7 thoughts on “Happy Jingle

  1. I made the best brisket ever, and fabulous latkes served with sour cream and caviar and in the rush forgot to include three items in the pasta dish. Ha ha. Oh well, they said it was good.
    Now I’m getting into Christmas mode with a midday buffet tomorrow. Hope I can still jingle on Tuesday.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Jessie says:

    We had Christmas dinner at a restaurant with SIL and husband and had a great time. Plus I discovered that my good friend and husband are not going out of town as they usually do, and we are not going out of town as we usually do so we will both celebrate together. So now I am rushing to get ingredients to make Beef Wellington, which is a little more elaborate than I was going to do when there was just the two of us but for just four people it will be fun.

    And I impulsively invited 3 people over for a light supper and putting together a jigsaw puzzle afterward a few days after Christmas. Then we go off for 5 days with some other friends. So I feel like the social queen of the town. Jingle. Jingle. Jingle.

  3. Jenny says:

    I had lunch with my daughter and it was lovely. I talked to the family back home and it was lovely. I am now curled up in my bed with puppies and it’s lovely.

  4. My house purchase has started tomove forward at last. I bought a beautiful tree and decorated it, to start the Christmas season. Had a good drive down to Surrey and am enjoying being with a good friend and her daughter (my almost godchild). Tonight I encountered Netflix for the first time, and binged on the first three episodes of ‘Grace and Frankie’, which is especially funny with half a bottle of burgundy inside you.

  5. Jenny says:

    It’s Jane and Lily and they are wonderful.
    So happy you’re finally getting some progress on the house, too!

  6. Brussel Sprout says:

    We survived our move, we’ve done a lot of unpacking and organising, Minion 1 built a bed for Minion 2 and we got a beautiful Christmas tree for £20, reduced by £30 because it was the last one in the place on Christmas Eve. The goose was cooked, I forgot to serve the red cabbage and the Minions stayed up together watching Peaky Blinders and Thor until 2am. My mother and her little dog Molly arrived safely from Belgium, Santa totally scored this year for the boys, and Minion 2 did not retreat to PlayStation at all yesterday because he was too busy building a Lego Millennium Falcon. He has wanted the spaceship for over a year now. It took him about 6 hours to build.

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