Jenny: Hits of Happy: Text From Dog

I know I’m the last person to find this, but Text From Dog is the first thing that’s made me laugh out loud all week.  If Wolfie ever finds, I’ll never get the computer back:






18 thoughts on “Jenny: Hits of Happy: Text From Dog

  1. German Chocolate Betty says:

    I know, this site is sooooo hilarious. I am NOT going to let my dog see this in case she gets ideas….(haha)

  2. Poodleboobs! I love it. 🙂 Years ago I needed an ID for Romance Writers Australia, I was so not clued in to all the internet stuff and asked, young grandson, what should I put in, thinking it was a password ID to log in.
    He said Snoogaloogs. Snoogs for short.

  3. Tabs says:

    Years ago, I was setting up my wireless router and needed a name for it. I asked for suggestions and neither of my roommates had any. Then, one of them looked randomly down at their feet and declared “Look, my bunny socks have little tails! So cute!”. Thus, the “FuzzyBunnyButt” wireless network was born. I eventually gave that router to my uncle and he was stuck with the name because neither of us knew how change it.

  4. I love that site. Kiddo and I sit and read them and laugh and laugh. We stole the idea for my group blog last Friday. We use a pirate theme and the Undead Monkey (via Pirates of the Caribbean) is a regular player. So we did texts from the Undead Monkey.

    Now I’m tempted to create texts from my cat. That would be funny, especially since their home with the puppy all day. And they hate the puppy…

  5. There is a very similar site between a cat and its owner. Very funny. Fairly popular. can’t remember the name because I don’t want the time suck. But it’s also good.

    I like those sites because they show a whole different side of the pet/owner dynamic if you give some power to the pet. Turns out we are wholly trained to be responsive to their every want and need. Who knew? 🙂

  6. German Chocolate Betty says:

    “Who knew?”

    Uh, the animals, natch. Our arrogance as homo sapiens blinds us to it, utterly.

    Think: Hitchhiker’s Guide and the white mice who, in fact, had been running experiments on us while we thought we were running experiments on them. Or “good-bye and thanks for all the fish.”

  7. Maria says:


    I was going to say anyone who has ever been owned by a cat. Guess what I am doing on a Friday night? Single woman that I am? Yep, out to get kitty treats because I can’t stand listening to the cat whining anymore. We’ve only been out for a week! Get over it fat a$$, but NOOOOO. You’ll note who has won this battle of the stubborn? Yep the cat who doesn’t work and does nothing all day long but sleep!

    I named him Boo when I first got him after Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird because the cat was so shy. Once he realized he had a forever home? No longer shy, retiring or quiet! His name is now Mr. Boo Kitty when he’s behaving himself and Boo, you a$$, when he is not.

    All cats rule. They know it and it is just our job to accept our fate as the slaves they know us to be. Dogs are usually much nicer about the whole ownership thing.

  8. That is BRILLIANT. I love Cumberbatch so that’s part of it. Oh, and Sherlock 2 is finally coming to the US May 6. The first of the three episodes is the best TV I’ve ever seen. Freaking amazing.

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