Double Happiness

It’s Double Happiness Sunday since I missed last week.  (Sorry.  Swamped here.)

According to the Wiktionary, the Double Happiness symbol is

  1. The Chinese ideogrammic compound , often used as an ornamental symbol in Chinese celebrations.

It’s usually used to symbolize marriage, but I kind like of the idea that it’s also friendship and sharing and good relationships in general.

You know.  Like us.

So how have you all had moments of happiness in the past two weeks?



16 thoughts on “Double Happiness

  1. Had my happiest time for ages last week, when I finally found a house I want to buy. It’s a small semi-detatched bungalow on top of a steep hill: so the east-facing garden looks out across the edge of town to the Shropshire Plain, and the garden goes down in three terraces to end in an overgrown little orchard with damson and apple trees. I’m hugely relieved to know that I can actually get excited about buying somewhere. Although, alas, at the moment we can’t agree on price, so it may not happen.

    Just back from Powis, where I got finally got lost with my new camera in the last half hour, taking close-ups of rosebuds and nasturtiums while hanging over the edges of the terraces.

    And I’ve got this week off: my niece and nephew are coming tomorrow for a couple of days, and then I’m off to Halifax for a long weekend with my two closest friends from university.

  2. It sounds lovely. And perfect for you. And if they won’t agree on the price now, they may later, after your times with friends and family. Good luck!

  3. I adore these symbols. Oh, and Jane, good luck with the cottage.
    I guess I did have a double happiness Sunday, because edits that kicked my butt have been sent. My editor wasn’t a fan of my cast of thousands, so that required some heavy duty pruning. My poor old body is shot, and I keep mumbling about quitting this writing gig, but I understand it’s like childbirth. You say no, but often show up for more.

  4. Mary Anne in Kentucky says:

    Buying an orchard! Wishing you best of luck that they’ll negotiate. Gardens can be made fairly quickly, but orchards not so much.
    (I’m not ready to move yet, but I check real estate listings once a week anyway, and I usually end up saying, “Well, it’s a good thing I’m not ready to move, because there’s nothing out there.”)

  5. MJ says:

    JaneB, hope the cottage negotiations go your way – but it’s good to know that yes, you can find a place that excites you.

    I’ve been kind of under the weather and finally realized oh, duh, it’s time to start using the full-spectrum light (combating seasonal affective disorder). And my brain is responding.

    Finally, we had a double-happiness milestone weekend, attending my husband’s 40th high school reunion – during which our son called to tell us he and his longtime girlfriend got engaged!

  6. Mama_Abbie says:

    My double happiness was a full Saturday with 7 month old granddaughter and partial weekend with daughter and son-in-law, who had committed to a charity kick-ball tournament that was closer to our house than theirs. Poor daughter ended up not playing as she is recovering from strep that she picked up a little over a week ago – probably at her daughter’s pediatrician’s office (oh, the irony!)
    Daughter did go to watch some of the kick-ball, but I was just as happy to have her here in the morning to orientate me to all things Evie- we had not been left alone with her before. We did pretty good until it came to the afternoon nap (she fell asleep in the car coming home from running errands…that never bodes well for getting a full nap in.) I got my pre-surgery workout in carrying that child up and down the stairs four of five times…she is not light!

  7. Thea says:

    Please, what is “semi-detatched”? If you knew the California cachet in writing “Shropshire plains” and “Powis.” And I *knew* there are rosebuds in bloom in England in September!

  8. Thea says:

    Yay, the Happiness Sundays, doubled!

    Coffee Wednesday at the golf course. Group is the closest to friends I have on this island. Rereading that sentence, yeah, they’re real friends, each in their way. Another of the group, on her way to second home in New Hampshire, called me from Chicago Airport because she’d missed my call here. All of them, such the sweeties.

    My articles are finished and in! Second was easy, pulled from knowledge, first, oh so hard, pulled from gut and brain. But done! Another editorial meeting. I realize these are my friends too.

    All-day native plant seminar. Oh, the speakers! Came away with plants and knowledge. And – the theme – visited with friends.

  9. Jill says:

    If I do not automatically nap in the car (while Joe is driving) I read. So driving to Austin, TX made me happy. Spending time with family made me very happy. Receiving a package full of Christmas gifts I ordered made me happy. Face time (very brief) with great granddaughter is always happy. Learning about jelly roll quilting may be happy. Not sure about that one. I have the roll but have not started it.

    Not happy is all the stuff I have to deal with this week. Except–maybe–getting my Metropolitan out of the shop. I am going to have to relearn how to drive it–it has been 50 + years since I first learned. My learning skills were better then.

  10. I had to look that up, too. It’s basically a duplex but they’re a lot more common in England. Then I looked at Shropshire semi-detached and went down a wonderful British real estate rabbit hole.

  11. I daresay Jenny’s right (‘duplex’ is a foreign word); semi-detached means it’s attached on one side to a matching house with a mirror layout. They’re cheaper to build than fully detached houses, but more expensive than terraces.

    Powis is still in full flood – it peaks in late summer. So there were all kinds of plants in bloom: clematis, dahlias, fuchsias, asters, alstroemerias, salvias, pelargoniums. It should still be good next month, when there’ll also be a lot more autumn colour.

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