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  1. After the subject of pensions came up for the third time this week, and I’d told the third friend that I wasn’t going to get even the full state pension, due to gaps in my contributions record, I decided to check again and found to my delight that since they’ve postponed tthe pension age from 60 to 66 I am in fact going to qualify, with a year to spare. Which is a big relief, even though I’ll have to live very frugally if that’s my only income.

    It’s sunny again today, and the crocuses in my bulb-lasagne pots are just starting to show colour.

  2. JenniferNennifer says:

    People have been telling me good news this week, on lots of different subjects – it’s been wonderful.

    I was stumped by a problem on an access database I am doing, and found the answer online. Thank you all the millions of helpful people on the internet, you saved me again!

    Half way through my annual “recover from the holidays” diet, and doing better at not feeling deprived. Plus, next Saturday I am taking the night off at a Valentine party and will eat home made cookies! Getting almost as much fun out of looking forward to it as I will dong it.

  3. Kelly S. says:

    I’m addicted to the bake off shows. I had the pleasure of introducing a coworker to the Great British Bake Off and we made a whole grain bread. It was a lovely evening.

    We had sunshine. I needed to use the driver’s visor in my new car for the first time! Sadly, that means I had it over a month without needing to use it.

  4. Jessie says:

    My new BBQ arrived that we ordered for our Christmas present. It is a “our” gift because my husband insisted it was the one he wanted because it was all stainless steel and better engineered. However, I am the only one who will actually cook on it. Happiness.

    And we have eliminated a bunch of stuff from our kitchen remodel so we can actually afford to go ahead now. I will have to continue to do my own refinishing which unfortunately – or fortunately – I am good at. It saves a significant amount of money. They will be able to come in within a few weeks since we scheduled it months ago. When the first estimate came it, it looked like we would have to rethink everything. So I now need to start packing up my kitchen.

  5. I need to get back in the habit of remembering the week’s happies instead of constantly dwelling on the unhappies.

    So, for this past week: 1) I knit a bunch of chemo caps with yarn a friend gave me. I do love colorful textiles! 2) I’m eating better than I’ve done in months. 3) I saw evidence that people aren’t just sitting back and accepting the political insanity in the country/world.

    And a bonus: The release of The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch (and having the audio version narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith).

  6. I have a granddaughter! “E.E.” (named after both maternal great-grandmothers) made her appearance in the very first minute of ground-hog day. She is reported to have started complaining loudly immediately (no waiting for a fanny slap or suctioning for this little one) and continuously for her first three hours out in the world. At the moment, she is the spitting image of her dad (same nose and black hair). It will be fun to see how she grows to incorporate her mom’s features.

    Daddy has a couple of weeks of paternity leave, so after visiting for a few hours, we returned home, three hours away. My daughter’s in-laws are also nearby. We have been asked to come up and help out next weekend, and I will be helping out for a full week a few weeks down the road. Really looking forward to it!

  7. Carol says:

    Mama Abbie – congrats on your granddaughter! That is the happiest of happy-making, I think.

    Lovely week here in SoCal – got some necessary yardwork done, participated in a fantastic curator’s tour of the Picasso-Rivera exhibit at LACMA, walked 5 miles at the beach this morning (bliss!) and kept up on my to-do list, so I’m feeling pretty balanced.

  8. Jessie says:

    Yes. To everything.

    Also the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has made me very happy. The only thing that could make me happier is if this goes to the Supreme Court. And my favorite daydream at the moment is that the State of Washington hired Sally Yates to help argue the case which they then won. God bless my home State And God bless all those who will not roll over and be silenced.

  9. Thea says:

    Listening to myself mutter about other folks, I’ve decided to tell them straight out how I feel, consequences be damned because I’ll feel better.

    The happies: Roses are out. My favorite is the found mystery tea (we think), “Baretta Street Amber.” Cream shading to sweet buff in the middle, thick velvety petals, cupped shape, gorgeous carrying powdery damask rose scent.

    Went to my favorite Dumpling Inn for great steamed bun dumplings.

    Won a beautiful hand-painted rose pitcher-vase at the library gala Silent Auction. Plus, neighbors shared a deeply chocolate ganache cake they won at raffle and we drove it home because they biked over. A wonderful night out for us all.

  10. Lois says:

    I’ve been very deliberate in how I’m talking to myself this week. I’m attending a training that I feel unprepared for so there have been many pep talks!

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