Happiness: Better Late Than Never

That’s me and Milton.  (Veronica and Mona are behind the pillows.)

So what made you happy this week?

24 thoughts on “Happiness: Better Late Than Never

  1. Taking my weekend a day early, and really relaxing for a while. Photographing an arrangement of Christmas tree decorations with the sun shining through them. Phoning a friend on her birthday.

  2. Oh, and doing my seed order – I’ve decided to try six different ‘annual meadow’ mixtures this first year, as well as growing my favourite veg and some dahlias from seed. Now all I need is a garden to sow them in, preferably before April.

  3. JenniferNennifer says:

    Got my boss prepared to be out of town for 4 weeks without anyone getting seriously freaked out. Made it through a board meeting, and the minutes should be fairly easy to produce. One more challenge (implementing new health care situation in our Quick Books program) and then the next few weeks should be very smooth sailing. Looking forward to it!!!!!!

  4. sjmcclelland says:

    Settling into my new job – lots to learn but spending 3 days at my old job, assisting with the transition, crystalized that my decision to move was the right one. DH and I bought a coffee table for our living room (only took us 20 years) and with my mother’s rug on the floor and her newly re-covered teak chairs, the room looks cozy and inviting. Weather was much warmer this week and I walked 5 km home from work one night. Went to a great yoga class with a friend, so feeling good.

  5. Maine Betty says:

    Mr. Cardinal on the bird feeder against the snow, sleeping back to back with a purring cat. Having a cold that isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

  6. Thea says:

    Head cold from hell finally lifting — I’m sure my lost energy will trail back from wherever it’s been hiding.

    Powered through head cold to write an interview article about three floral designers and their art, a world I know nothing about. Turns out to be timely – who knew? – because there’s Big Changes to the sacred rule book.

    In the kitchen, chicken being fried at this very moment preparatory to be dumped into a pot and covered in red wine and herbs. The smell of frying chicken constitutes one of this earth’s delights.

  7. Briana says:

    I passed my praxis exam (physics)! I’ve been teaching for about 10 years, but needed it for new licensure and a grad program. Relieved it’s done. 😀

  8. MJ says:

    Moved carefully forward with normal exercise, feeling only an echo of the concussion.

    Played with acrylics.

    Dropped off a trunkload at Goodwill and did not enter the store to buy more.

  9. Thea says:

    MJ! I recall no mention of a concussion. I understand you fell down lots of stairs, were bruised, banged up and twisted. But concussed! Even an echo is worrisome. You seem a reasonable sort, so we have to trust you. But watcha!

  10. I got my happiness uppy-sitting and sorting out the fabric stash today. The puppy (a lab) is a real-sweetheart and kept herself entertained most of the day by playing with all of her toys. The fabric stash was pared down to (almost) reasonable levels. The local senior center will be getting a lot of donated fabric next weekend.

  11. I wish they’d do those mixes in controlled colors. They always have pinks and reds in them, and I want yellows, blues, lavenders, and white. Possibly I should look closer at seed catalogs.

    So do you sow them in beds or just randomly? I’d like to get rid of some lawn.

  12. For a minute, I thought the cardinal was sleeping with the cat. That’s some cat. And some cardinal.

    I’d love to have bird feeders but they’re illegal here. The bears mug them. (The feeders, not the birds.)

  13. I have to do my yarn again. It’s at obscene levels. And the house is also obscene, so now that I’m not freezing my ass off, I need to get to work. It’s amazing how hard it is to work when you’re cold.

  14. You can get hold of colour-themed ones: Sarah Raven has a blue and lavender mix, for example – but of course you’d need to look at US suppliers, and especially for mixes suited to your locality/hardiness zone. They’re designed to be sown direct into a seedbed – so an area you’ve cleared, dug over and raked smooth. My mixes need 1×2 metres each, but you can buy larger quantities from my main supplier, Pictorial Meadows. They do some mixes for continental Europe, so it’d be worth seeing if they do supply to the States. Professor Nigel Dunnet, who’s behind PM, is a real pioneer of this kind of planting. His mixes flower for a long time, with a succession of different flowers. He did the planting for the 2012 Olympics, which was spectacular.

    NB these mixes have to be resown every year. If you want to make a perennial wildflower meadow, you usually have to impoverish the soil first (may possibly be different in America, but I doubt it). I’m planning to put in lots of perennials after this first year, and may aim at a meadow effect, but it’ll be heavily gardened – which won’t be what you want. If you can provide the right conditions for a wildflower meadow, it should be low-maintenance: you’ll need to be able to cut it down with a strimmer or scythe after it’s set seed, but may not need to mow it further because of your hard winters.

    The annual mixes are just sow, cross your fingers and leave.

    You could look at putting in a prairie-style planting, which uses garden plants but looks prairie-like and is pretty low-maintenance.

  15. Maine Betty says:

    Whoops! My kingdom for a semi-colon. Since the cat is black and white, it would have been quite a picture. The nice thing is that I have a sun porch, so the cat can actually watch the cardinal without making a meal of the experience.

  16. I’ve checked, and Pictorial Meadows do ship worldwide; they also have seed mixes for perennial meadows that are designed for ordinary garden soil. There’s even a yellow one with hints if lavender. But you’d need to check it’d be suitable for New Jersey, and also that US regulations would allow you to import the seed (PM might know about that). If you could find a perennial mis that’d work in your garden, it ought to be an easy and enjoyable solution, as long as you can manage to cut it the once or twice a year it would require.

  17. MJ says:

    Thanks, Thea and Jenny. I thought because I didn’t pass out or throw up, the concussion was mild…yet it took more than two months to feel normal. I did see the doc, who advised patience and (ulp) reducing screen time.

    I’m grateful I didn’t break anything. And only slightly sorry I missed the Guns N Roses concert.

  18. I got most of the first pass done a big editing gig and went with Husband to buy a new TV–it’s damn big, but confession? I can actually read the print on the screen now from the sofa…so no getting up to read the blurbs on Netflix and Acorn. Good lord, I’m getting old…

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