13 thoughts on “Full Steam A Head Happiness

  1. I’m cleaning my house which isn’t usually a source of joy, but I’m finally getting things DONE, and that’s very happy-making. Must go do more now.

  2. Not only did all my admin (accounts, filing, etc.), but completed it – rather than leaving the last bits, as I often do, because something more urgent had turned up. Finishing made me really happy.

    Then I got an editing job, so am earning again. And I do enjoy crafting a messy Word file with zillions of contradictory styles into something clear and consistent – and that’s before I start the real edit.

    And today I had a gardening day. It’s amazing how long it took me to sort out my 6 x 2 ft balcony. I can see a bit more of the car park now, but I’ve still got salvias, passionflower, echinacea, nasturtiums and a dahlia in flower, plus new salad leaves and spring bipulbs to look forward to.

    Oh, and I keep managing to calm down and feel happy by doing a meditation/visualization.

  3. Susan McClelland says:

    Back to yoga after a month-long absence. Made a couple of calls toward finding a new job – it’s hard for me to call people I don’t, but my boss is leaving and it’s good time for me to explore new options. Overnight trip to the cottage to close up – spent time with my favourite relatives and ignored other people’s drama. It’s Canadian thanksgiving and we’re having homemade pizza.

  4. JenniferNennifer says:

    Had a lovely conference, lovely vacation, nice to be home with the kitties and decent water pressure!

  5. Thea says:

    Lovely vintage shop down the street is closing, and I scored – for give-away price – two table-top Christmas trees I’ve coveted for ten years. One’s ’50s tinsel, the other crystals with wires, kinda Frenchy.

    Lunch at the new Mexico-City-style Mexican resto with a good friend and her friend, a girl I used to babysit who’s excited to have found me.

    Faure at the symphony today, downtown in the 20’s converted movie theatre, gorgeous and just the right kind of shabby. And Faure! and Poulenc and Schubert!

  6. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I stayed up late to wait for Tall Boy to get home from a football game and binge watched season 1 of The Good Place which made me laugh. I was able to catch up on season 2 and now have it on my DVR list.

  7. Julianna says:

    I got tired of waiting for fall weather (high 80s and high humidity — yuck!). So I cranked up the AC and we spent the day inside, made a pie and lasagna, and watched football.

    Hopefully the weather will change before we have to start raking leaves.

  8. Mama_Abbie says:

    Surprise (non-scheduled) facetime with daughter, granddaughter (and a little bit of son-in-law) just as we were returning home from early Sushi dinner on Thursday evening. Granddaughter gets cuter everyday. Fun seeing her put her Noah’s arc animals in the clear plastic “arc” and then empty them all out again. Really nice visit with daughter too!

  9. Jill says:

    Not a good week ahead. Med Staff meeting this evening. Tomorrow at a press conference it will be announced that our rural hospital will be taken over (not the right term) by a larger hospital system. This was a hard but necessary decision. Right now I am chair of the Board of Trustees. Wednesday is Employee Health Fair . I may work as a volunteer. Joe’s 103 year old aunt is in critical condition. One cousin lives near Napa. One is a professor at Texas Tech. Thursday is my usual doc appointment. That afternoon our yearly appointment with Edward Jones (it will not be pretty) . But. Friday afternoon I go back to my massage therapist for a 90 minute hot stone massage. I have not been for 3 or 4 months. Saturday annual LOH (Ladies of Harley) shopping/show trip to Branson. All depending on what happens with our family.

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