Happy Valentine’s Day! (Make Something for Somebody You Love)

Happy Valentine’s Day, ReFabbers.   Make something for somebody you love, including you (love yourself extra today).

12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day! (Make Something for Somebody You Love)

  1. I have made something every day, I just haven’t taken a picture. Must catch up which was NOT what Lee intended. I think I’m still coming back from my winter depression, but I’m liking this make-something-every-day, so I’ll probably keep going after February’s over. I need to get out of my hide-under-the-covers rut.

  2. I think the important thing is to be doing it every day, though. I’m off track with it because while I’m being a good girl and taking a photograph to post each day (it’s easier because the thing I’m making is a photograph, of course), I’m not giving myself the half-hour of creative playtime I wanted to do it for. I want to keep going beyond February, too, but I think by focusing on having a daily playtime rather than restricting it to photography.

    It’s an interesting experiment, though.

  3. Jessie says:

    I couldn’t find a decent Valentine Day’s card, at least not one that was as good as the one I bought 35 years ago (“In the the landscape of my heart, you are the beergarden.”), so I had to make one myself. From the Shirelles “Life can never be Exactly as we want it to be, But I can be satisfied Just knowing that you love me”. Still not up to the one I bought 35 years ago.

  4. I fell off the #dailyfeb2018 wagon. Part of the problem is I have a terrible camera in my phone, so I have to take a decent picture with a real camera, then upload it to my computer, then transfer it to Dropbox, then log into my phone to post to Instagram. So, I have a couple days’ work to upload and then I skipped a few days of daily creativity, and I’ve totally lost momentum. It’s kinda’ turning into a month from hell, which makes the daily creativity even more important for my mental health. I really do need to get back on the wagon.

  5. Maybe drop the Instagram but do the creative stuff? It is a hassle to post there: designed for phone cameras only. I’m downloading from my camera to Lightroom on my iMac, processing the raw files, exporting my chosen image as a JPEG; and then emailing it to myself so I can save it on to my iPad and post from my web browser on that. It’d be a heck of a lot easier if they’d just let me post from my Mac. Although once I’ve posted, the iPad is handier for checking who else is posting.

  6. I guess I shouldn’t complain. Your process is a lot more complicated than mine. But you’re a lot better with a camera than I am!

  7. JenniferNennifer says:

    I didn’t make it today, but I gave my darling husband his valentine this morning. This is the one thing he really cares about – his annual handmade valentine. I counted the other day, he has 15 from previous years stuck around his office. More of a challenge to come up with a new design each year when the previous ones are still on display!

  8. RanchGirl says:

    We’re not big on holidays but my husband is trying to find the perfect egg spatula. I went on line (love the internet – someone almost always has an opinion on something) and read recommendations and blogs on spatulas. I then found the top three and gave them to him today wrapped together with a bow 😄.

  9. Well, I work to make that happen, as you can see. (The main secret to being a good photographer is never showing people any image you’re not happy with. In the days of film my wastepaper basket used to be crammed full of slides as I sorted through what I’d taken.)

  10. julianna says:

    Did anyone recommend the Oxo flip and fold omelette turner? We LOVE it, and actually have two different sizes (the smaller one is perfectly sized for our crepe pan, and the bigger one is great with a bigger pan).

  11. Thea says:

    Made my second batch of brined onions for Gibson martinis. Since I tracked down juniper berries, this time the tiny onions will be Proper according to the recipe. (Note to self: buy juniper bush. We grow all other herbs and spices. Well, not cardamon.)

  12. RanchGirl says:

    I bought the Oxo one, a silicone one and one from diOro that supposedly chefs love 🙂 Now he get to practice and make me omelets. Kind of a self serving gift.

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