It’s a New Year.  Fingers crossed for better things and much Happinuts for all..



14 thoughts on “Happinuts

  1. SMcClelland says:

    Started my new job this week – lots to learn but the team is smart and motivated and my new boss is great. Plus, my commute is easier. DH and DS cleaned and reorganized his room this week, including putting in a double bed – he’s happy in his new space and crossing my fingers he’ll be motivated to keep it tidy. Still very cold but warming up this week.

  2. Took the friend who’s been staying to see the house I’m buying: she loved it, and I felt a lot better for seeing it again. And the garden’s bigger than I feared – about the same size as the half allotment I used to have.

    Took the tree down this morning with perfect though inaccurate timing: my friend was going home, so Christmas was over, and it was a sunny day and noticeably longer than at the solstice, so it had done its job.

    We went to Attingham for a walk in the deer park, and then into the walled kitchen garden, and I felt happy just to be in a garden, even at the least productive time of the year.

  3. Thea says:

    Making mushroom lasagna — I am rediscovering all the luscious greatness of a bechamel sauce.

    Reading a slow-paced police procedural, perfect for its small-town French setting and for my mood.

    Holidays dismantled, labelled and put away. I’m looking forward to next year.

  4. Mama_Abbie says:

    Happinuts is face-timing with 11 month GD while she ate her post-nap dinner of cut up strawberries and grapes, peas, sweet potatoes and cheerios. First time, I am told for the strawberries and grapes (she LOVEs blue berries and blackberries).

    Only little kid I know that fusses because her Mom is taking to long to heat up her peas: she wanted them NOW 🙂

  5. Thea says:

    Exactly, Bruno and his village in the valley. I’m working my way through slowly, whenever I need the pace and peace.
    My other find last year, Timothy Hallinan, is fast-paced. I’ve read some of his LA books and am looking to find the Poke series set in Thailand. Hallinan himself lives in one place and then the other.

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