23 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRISSIE!

  1. LLouise Altes says:

    Happy Birthday,Krissie! Enjoy your splendid adventures, your joys, your dreams, the wonderful people in your life, the joyful song in your heart, the exquisite rhythm in your step, and the brilliance that flows from your fingertips and lips. Cavort gleefully, with gusto, all year.

  2. MJ says:

    Happy 69! I went to a Moody Blues concert a couple years ago, and one of the band members announced he’d just turned 69, and the crowd went wild. In a gray-haired, let’s-not-stay-up-too-late, quick-go-to-the-bathroom-before-the-show-starts kind of way.

    • Thea says:

      Went to see and hear the Stones in their last go-round (“Hellooooo, San Diego”). Came away shocked – truly! – by the many many many audience members using walkers. Sign of my age and my time, I guess.

  3. Thanks, everybody! And yes, that’s a glorious card (plus a great story about the cat!). And speaking of my age … well, that would be indiscreet and I’m always reserved. Dignity above all (schnort!)

  4. Thea says:

    Belated but none the less heartfelt birthday greetings and good wishes, dear Krissie (even though at my back is a shelf full of books written by Anne Stuart and Kristina Douglas).

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