Clip Art Junkies, This Is For You

I’ve been researching clip art for a couple of different projects and I found a great source for free images: The Graphics Fairy LLCKaren has a weekly post called Brag Monday where she puts up things people have made using the clip art found on her site, with links to their blogs that give instructions.  The whole blog is a clip art/crafter’s dream.  Plus she has some great vintage kids’ stuff, like a vintage how-to-draw series (my fave is the mice, click on the image to make larger):








I also found a great book, The Steampunk Sourcebook from Dover:











You have to pay for it, but it has tons of great vintage clip art on the page and on a disk.  Also included are some examples of digital collage using some of the images, and one of them by Ryan Futterman reminded me of Krissie and publishing.  We do not talk about publishing here EVER, but this was so Krissie, I had to share:











I have a friend who’s very active in her children’s education, and she had a vanity plate made for her minivan that said, “SQUKYWHL” because she wanted the school’s admin to know she was coming.  I think Krissie should use this for her author photo so publishers know the same thing.

It’s a great world if you’re a clip art junkie.  Know of any other good sources?

18 thoughts on “Clip Art Junkies, This Is For You

  1. Shamefully, I have to admit this: I can’t figure out what that means. Phonetics and sound alikes were always beyond me. I’ve got past most of my learning issues, but vanity plates are still beyond my grasp.

    It was funny, right?

  2. Jenny,
    Did you know that you can subscribe to Dover’s email and get free images from them every Friday?

    Here is the link to this week’s freebies:
    (links expire Thursday night)

    To sign up, go here …

    If you are interested, I have a bunch of free stuff posted on my boards:


  3. This reminds me of the art I see that’s made by striking keys on the keyboard. Have seen some gorgeous pieces, mostly by tweens, that have amazed me. Somebody made a whole image of a vintage typewriter that was fab.

    If I could find it, I’d put up a link–if I knew how to add links in a comment, that is:)

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