Heat Wave (Krissie)

I’m at Crusie’s. I came down to drive her to the eye doctor (she might have to get a shot in the eye – at the very least she’ll be dilated and god knows how hard it is to drive dilated. (And no, I never had babies so I’m not thinking about dilated cervices and childbirth). Stopped at Hobby Lobby on the way, beating myself up as I did (I know, I know, morally indefensible, but it’s the only one in the state and there are some things that can’t be f0und elsewhere. At least I didn’t give those judgmental bastards very much money). Anyway, listened to the end of DIRTY by Kylie Scott and it was excellent! Then started White Hot by Ilona Andrews, a book I’ve been waiting for, forever, and it’s as good as I hoped. Went through cloudbursts with zero visibility, got down here about 4:30 (left at 9 am). So good to be here – I was really in the mood to be here. Well, I always am, but for some reason I was particularly psyched.
We went to Applebees, came back, talked talked talked and then headed to bed. I know, not terribly exciting but I thought y’all would like to hear how we hang out. “You know you’re good friends when one of you comes to visit and you both nap.” That’s Jenny and me.
Today we wait for the arrival of her brand new iPad Pro. I’m so excited – more than she is, I think. I’m about to do some writing (this is procrastinating) and later we’ll crochet and watch tv – tomorrow the eye doctor. Life is good.
Funny thing – the moment I arrive Milton must sit beside me. He ignores Jenny but has to cuddle with me.
In fact, I seem to draw small children and pets to me – that is really a glorious compliment!
Anyway, I’ll give you updates, but basically we’re going to eat and shop and crochet and watch television, rinse, repeat. It is such a fucking treat to have a BFF, and I’ve actually got two – a legacy one and a new (30 years or so) one. I live in a tiny town and a tiny state where I don’t really have anyone to go to the movies with, go shopping with, except Richie, who keeps me divinely happy but sometimes you just need another woman. Crusie in NJ is worth half a dozen in Vermont – I go for quality, not quantity (though I’d accept quantity too – I’m just a nice, friendly person).

And you know, I’m not sure I need to reinvent my fabulousness. I’m pretty fucking fabulous already.

As are we all. I think maybe we don’t need to reinvent as much as recognize. Though maybe it has to do with the time in one’s life. We started this 5 years ago, when Jenny and I were looking at 65 and Lani was newly divorced. It was time to reinvent ourselves. Jenny moved, Lani … er … made a mistake, but she’s golden now, and I needed to get out from under a cloud. We’ve gone through a lot of shit in the meantime, but we really are fabulous.

So – let’s claim a bit of fabulousness every day, because we all have it. Name one fabulous thing about yourself. It can be tiny or huge (I’m not talking body parts). I’ll start.

I have great hair. It’s no big deal, nature gave it to me, but still, it’s wonderful and I celebrate it!
Not sure where this will go – I’m making it up as I go along. Maybe Wednesday will be our official Claim your Fabulous day. Or hell, maybe every day. Gratitude, always an important thing, is implicit. But sometimes you just gotta celebrate!

27 thoughts on “Heat Wave (Krissie)

  1. Susanne says:

    I have a great smile.

    And I was smiling as I read your post. Friendships are truly a blessing.

  2. Jenny says:

    Good thing about myself: I have a great sense of humor.

    Second good thing about myself: EXCELLENT taste in best friends.

    I’m so glad Krissie is here I don’t even care that Milton loves her best.

    And the iPad is incredible; it’s the new iPad Pro 2017 12.9 inches, which I deserve because I have a helluva time seeing screens as my eyes get worse. Mollie sent me pics of the kids on my iPhone and they might as well have been postage stamps. But this iPad is big enough that I can read without glasses. And it has many other fabulous things that I have yet to discover.

    But mostly it’s Krissie and me talking, which is just pure pleasure. Even when she talks in Danish. (I told her I don’t mind unless she’s asking me for something; then it must be in English because I’m not going to guess. She does it anyway. Good thing I love her.)

  3. I bought a full-size ordinary iPad recently, in place of my iPad Mini. One of the things I’m enjoying is reading magazines on it. I can get several for free via my local public library service. (I’m also now using Scrivener on it to gather research and ideas for fiction, photography and gardening; but I know you use other software. It’s very handy to have all that automatically synced to my iPad, though.)

    I’m also now addicted to jigsaw puzzles; I make my own from my photographs, and from images I pull from the web – I did Rousseau jungle painting recently.

  4. Diane says:

    I’m so tempted by the iPad Pro, but I need Windows Office programs for work. Has anyone used the Surface Pro?

  5. JenniferNennifer says:

    It’s always delightful to read about you being together.
    I have fabulous hands. My sister’s are prettier, but I just love mine.

  6. I just checked on the App Store, and Microsoft seem to have versions of all the Office apps for iPad. Might be worth doing some research to see if they’d work for you. (They’re bound to be limited, compared to the full versions on a laptop.)

  7. MJ says:

    That is a terrific picture. You both sound so happy, it’s inspiring.

    I’m a fabulous public speaker…which often surprises people, because in small groups I’m fairly quiet.

  8. Loving that photo.

    Am not feeling wildly fabulous right about now, but I will say I have fabulous persistence and resilience. I bounce back from adversity in a determined fashion.

  9. MJ says:

    I have a two-year-old Surface Pro, inherited, used mainly when I work offsite. It has an optional detachable keyboard, which is a must for me.

    I use the Microsoft Office suite (mostly Word and PPT) and do general internet surfing. I’ve been very happy with it: light weight, clear bright screen, long battery charge, responsive touchscreen.

    For everyday use, I prefer my desktop with its really big screen. However, I took the Surface Pro on a couple week-long trips, used it every day, and it was fine.

  10. Jessie says:

    I have a great eye for color. I was going to say that I am a great gardener, but that is more perserverance. Also this year with the kitchen remodel consuming my life, I am a great gardener more in theory than in practice.

  11. Jenny says:

    You know, I not only have no idea where or when that picture was taken, I didn’t know it was me with Krissie.

    Orlando RWA is probably a pretty good guess, though. We used to go every year. That must have been fifteen, twenty years ago.

    God, I’m old.

  12. LILinda says:

    I don’t think shopping at Hobby Lobby is anything to feel guilty about, or morally indefensible. I have only ever been in one once, out of state, but they are opening one on Long Island this month, and I can’t wait.

    I was originally peeved,too, but as time has past I realized they asked the court for a relief for themselves only, for a well demonstrated belief (they close on Sundays as part of their belief). They haven’t refused to hire women on birth control, or refused to serve women who have had an abortion, you get the idea. It was an internal, heartfelt request. I think as Americans, this is what freedom of religion is about-we’ll respect your beliefs, as long as it doesn’t infringe on other people. What the company covers under health insurance doesn’t affect me as a consumer. I will say they pay very well for retail, and that would certain help employees pay for not covered deductibles. Around here part timers start at 10.75 and full time is over $15 an hour.

    I think there are plenty of things happening today that are awful and cruel and hurtful politically. I’d rather everyone have health care, even if occasionally there are sincere religious exemptions. I will shop HL with a clear conscience.

  13. One fabulous thing about me–I’m a great copy editor.

    Second fabulous thing about my life–my BFFs–I’m blessed to have several, even one who’s come along late in my life and how amazing is that? Just when you think it takes years to develop that kind of close, comfortable friendship, someone comes along with whom you just click immediately! I do love you, Lizzie!

  14. Jill says:

    I have great eyelashes. They are still there but are covered by the sagging eyelids. The eyelashes are the only things holding the eyelids up. I am waiting for them to droop over the lashes . Then Medicare will cover the eyelid lift.

    I am fortunate to have great friends who are more like sisters who get along

  15. Maine Betty says:

    I have a beautiful voice, which I’ve trained for decades. And I’m funny, and good with words.

  16. I don’t. They cover Viagra so it’s okay interfering with God’s will if you’re male, but if you’re female, you’ll just have to take the chance of getting pregnant, which is now increased because they’ll pay for Viagra.

    Plus that established a precedent, so it opened the barn door. You should not be able to deny basic health care based on your beliefs. You can close for Sunday all you want, but stay out of your employees’ private lives.

    TLDR: Fuck Hobby Lobby.

  17. No, darling, it wasn’t that long ago. At the most, five years, just before you moved to NJ. I grabbed it because our faces are far away enough that you can’t see we’ve aged (and trust me, it’s minimal) and because it captures us.

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