9 thoughts on “Doing Joy Right

  1. Came up with an idea for an ebook using my garden photography, which made me really happy. This was on my photography day, exploring a new garden, which was altogether a happy day.

    Just had a good meditation/tarot session, which has made me feel happy with where I am (instead of frantically second-guessing myself and getting sucked into an existential crisis).

    The annoying Japanese monk book turned out to be a really short job: it was great to suddenly reach the end of it.

  2. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I did happiness right in a couple of ways. On Thursday, Tall Boy and I played hooky and went to a movie in the city – a nearly 5 hour drive round trip so we were gone for most of the day. The dogs were so excited to see us when we got home, they barked and jumped around and were just silly. Even Jasmine got in on the act and barked at Tall Boy when he clapped his hands at her and was goofy.

    Friday we worked on some of my furniture projects and got a couple in the house. The base of the baker’s/Hoosier-style cabinet is all set up and looks great. I’m really proud of it. I just have to finish painting the top and it will be ready to go. Putting the top on is going to be interesting, it’s heavy.

    I spent the rest of the day working in the garden pulling weeds and trimming back perennials like my peonies and hostas. We’ve had a killing frost already so they were ready for it. It feels so good to have my garden work all done before the cold weather hits. Working in the garden only sometimes feels like work, mostly it just makes me happy to get out in the fresh air and get some dirt under my fingernails (ripping my cuticles to shreds isn’t so fun, but I just can’t garden with gloves on). I’m actually going to get all my garden ornaments and things put away this year which is an accomplishment in and of itself.

  3. Finished a novella (or long short story) that I’d begun to think would NEVER get done. It was a rewrite of an old project that’s had so many false starts that it would have been far easier to write a new story from scratch, but I really liked the premise. Glad it’s done now! And it’s the last of my mystery-manuscript false starts from before I sold my first mystery (my romance false starts are never going to see the light of day!), so it’s all bright, shiny new premises from here on out! Seems appropriate since the story features a quilt block known as Bright Hopes.

  4. Jessie says:

    When we had to assemble my husband’s new tool cabinet which weighted several hundred pounds, we got a portable engine hoist and used that to lift the top section in place. The other option is if you have young weight-lifting friends to help. Unfortunately almost everyone we know has pulled muscles in their backs at one time or another so it was the engine hoist for us.

  5. Mary Anne in Kentucky says:

    I’m enjoying my foot not hurting. After two years of increasing pain and a diagnoses that the fat pads that protect the ball-of-the-foot joints had worn away, finally getting enough new (expensive!) well-padded shoes to wear every day has led to several weeks with hardly any foot pain. I hope it lasts.

    It was a joy to hear my three-times-roommate’s voice on voicemail when I got home from work today, even though I’m too tired to call her back and emailed instead of following her preferences.

    I found spinach on sale, and will make lasagna with it later.

  6. Mary Anne in Kentucky says:

    Now I want to read a book about annoying Japanese monks. Possibly historical, but fantasy would be nice, too.

    Let us know where this ebook idea leads, since gardens and photography are two of my interests.

  7. Thea says:

    Dinner with rose friends who have moved into a lux retirement building set up with just everything. My husband says it’s like living on a cruise ship without the port stops. The penthouse restaurant boasts a French chef. Dinner was terrific and our friends are happy, so gratifying.

    Friends of the Library Volunteer lunch. Won a book and reconnected with community.

    Went to my grand-nephew’s art flash opening. He’s 14, autistic, and he has a foundation his art money goes to so autistic kids can learn to skateboard. Place was packed with families and hipsters, art was sold, selfies were taken.

    Dogs we used to see often at Dog Park recognized us yesterday after several months of our being away – we changed to a later time – and went all ecstatic in extended welcome. Just wow. Something about doggy love …

  8. Carol says:

    Flew to Chicago for a friend’s dad’s memorial service, which meant a great deal to our friend. Then we drove to Michigan so I could notch State #48, and had ice cream for breakfast. Happiness abounds.

  9. MJ says:

    Had a crazy art project idea: paint a pattern on cardboard box pieces, then splatter by throwing eggshells filled with paint. Did all that a couple weeks ago. This weekend I made (for the first time ever) simple wooden frames for the 19″ x 38″ pieces. Used a miter box and everything. And it looks pretty dang cool.

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