Good Morning, Children

. Aha, moving a photo worked. Note that I am snugged up in one of the crocheted jackets Crusie gave me. She crochets so she doesn’t smack people, but then she ends up with too much stuff, and I reap the benefits of it all.
It’s cold in my office, the electric heater that looks like a fireplace is cranking out the btus, and I’m ready to work.
But first … The Shape of Water. (An endless moment of rapturous grinning ensues).

Just … so wonderful. Not like the rampart scene in Last of the Mohicans or the bed scene in The Big Easy, more along the lines of the end of the Big Easy,when they’re dancing. I just sat in the movie theater with a big smile on my face, the one that Richie calls my Disney smile. It appears when I first arrive at Disney World. It appeared when I found out I was having a granddaughter. It’s sheer, innocent joy untrammeled by reality. You don’t find that very often, but I found it last night. I’m still smiling.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about attacking the mess in my house, which I spent the weekend doing, and Jenny was similarly inspired. Tune in, and think about what area you need to make sense of. Office? Kitchen? Bedroom?
Everything needs it in this house, but I’m taking it bird by bird.

See you tomorrow, and we can share organizing, decluttering, stick-to-it tips.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning, Children

  1. Diane says:

    So much in my house needs doing. Not so much decluttering, but actually providing storage. Like in the kitchen, which only has cabinets/counters along two walls. Effectively making it half of a kitchen. I really need more storage space and more counter space. And I could get it IF I had the money right now to install cabinets in the other half of the kitchen. Maybe later this year!

  2. Office Wench Cherry says:

    So glad to hear the movie was good.

    I love the feeling that goes with that smile. In March of last year we went to Vancouver and hung out at the aquarium with my sister for the day and they have these habitats for small fish and frogs and such that you can crawl under and there’s a glass bubble for you to put your head in. I had that same grin on my face then. Especially in the frog habitat!

  3. Lynda says:

    I’m glad you got to see the movie. I’ve been saying for months that I wanted to see it, but between the holidays and company and being sick, it looks like I’ve missed my chance. Oh, well, it will be out on Blu-ray before too long. It’s good to know that it was as wonderful as I expected it was going to be.

  4. Jessie says:

    Now that the remodel has broken down into finite, manageable tasks, my life needs to be reorganized. The weather has been great for this time of year: it rains but not continuously and the weather is in the 40 -50’s F, so I am thinking of a head start on yard clean-up. I am not quite far enough along on finishing the sunroom to resurrect a studio but I am thinking about where I need it to be, how I can organize it so I don’t trash all the newly (well, in the last 5 years, it takes us a while to finish a project) redone floors and walls. It is time to find a life again.

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