9 thoughts on “Feed Your Soul

  1. Kathleen Gilles Seidel says:

    My first audible.com book was released over the week-end. I have never had a book recorded before. I was very concerned about how I would react to hearing it. But I loved the narrator, and I was very proud of the book. So that is a seriously good feeling.

  2. We’ve finally turned the corner towards spring. Crocus and snowdrops in my garden. Picked up sticks and rubbish in the backyard and filled planter with spring flowers. My soul is humming happlily.

  3. Thea says:

    This is the weekend of happy soul.

    Two music events, French chamber music and then David Bromberg doing the blues.

    Insightful horticultural lecture in which we learn of area of intentionality. A hort psychologist (yes, such a thing) did a study and learned if you have a chaotic garden – prarie, native – the neighbors won’t call the muni authorities (next step being you’ll put a car up on blocks in the “lawn” area) because you create areas of clean pathways or a patch of gravel with a large stone and lantern. Now to create my own intentional areas.

    Flower Show and Library Book Sale weekend. Scored two blue ribbons for heritage roses and the complete lyrics of Noel Coward (and much else). Year goes downhill from here.

  4. Eileen AW says:

    My crocus have bloomed and tulip leaves have appeared. Plus it was in the 70s yesterday, blue sky and sun shining. Just beautiful!! It’s amazing what a difference the sun shining makes.

  5. MJ says:

    Played with watercolors. Walked in the park.

    And because I’m interested in the structure of “meta” movies like “Scream,” but watching gives me nightmares, I picked up that movie’s screenplay.

    I do most of my reading before bed.

    I may not have thought this through.

  6. I had a gardening weekend, which made me deeply happy. I’d bought a couple of galvanized shelving units from Ikea, so I could make a screen of plants between me and the tarmac sea. So I could go shopping for bedding plants and compost on Saturday morning, and then plant up the lime-green windowboxes I’d found. I’ve even got one full of strawberries. Another’s sown with salad stuff – rocket, coriander, land cress, etc. So I’ll be able to pick things to eat.

    It was so sunny and warm I took my thermal vest off and went barefoot.

    And to top it all, when I went for an evening walk round the lowest rampart of the hillfort, I found sheets of bluebells starting to flower, three or four weeks early. They’re my favourite wild flowers, and there’s something in their scent that makes me feel at peace.

    Yesterday evening I even did some flower photography on my balcony. Don’t think the pictures will work, but it makes me happy to take them.

  7. Music: messing around on our out-of-tune piano, plunking out tunes to beautiful ancient hymns that feed my soul…and bathing in the people’s praises at church (bonus point: the four year old little girl that was dancing in the aisle, doing twirls during the offertory.) Of course I became horse the weekend and I’m concerned that I won’t be able to sing on Easter.

    Also, attended first “Praise Moves” class this Saturday (positions and movement similar to level one Yoga, with different names for the positions and concentrating on various Bible verses while you hold the positions). I could only do maybe half of it (poor core strength and major fatigue) but it felt so good to stretch out properly…and new way to think about proper posture:
    somehow it is much easier for me to attain and maintain “putting my shoulders over my hips and tucking my abs” than to “stand up straight” which feels completely unnatural to me after all these years with my curvy spine..

  8. Carol says:

    I too had a gardening weekend, planting native plants and mulching. Mount Mulchmore in the front yard (I have to stop saying lawn, because there isn’t one!) is getting smaller as other beds are mulched, and by Friday should be gone entirely. I bought some native irises that are blooming and they make my heart soar, they are so beautiful!

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