Good Riddance 2016 (Krissie)

Photo on 1-2-17 at 11.13 AM That’s the sun shining in, celebrating the new year. I was going to list all the nastiness of last year, ending with a big bang on New Year’s Eve with one of my best friend’s marriage collapsing. But I’ve been hungrily reading everything on how to get beyond all the panic and grief and uncertainty and grab some positivity, so that’s what I’m doing. Tim is okay for today. Has been okay for a number of days. There’s no certainty how long it will last, but for now it’s good.

Daniel is heading back to work and is going to start taking over some of his college loans (over $100,000 of them and we co-signed them). I’m having fun restoring and making things for my American Girl dolls. My grandchildren are fabulous, my granddaughter particularly loved one present I got her, they went to Medieval Times (a present from me) and had a blast. Richie seems to be doing a little better.

And we have kitties! We’ve been without cats for a couple of years, since three of ours died. (Two that were ancient and my most beloved was hit by a car). Since cats tend to find us every fall and we were traveling a lot I thought I’d just wait until one showed up, but in two autumns they hadn’t. Then I thought I wanted kittens – we hadn’t had any in decades – so I checked with the local farms, etc. but none (which is a good thing – fewer unwanted animals around). So we went to a nearby (25 miles away) animal shelter that had kittens and applied for adoption.

Did we get kittens? Naaah. Everyone wants kittens – they’re easy to place. We ended with with Thunderpaws (originally Meat and then Zeke) and his half sister Olivia, age 8 and 6. And they’re fabulous. Originally they’d been separated because Thunderpaws hated the shelter and took it out on Olivia. I was going to take Olivia and a two year old fluffy black one but the Shelter really wanted us to try Olivia with her horse-kitty older brother, so we did, and it’s been so wonderful. Turns out Olivia is a feisty creature – maybe she’s just getting her own back, but she tries to bully Thunderpaws. He’s too big and ooofy to let her get away with it, though. They love to curl up beside us or on our laps – we now decide who gets up to get the coffee etc. by who has a cat cuddling. Thunderpaws sleeps at our head or between us, Olivia sleeps at our feet if Thunderpaws has gotten there first or on my stomach if she’s first.

Daniel fell in love with Thunderpaws and wept when he had to leave him. So we’ve got something very good in our lives.

Jenny wanted me to take a picture holding them but they’re still not sure if they want to be picked up. Like most cats, they decide on the cuddling (which is most of the time). This was my present to Richie (thought not a surprise and of course a present for me) and it may have a lot to do with his feeling better.

Rats. I took pictures with my phone and I sent them via mail to this computer but they’re not showing up. I’ll put this up and add pictures later.

So I’m … hopeful. Yes, I guess I am. Things are scary, for me, for my loved ones and friends (who are loved ones as well), for the country and the world, but living in fear is a waste of the soul. so I’m grabbing for the joy wherever I can find it.

In Denmark you go break dishes on your friends’ front steps as a sign of affection on New Year’s Day. Since none of my friends live near me I can’t do that, but I kind of like the idea. Smash the old year and open your heart to the new. So I’m opening my heart.

And I guess that’s my New Year’s Resolution. Don’t get so bound up in fear and anger.

So … how did you celebrate New Year’s? Anyone break any dishes? Do you have any resolutions or plans for facing a challenging year? Wassup?

19 thoughts on “Good Riddance 2016 (Krissie)

  1. Kathleen Gilles Seidel says:

    I broke a cup getting ready for my New Year’s Eve dinner party. At the time I thought it was an accident, but apparently I was purposefully opening up my heart to the future. Who knew?

  2. Does it have to be on New Year’s Day? Because if so, next year.

    I get eye surgery tomorrow which I am VERY happy about because I’m tired of being damn near blind. My book is moving right along. My friends are going to be okay (my god, I have FOUR people I love with significant pressing problems) even if they’re all going through hell right now, they can all see the sun coming up down the road. Everything’s going to be all right. Different, but all right.

    But I still want pictures of those cats. Come on, Krissie.

  3. All the very best with the eye surgery, Jenny. I know I found my cataract surgery scary, and it took a while to get over – especially for my brain to adjust – but I’m really enjoying the results, every day. Hope it goes really well for you, too.

  4. Jill says:

    The kitties sound perfect for you . We did nothing New Years Eve. New Years Day we went on the traditional ride. 33 degrees, 64 miles just to go out to eat.

    Happy New Year All !

  5. Jill says:

    Sending all kinds of Cherry, Wiffer, ReFab vibes to the 4 loved ones.

    Are you having cataract surgery ? After the first and when the patch came off the next day I saw colors I did not know I was missing. Laundry even looked whiter.

  6. Lynda says:

    Good luck on the surgery, Jenny. If this is cataract surgery, everyone I know who’s had it has loved the results.

  7. Quiet New Year’s Eve at home with a couple of friends. Wonderful afternoon cross-country skiing with friends. Crossing my fingers that the forecast freezing rain doesn’t materialize and ice up the trails.

  8. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day with daughter and son-in-law prepping the house for the baby expected in February. We surprised them with a crib as a Christmas present. Daughter and I went shopping for material for curtains for the baby’s room, and I made them up. Husband and son-in-law replaced pedestal sink with vanity sink, so daughter has more counter-space and closed storage in the bathroom. Husband also put the crib together.

    Plans for family time, time with friends and travel in this New Year. Praying for good health and for all of us to start listening to one another and to learn that just because we disagree with someone that we still can appreciate their point of view and their right to have that point of view.

    Hope that your surgery goes well, tomorrow, Jenny.

  9. I was in bed by 10 on NY eve, spent NY day organizing tax receipts. Exciting times. Love that you adopted a couple of older cats. So sweet. I’ve started walking again and wish I had a dog. No dogs allowed in this building. May move when the lease is up. I’ve decided I’m too much alone and need to change that. Happy New Year to all. Good luck with the surgery, Jenny.

  10. Thea says:

    I knew I had a very good surgeon for the cataract surgery, so I wasn’t apprehensive. I loveLoveLOVE not having to wear glasses. Although I haven’t noticed a special brightness to the atmosphere. Ah, but the clarity …

    Kitties are great. Kitty litter boxes not so great. Of course, I do have to walk the dogs twice a day, let them out twice too. Get yourself a dog, Robena, you’ll get exercise and meet a lot of people. And dogs.

    After decades of quiet welcoming in the new year from my easy chair, we joined a party – danced, quaffed, wore a silly hat, tooted an unfurling horn at midnight. Good times.

  11. MJ says:

    “Living in fear is a waste of the soul” – excellent line! And hurray for the kittehs, Krissie.

    New Year’s Eve we ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant (a switch from carryout) and were home by 7:30 to watch “My Cousin Vinny,” gleefully shouting out all the key lines.

    The week between Christmas and New Year’s was a time of quiet and rest. Now let’s go!

  12. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Yay for kitties! Beasts are good for the soul. My New Year’s eve was quite, Tall Boy is working nights so I watched some TV and went to bed early. The dogs even let me sleep until 6:30 which was amazing because they are in the habit of getting me up at 4:30. It was back to 4:15 yesterday morning but the sleep in was nice.

  13. There’s a new-ish type of litter that’s so much easier (and has no stinky chemicals) than the typical scoopable stuff, which helps to make litter boxes not such a big deal. It’s lighter than the other stuff too, which is useful for me (both bringing it into the house and out to the curb), since I can’t carry heavy stuff. The brand I use is Feline Pine, but I’m sure there are other options. Love, love, love the stuff. Well, as much as anyone can love cat litter. And my cats love it too, although it helps that they’ve never known anything else. (Not paid to say this either.)

  14. JenniferNennifer says:

    My word for 2017 is happy – wherever and whenever it can be found and savored, big or small. Which included doing nothing but read for the first 2 days of the year!

  15. Maine Betty says:

    Had a quiet New Year’s Eve finally watching the Captain America 3rd movie, in a lounge chair, with a glass of something nice, and the cat on my lap. We don’t live in the same house right now, so it was heaven, in its own small way.

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