If Life Were Only Moments . . .


I believe strongly in noticing moments of happiness because the little stuff counts, sometimes a lot more than the big stuff because life IS made of moments, even if they’re spaced out between long stretches of annoying panic.

Or as Sondheim put it in Into the Woods:

“Oh, if life were made of moments,
Even now and then a bad one!
But if life were only moments,
Then you’d never know you had one.”

Tell us about a good moment you had this week.  Or three.





22 thoughts on “If Life Were Only Moments . . .

  1. Diane says:

    I got to go to visit my old town yesterday morning, a place I was priced out of nearly 13 years ago. As I was walking along the shore, I saw a pair of dolphins swimming along. The weather was perfect, a mix of sun and fog. It was a wonderful, perfect moment.

  2. I was housesitting for my daughter for a week. She has a lovely salt water pool. I was inside, working, when I spotted the giant flamingo float, and the bright pink against the blue of the water, sun highlighting it, was so perfect. I put on my bathing suit and went out and swam and floated for half an hour. So invigorating.

  3. As I was leaving the garden I visited today, trying out a camera and macro lens, I saw some tall, pale tigerlilies that had flopped into an eau-de-nil shrub. Spent a happy five minutes composing rust and apricot and pale blue-green.

    Similarly, as yesterday’s garden was about to close I saw a cluster of petals and feathers in a pond: my favourite photograph of the day. (Don’t know yet if the lily pictures have worked: but that doesn’t matter. That’s what I love about photography – it takes me into the moment, which makes me happy.)

  4. I’m slowly cleaning out my kitchen, trying to look at it with new eyes and see what I really use and what can go. (Krissie is going to be taking home a lot of kitchenware in September.) I cleaned off a shelf next to the stove and put all my colored Pyrexware there instead of back in the pantry on a shelf that’s difficult to reach, and that made me happy, just looking at it in one place where I can easily reach it.

    And Mona climbed up behind me on my pillow while I was typing this morning and rested her chin on my shoulder and went to sleep. I love it when she does that, just that little furry chin next to mine.

  5. JenniferNennifer says:

    Put on a pair of pant that I was afraid were going to be too tight, and they looked and felt fine – and went really well with the new sandals I got cheap on line. The sandals have higher heels than I had anticipated, so I won’t wear them often, but I think they will be the perfect thing when they are the perfect thing! For sitting down events, particularly 🙂

  6. My good moments this week were finally getting everything planned and booked for an upcoming trip to Scotland with my son. He is q great travel partner and I can’t waitperson to see the lovely scenery and try my hand at a little falconry.

    Other bright moment yesterday was looking up at the porch rafters and seeing that the bird that was nesting there had a new hatchling next to her. Hopefully she won’t kick this one out too soon like last year.

  7. Carol says:

    Our Lexi-cat, the one who came to us by way of a ride in my car engine, is the best cuddler. Even after a year, it slays me every time he climbs up onto my chest, tucks his head under my chin, and wraps his paws around my neck. Melts my heart.

  8. Maine Betty says:

    It was rainy, and while I was reading my cat came and slept on my lap instead of going outside. He rarely sits on me this time of year, so it was a special moment. This whole day here is glorious, a friend came over to discuss a church project, and we sat by the see with some rose (picture the accent on the ‘e’) and ice and chatted for hours.

  9. Thea says:

    My blood pressure is normal, which pleases my doctor, and thus pleases me. She is so easily displeased. Numbers not exactly colored Pyrexware, but in mind’s eye I’ve had moments this week of admiring 120/80.

    Grocery Outlet has moved in down the strand, resulting in a cartload of roses – yes, go ahead and “picture the accent on the ‘e’” – purchased and partially consumed. Perfect wine for our heat and humidity.

    Made eggplant caponata which is ripening in the fridge at this moment. By the time it returns to room temp, the flavors will have melded into gloriosity: eggplant, tomato, onions, currents, pine nuts, red wine vinegar, capers, cinnamon, red pepper. Goes down well with a bottle of rose. Oh, that first mouthful!

    Bonus moment: Bathed two odorous dirty terrier dogs, blow-dryed and brushed. They are displaying a moment of Clean, which will soon tip over into their usual scruffy state.

  10. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Where are you trying out falconry? Tall Boy, myself and friends are going to Scotland next year and are on the lookout for new experiences.

  11. Jill says:

    Usual Friday night dinner (motorcycle) ride to Rib Crib 25miles away in Pittsburg, KS. Daughter asked for a Hufflepuff pillow ( Harry Potter house ?) for granddaughter. Got it done today . I had lots of scraps left over from previous Harry projects. Quiet week .

  12. Susan McClelland says:

    Re-organized and cleaned out the bottom of my closet – several pairs of shoes off to be repaired, a couple of bags waiting to go to the donation bin and various bags of bits and pieces stuffed into the back of the closet have been sorted and/discarded. I made summer vegetable soup from our farm share and froze it in single serving containers for lunches. Not big jobs, but satisfying.

  13. Kim says:

    In the midst of a terrible week (trip to the vet on Wed. confirmed that my fuzzy feline daughter, Emily, is in the end stage of her battle with a tumor and then being laid off on Thursday), I discovered that I am actually blessed. Instead of looking for another high pressure job to pay my CA mortgage, I decided to sell the house, take the money and run back to my home town in PA where rents are cheap. I can use the equity to live on until I draw social security and tap into my 401k. So, as of Thursday morning, I am retired at the age of 58. I now will have time to explore my creative side and to heal from chronic illness. And I will be surrounded by loving family.

  14. MJ says:

    I took care of my 10- and 7-year-old nieces for a few days and came home with a suitcase full of moments: The looks on their faces when I pulled the heart-shaped pizza they’d made from scratch out of the oven. The snorts and giggles over various board games (I recommend Hedbanz). The two girls cuddled with the dog as thunder boomed. And the dog scrambling and skidding across the hardwood floor, frantic to greet the rest of the family when they returned.

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