Ho Ho Ho

I had a truly stellar Christmas, so stellar that noon on Tuesday was the first time I thought of Refab (and that was with Jenny’s prompting). It was glorious! Christmas Eve was just Richie and me – we stopped and visited with Sally after picking up some last minute things – I made seafood chowder, we lit all the candles, finished our decorating, then watched the George C. Scott version of a Christmas carol, in between face timing with Tim and the grandkids.
I was pretty tired. We’re having hellacious weather (lots of snow, some ice, and then the bottom of the thermometer is going to shatter) – so both of us snuggled down for a long winter’s nap (me listening to a cute Christmas romance on my iPhone, only to have it suddenly ring at 8 in the morning (we we exhausted so still sound asleep.) It was the grandkids in New Mexico, two hours earlier, opening their presents, excited and happy. I was on the iPad, the other grandparents on the iPhone, and we watched them romp around in joy. I’d made Christmas pajamas for all of them, and Alex was proudly wearing his (Ali was wearing hers later that day) from a large amount of Hello Kitty Christmas flannel I’d bought for Daniel when he was a kid, and they looked adorable.
I’m a very advanced soul – I just thought I might mention that in case you missed it along the way (there needs to be an ironic font). Y’all know how much I love American Girl dolls, how I’ve been making clothes for them, etc? Right now I have nine of them around the living room, all in their Christmas finery (I made Christmas outfits for those that didn’t have them). You aren’t supposed to have an American Girl doll until you’re between six and eight, but I’ve been working on doing stuff for Daniel’s old Kirsten, planning to give her and the full wardrobe to Ali when she was old enough since Ali has lots of swedish blood in her background (that’s the only thing we know about Tim’s background). But I discovered the Target version that were recommended for three and up, so I bought her one for her birthday and had lots of clothes for her, but when I gave it to her last spring she wasn’t that interested (she likes Barbies more because of their size) and Erin left it at her parents’ house because her car was too full.
Conveniently forgotten, of course, because her parents sent her an AG doll with tons of clothes and a backpack. A normal person would have a sulky fit, but I simply rolled my eyes (not when they could see me on FaceTime) and shrugged. I’ve always treaded carefully – dueling grandparents can be difficult. In fact, because Erin’s mother is extremely competitive and we’re latecomers (Alex was about one when I became Grandma Krissie) I tend to tread carefully.
So this is fine. I’m not sulky, but I deserve a little bit of self-congratulations for being.. such an evolved soul.
So we facetimed for a couple of hours, then I finally got to pee, then we had sausages and scrambled eggs, then Daniel called on FT, and we watched him open his presents, and then Erin called for help on setting up the PS4 Pro we gave them, (2nd ft with them), while I was making Risalamande (traditional Danish Christmas dessert). Then Jenny (Mini-me) FT, (she and Tim went out for early morning runs and then she took him out for a Christmas lunch, which was just perfect). Then Alex again, then we went to Sally’s (I’d been planning to make Gløgg and Smørbrød but I crashed, cried a little, cheered up, got to Sally’s and immediately Facetimed with Tim and then with the kids grandkids again while they facetimed Tim on another device. Finally we went home and I had the best night’s sleep in my entire life.
I’m sitting here by the Christmas tree watching Hallmark movies and snuggling under my delicious new electric throw (which, since the temperature won’t be reaching 0 degrees for the next few days it will be very timely – a present from Sally).

So now I’ll see and pick-up stuff and bake my grandmother’s julekage with no deadlines – we celebrate the entire week between Christmas and New Years. Life is quite wonderful. I have the best grandchildren in the world, wonderful friends (Jenny and Sally in particular), an excellent niece, fabulous children who seem to be emerging from long, difficult times. We won’t even mention that magnificent man I married. Plus two phenomenal cats.

I’m hard-wired to notice the good things around me – I think that’s partly why I’m happier than most people. Life is a banquet, and right now I have a groaning board.

Share some stories of your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we can celebrate your time too.

And God bless us, everyone.

8 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho

  1. Jill says:

    Got to face time a couple of times with great granddaughter in Anchorage. She is almost 3. Although I have been with her several times in real life she really does not know me. So she does not want to talk to me-baby brat 😉 Grandson is in Afghanistan -we did not hear from him 🙁
    Christmas Eve with daughters, husband of one, boy friend on the other, and 2 granddaughters. Great dinner and hectic opening of gifts, lots of laughs at joke gifts.

    This week we really need to concentrate on packing. I am not worried about the month of January in South Padre Island, TX. Dress for riding the bikes-a lot. But the 2 week cruise motorcycle cruise seems to call for multiple changes of clothes every day. You think I am spoiled ? I do 😉

  2. Brussel Sprout says:

    This Christmas has gone by in a blur thanks to moving house. We got in Thursday (21/12), which was a long day. We’d been packing boxes for a week by then, so Friday, we gave up and went into the local town to see Last Jedi with boys before my mother arrived, as we knew Minion 2 was desperate to see it. Saturday, DH and I hit the town to get Xmas presents, collect our goose and get the food and drink for the meal. We got home at lunch and just slogged the day away until my mother arrived, unpacking boxes, finding homes for stuff and visiting local recycling centre with empty boxes and packing paper. My mother arrived safely from Brussels around 6. So Xmas Eve dawned and we needed to organise tree, and some house essentials, like a plug for the bathroom sink so that the men in the house could actually shave.

    We went to a local garden centre, and yay, they had one tree left, which was way too big for us, but they agreed to cut it down, and reduced it in price to £20. There was only one stand left, which was incredibly expensive, but it was some fancy German thing which you ratchet open and then spring shut round the trunk of the tree and voila, it has a reservoir for watering the tree plus it is really stable and straight. I love it and that’s that now, I will never fear the pain of messing with Xmas tree stands again. Have no idea what happened to our old one, but it certainly didn’t get packed or unpacked.

    I spent the rest of the day wrapping presents, which really put me in the festive mood. I love love love giving presents. I don’t care so much about getting stuff, although this year, my family really followed my list and I am delighted in particular by cashmere socks and a great poetry anthology called Zoo of the New. Boys loved their stockings (socks, jocks, chocs for Minion 1 & mix of practical stationery for school and Santa’s list for Minion 2). Minion 2 has been lusting after a Lego Millennium Falcon for over a year now, and we got it for him. He took about 7 hours to build it, very systematically and quietly right through Christmas Day and finished it early yesterday morning. Sooooo cool. We had a big classic English breakfast fry-up, then walking in the woods, and then I got down to cooking the goose. I left the red cabbage in the oven, somebody turned the hob on under the sprouts, so those were totally wrecked, but the goose itself was delicious, roast potatoes were superb and it all worked. It was a lovely evening.

    This morning, we have woken to snow and the garden looks like the gateway into Narnia.

  3. sjmcclelland says:

    Lovely Christmas visit with my PILs. DS was agreeable and friendly and only argued with his grandmother once. I set the table for Christmas dinner with my mother’s china and linen table cloth – 2nd Christmas without her and it was good to follow her traditions, including fresh flowers on the table. We’ve had lots of snow in the last few days and now it’s very cold. My backyard looks pretty. Happy holiday to all.

  4. Kieran says:

    What a great story, Krissie! Last year my two oldest kids shared Christmas in London, my husband was in Afghanistan, and my youngest and I served breakfast at the local Ronald McDonald House here in Charleston. THIS year we were all together again, and we spent Christmas at the in-laws in quaint Davidson, NC. I felt extremely blessed, especially as we made it through the year. My youngest weathered bacterial meningitis back in May, so it feels like a real miracle that we got to this place of safety and security and love. I wish that for everyone. Have a wonderful 2018!!! XOXO

  5. MJ says:

    Krissie, you sound wonderful. And Brussel Sprout, congrats on the successful move!

    We saw as many people as possible from both sides of the family in one long day of driving, eating, gifting, driving, eating, laughing, driving, home, sleeping!

    Now we’re hunkered down as Milwaukee freezes.

  6. Mama_Abbie says:

    We enjoyed our granddaughter’s first Christmas here. The kids (daughter, SIL and GD arrived from Boston area mid-afternoon Saturday. SIL had not been feeling well when they left home and was feeling horrible when they got here so after sitting in the car with the 11 month old while her Mommy unloaded everything, he came in and went straight to bed. We were all happy that he felt comfortable enough to do that here.

    There were meals and a trip to the mall to get a present for the (adult) kids that they had been wanting. A fairly laid back Christmas eve, with granddaughter fishing for cats with a feather stick and Husband and I going to the 5:00 pm Christmas eve service (husband sang in trio). GD went down to bed shortly after we got home from service. After dinner we watched about 2/3rds of “A Christmas Story” before all packing it in ourselves.

    It snowed a few inches overnight, so we had the proverbial white Christmas. GD’s first stocking present was a snack that she likes and she was ready to open it up and eat it right then! She got a cloth dolly and a musical table that stay’s at Nonnie’s house (she already has one at home). That was a super gift as she loves playing with it and already knows how to use it.

    We went over to husband’s brother and SIL’s for Christmas dinner. It was a lovely feast and GD was only a little scared when the dogs started yapping. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely before heading for home way after GD’s bedtime. (She napped out on her Daddy who took her into another room.)

    Yesterday we all just relaxed (Boxing Day really should be a holiday in the US) and then went out early to a German restaurant in town for dinner.

    This morning the kids packed up and headed home. I changed the beds, so that they are ready for whenever they want to come back, and did the laundry. Tonight we will go out to see the Star Wars movie.

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