Here lies madness (Krissie)

. I somehow ended up with too many computers, or what’s known as an embarrassment of riches. For a while I was there without a working computer – this one, known as Lagoud II (Lagoud I already lived a full life) had crashed, and when I took it to the Apple repair place it was deemed “vintage” (six years old) and the authorized guys weren’t allowed to touch it. Since I’d already replaced the hard drive once I figured it was finally at the end of it’s sweet life (Lagoud I had lived about 6 years), but unfortunately the trackpad on Lagoud III had died and I was using an external mouse. Oh, the horror! And I couldn’t drop it off for repair since I had no backup computer (even though Richie has a PC and he and I both have iPads.). So when I went to pick up the battered hulk of Lagoud II I had bit the bullet and decided I needed a second Macboook Air. II is a MacBook Pro with a lovely 15 inch scree, III is a MacBook Air, so I dropped II off to have the trackpad fixed and bought the second air, or IV. And then found out II could probably be repaired. I should have immediately changed my mind on the new Air but I didn’t (bad Krissie). Turns out II just needed firmware, not a new hard drive. III has a fixed trackpad and it’s lovely, IV is lovely. Sigh. But I’ve been wanting to get Richie over to Mac’s, so I’m going to force him to use IV instead of always sitting with his back to me at the desktop computer. And I’m loving this nice big screen.

I should probably come up with different names. My second Mac was called Baby Jenny because it was small (a simple MacBook) and Mini-me told me I should buy it (twisted my arm, she did). The others are named after my baby brother, who loved computers and worked as a Mac technician during his sober times. He was utterly brilliant – he was Douglas after my father but we called him Dougal, and Dougal backwards is Lagoud. Or close, like Ohlrogge backwards is Eggroll. So I name my computers in his honor.

Actually this baby has been rechristened, so maybe I’ll call it by it’s computer password, Hiddleston. Or maybe just Hiddles. Yeah, that works better – you’re now looking at Hiddles. IV will be Richie’s computer, and III can be the official Lagoud, since that’s the one I travel with.

I’ve also been following Jenny’s lead and posting daily art/craft projects on Instagram. This weekend I made a quilt top, a crocheted top for an American Girl doll, and knit pants for a Wellie Wisher (the smaller, younger version of an AG girl, which is my present for Ali for her birthday this year.). I also watched crafting videos and listened to the most wonderful YA (late YA) book called Trust by Kylie Scott. I can’t recommend it highly enough – I was totally sucked in and absolutely adored it.

This week – writing, sewing, getting the computers set. I’m in full Auntie Mame mode – Life is a banquet and I’m gorging (not physically, thank goodness).

Tell me all the things you’ve been doing? I seriously want to know.

4 thoughts on “Here lies madness (Krissie)

  1. I haven’t seen you at the #dailyFeb2018 spot on Instagram. If you add that hashtag, you’ll see Lee’s crowd, including (occasionally) Jenny. And you might want to change your password . . .

    I’ve had a frustrating start to the week. The forecast was for sun after a cold start, with a high of 6C, so I took a day off and drove an hour to a botanical garden for a photography day and inspiration for my new garden. But the garden, which opens every day, was unexpectedly icy and they decided not to open.

    Having waited two hours for their final decision, I then thought I’d go to an outlet shopping centre nearby, to shop for new walking shoes and boots, all three pairs having split in the last few weeks. But no joy; just the usual depression from being in such places.

    So I drove home and up on to the hill behind town to catch the last hour of sun, and a big black cloud arrived and deposited a heavy sleet shower.

    Tomorrow it’s back to juggling two freelance jobs, chasing my stalled house purchase, and trying to get hold of the landscaper who’s been recommended for building the retaining wall my new garden is going to need.

    My iMac is starting to slow/be a bit unpredictable. I’m hoping this is really the larger files from my new camera and the usual Microsoft Word snafus, but it is six and a half years old. I’m extremely reluctant to replace it, since I’d have to start paying huge amounts of money to Adobe for their software. On this machine I’m able to run my elderly version of Creative Suite plus Lightroom.

  2. Krissie, now would be a good time to change your computer password since you just announced it to the internet. Argh.

    The weather’s kicking my butt, too, Jane. I have been making things, I just haven’t gotten up in time to get the light to take pictures, plus with the melt during the day and freeze at night, my front patio is a skating rink. It’s just been one of those weeks already. Argh again.

  3. Yes, it’s remarkable how many of my photographs are getting taken at dusk – thank goodness for my new cameras that can cope with low light.

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