Future Happiness

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’d like to be somebody who gets the Happiness post up every week on time, but evidently . . .




12 thoughts on “Future Happiness

  1. sjmcclelland says:

    A warm wet day in the middle of a cold month – made me outrageously happy to get my tulip bulbs into the ground. I didn’t mark them so it will be surprise next spring. I have 2 job offers to choose from -first time in my career. Plus, it will be promotion. My current boss won’t be happy I’m leaving but for the moment, I’m going to bask in my popularity. Found an amazing black skirt at my favourite neighbourhood boutique – no matter what the future brings, I’ll be fashionable.

  2. JenniferNennifer says:

    I think I spent more time cleaning for/after Thanksgiving than people spent in my house, but tradition was upheld, and the leftovers are terrific.

    I spent Friday relaxing and recovering from a cold, and felt greatly restored. Read 2 1/2 books in one day. About to start a new one, with a turkey sandwich followed by good chocolates. Did I mention the leftovers? Feeling grateful for the peace in my life and the friends and relatives I love, and sending good wishes out to the refab community for same.

  3. Susanne says:

    I’ve done nothing today. I believe that’s called a day off?

    (I did make some amazing squash/lentil soup but only because I wanted to.)

  4. Went to a landscape photography symposium in Birmingham on Friday: it made me happy to be among people who share my passion; and there were some inspiring speakers.

    And this evening a friend rang and invited me for Christmas: we’re going to have an alternative celebration and enjoy ourselves.

  5. Carol says:

    DH and I moved a ton and a half of flagstone from curbside to the front ex-lawn, building a raised bed, and planted California native plants in and around the new garden feature. It makes me smile to look at it, even though I’m walking like an old lady right now.

  6. I’m happy reading everybody else’s happies.

    Also its gorgeous here, and I’m loving my book more than any other book I’ve ever written and it’s more than half done. Going out for groceries and boards for shelves next. Life is good. The dogs say hi.

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