. The great garden experiment begins!

    Bridge was locked down so we couldn’t use theater tickets, “Pygmalion” at the Globe. Laughed it off, used our wily Locals Only route home through clogged streets, found our down-the-block Italian place could take us in, no reservations on Valentine’s night.

    Attended an Estate Sale just down “C” Street, came home with a slew of goods. Best: A woman’s lovely recipe book, “Twelve Months of Dining.” You know, for when you need to whip up a special lunch before an antiques sale or host a family party to say good-bye to a child first off for boarding school. For Sunday buffet lunch, after the pea, crab and tomato soup, the Marvelous Meat Balls, the green and white rice, a cornflake ring with orange Curacao sauce is put on the table. All accompanied by Valpolicella Polanari 1963. So I spent the afternoon in Lake Forest, Illinois, 1966 when telephones had prefixes (CE) and a woman with a good butcher could work miracles. Now I’m wondering if other editions of this time-travel charmer exist and how I can find them.

    • Mama_Abbie says:

      I love reading old cookbooks. They really are a window into the life styles of women in bygone years. One of the first I read was from the early 1950’s and called “The Working Girl Must Eat”. It not only included recipes for meals that could be made after returning home from the secretarial or teaching job, but also included household tips on keeping the table linen’s in good shape, etc. I found it at a vacation rental many years past. Find myself hoping that it still lurks on someone’s bookshelf and didn’t gat tossed when the house was sold.

    • Mama_Abbie says:

      I love reading old cookbooks. They really are a window into the life styles of women in bygone years. One of the first I read was from the early 1950’s and called “The Working Girl Must Eat”. It not only included recipes for meals that could be made after returning home from the secretarial or teaching job, but also included household tips on keeping the table linen’s in good shape, etc. I found it at a vacation rental many years past. Find myself hoping that it still lurks on someone’s bookshelf and didn’t gat tossed when the house was sold.

    • Micki says:

      WANT! (-: I just found a book from 1793 (if I’m reading the roman numerals right) about travelling health. (Check the axeltree! If a person has been drowned, don’t hold them upside down by the ankles — turn them frequently and blow smoke up their nose. Use tallow and brandy to prevent horseback-chafing and walking blisters. Who knew? Probably the guys on QI, but they mention blowing smoke up a different place . . . .)

      I love books like that. Actually, I’ve always wanted to write my own book of days. I should start with a five year calendar, and see what gets repeated . . . .

  30. Therese says:

    We found out that not only were we able to upgrade our local university baseball season tickets from general admission to box seats, the box seats we were allocated are right behind home plate!

    Husband was home for two days after being gone for 2 weeks.

    We had fresh baked chocolate croissants as part of breakfast this morning.

  31. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Off work all week – that’s a lot of happiness right there.

    Finally finding a doctor who took Tall Boy’s arthritic knee seriously. Now it’s going to be just a matter of when and where they do the knee replacement.

    We went to the city and did some shopping (TB bought a recliner) before we met friends for the brunch show of Sheer Madness (murder mystery set in a hair salon) yesterday.

    It was a lot of fun and because it’s a partly improv kind of show they can personalize it to the location and the day. And they had one of the local news anchors record the death announcement and suspect captured blurbs that would be on the news. It was fantastic. So was brunch. I ate so much I didn’t eat again until 9:00 and then I just had a little bit to keep the bad heartburn down.

    And today’s a holiday. Yay.

  32. If kissing Cary Grant can’t make you happy, well…

    My Cary Grant Kisses This Week:
    1. At swing-dancing last night someone asked me how long I’d been dancing and then told me I was really, really good. That was nice to be here because all my swing buddies are WAY good and more advanced with me. I tend to forget that because they are SO good that does not mean I am not good. I can still be a good dancer without being an expert. 🙂

    2. I had to miss my screenplay class last week and three different people told me the teacher had remarked about missing me in class. Nice to be noticed. 😀

    3. Finally took my sister to the frame store to help me pick stuff out for my New Art. New Art has been hung and my apartment feels that little bit more MINE. Very nice. ^_^

    BONUS: I started doing this music review thing on my blog and I discovered that one of my readers liked the suggestions so much she went on a music glom. Nice to know I got good taste. ;P

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