Christmas Wednesday (Krissie)

51Gc7lHXyGL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_But first, an advertisement brought to you by our sponsors <g>.  CONSUMED BY FIRE, my new romantic suspense, is a Kindle Daily Deal today for $1.99, which is a steal.  It’s got the usual sex and violence, a gorgeous, dangerous hero and a really tough heroine for a change.  Plus a great dog and it’s funny.

On the homefront, the hurricane is going to hit us (yeah, the one from Mexico)and we’re going to have record highs tomorrow, plus lashings of rain and wind.  Okay with me — I’ll just stay indoors.

I realized why I wasn’t feeling my usual Halloween/beginning of the holidays mood.  Last year my grandchildren left right after Halloween – the last time I saw them was when they came trick or treating, so it’s no wonder that right now I equate Halloween with grief.  (I have seen them four times since then, briefly. Could be worse, I guess.)

But I figure once Halloween is over I  can get into the mood.  I’ve got a couple of autumn quilts in the basement to dig out, and fake foliage to festoon the house, and I can start with the Christmas sewing/shopping whatever.  I don’t have that many people to shop for/sew for any more, which is just as well, I guess.  Well, not just as well – I’d much rather have too many people to shop for, but that’s one of those things that’s out of my control.  Nevertheless, I’m reclaiming Christmas as best I can, and I guess I better start with hoarding Minecraft Legos, since there’s supposed to be a Lego shortage this year.  Horrors!

I’ll even bake, but it’s gotta be healthy baking. Whole wheat white flour and whole wheat pastry flour is surprisingly good (though don’t trust that prune shit that’s supposed to be a natural sweetener — it’s gross).  Today I’ll make Richie some banana muffins from the bananas that have gone by, as a dry run.  I have no idea who’ll be here for Thanksgiving – maybe just Richie and me.  It doesn’t matter – we’ll toast our children and cuddle and it’ll be just fine.

Most of you will probably be having massive Thanksgivings.  Even if you’ve got the requisite drunken brother-in-law and the inappropriate uncle, be glad you’ve got ’em.  The holiday season is a time for tolerance.

I think I’ll buy some pumpkin spice coffee.  I don’t particularly like it, but it’s festive.  (I do love Starbucks Christmas/Holiday blend when it comes out, though).

What have you all got planned for Halloween?  Anyone dressing up?  We live so far out in the country that no one comes by, but maybe I’ll dress like a nun anyway, just to make Richie and Tim react.

jenny tigger

Best Halloween story — Mini-me was always a Tigger sort of person to her husband’s Eeyore, so for Halloween one year I sent her a full-size Tigger costume.  At the time she was touring as a stage manager for an opera company in England, and I had it sent to the theater in York (or wherever).  She made the mistake of opening the package in front of the actors etc., and they insisted she put it on and wear it for the entire day while she did her stage managing duties.  Must have been pretty funny watching Tigger scoot around while Verdi was bellowing from the rafters.

So what’s your Halloween story?

13 thoughts on “Christmas Wednesday (Krissie)

  1. Lynda says:

    Love the Tigger costume!! Do you still have that beautiful cat quilt that you made a long time ago, using Halloween fabrics?

    I’m not much on Halloween. The only decorating I’ve done is to hang a dishtowel I embroidered on my oven door. But I know some people adore the holiday. My daughter-in-law Drea wanted her and Greg to get married on Halloween, but her mother and aunties vetoed that. Instead the wedding was a week later, and they used gorgeous rich autumn colors as the theme, with pumpkin centerpieces but no jack-o-lanterns. (I still have mine.)

    Don’t assume that everybody’s Thanksgiving is filled with family. More than once it was just Larry and me. If it looks as if you and Richie may be on your own this year, then I would humbly suggest that you make reservations at some nice restaurant. The novelty of dining out can raise your spirits, it’s a hell of a lot less work, and you will be surrounded by other people. The only downside is no leftovers .

  2. Cindy says:

    Now that my kiddos aren’t kiddos anymore, I’m not really into Halloween. The girls are going to a costume party, and we are just going out for dinner.

  3. Cindy says:

    I really like your suggestion of dining out. My husband and I have done that on New Year’s before. It takes away some of the pressures and expectations.

  4. JenniferNennifer says:

    I am very into Halloween. I think I already mentioned that I made my trick or treat bags, and as soon as I get home on Friday, I will put up the rest of my decorations: my giant inflatable haunted house, inflatable carriage with a vampire that sits up and lies down, and the big spider. I already have the lights and skeletons and ghosts up etc. Will have guests for dinner. I have a new spiderweb skirt. It will all be my happy for Sunday on November 1.

  5. Janet says:

    I will be on my own for Thanksgiving; my nearest relative lives 400 miles away and I didn’t get the weekend off but I won’t let it get me down. I will roast a small turkey, have stuffing and gravy, a vegetable and a salad. I love leftovers so I will not have to cook for the next several meals afterwards. Plus, I love homemade turkey soup…

    I don’t put up a lot of decorations for Halloween, but it’s more laziness than anything else. I get a lot of trick or treaters so I carve up a couple of pumpkins and stock up on candy and I’m ready for the kids.

  6. lynn says:

    Eh, I don’t do holidays. Presumptuously, I’d suggest maybe looking at what you’re getting out of assuming that “most” people are having big, family-filled Thanksgivings, where any issues are resolved through a little tolerance. Not how things work for most people I know!

    My Halloween plans probably revolve around helping the dog (who is going through a tragic adolescent phase) cope. So, probably hanging out in the bedroom with a pocket stuffed with treats, so I can help her understand that doorbell=good stuff. Later, for better or worse, I will probably eat a bunch of leftover candy.

    My Thanksgiving plans are evolving. No tradition of family events. The local non-profit cafe is having a huge community dinner, eager to welcome people who have no other option for dinner AND people who could use a break from cleaning up their huge kitchens, and everyone in between, but I’m kind of hoping to skip that. I’d be happy with a hike, crockpot chili, and an early bedtime (which at this moment, sounds like a real treat).

    Mini-me is very cute in her Tigger costume! And if I recall, your nun costume is fabulous.

  7. Maine Betty says:

    I echo other people’s comments: we’re all in different places in the holidays, I doubt anyone’s really got the Norman Rockwell painting going on in their lives. Good things, but not that.

    For Halloween, my brother’s here from SF, and we have some kids in the neighborhood for a change, they’re coming around, so we’re getting some candy and a pumpkin and putting the dog in the back room with a bone, so yay.

  8. My grandchildren have the cat quilt. And my parents got married on Halloween in 1942, and I’ve probably given every one a good impression of how that turned out.
    We went out to eat last Christmas because things were in such turmoil. I think I could find a way for Richie and me to enjoy Thanksgiving alone — we always watch the Macy’s parade and the smell of turkey in the house is so nice. But I’m open-minded. If we get an invite elsewhere we’ll go, but any family members usually go away (Richie’s cousin)

  9. Susanne says:

    Norman Rockwell paintings: it’s like thinking every woman should be a size 10.

    We’ve already had our Thanksgiving dinner, and I told my husband I was staying at home. We ended up having a lovely weekend. Can’t always think of others. Sometimes we come at the head of the parade.

  10. mitchiewitch says:

    We live in a neighborhood that used to have a killer block party (living statues, coffins in hearses) before the recession and people still drive here from other parts of the city, so we get lots of trick-or-treaters. Add the grandkids (5 & 3 years old) and my honey is in heaven. She dresses up and we have a light display that rivals the one at Christmas so our house can be seen from the corner and doesn’t get skipped. I usually get 1000 pieces of candy to be sure that we don’t run out and bring what little is left to work where my student workers take care of it.

  11. Jill says:

    No spook plans. I already have the candy-we get between 40-60 trick or treaters. I like seeing the kids all dressed up-except the adults with infant in arms and their bag stuck out. Bah Humbug.
    No Thanksgiving plans yet. I have to wait and see what my daughter’s in-laws plan, then work around that. we are fine with just us and younger (unmarried) daughter.

  12. Kelly S says:

    I’m not into Halliween. No candy bought yet & we might not. We usually only get 10-15 kids and this year we’ll be gone during the trick or treat time.

    Thanksgiving will be chaos this year as it is at my in-laws. (I’m an only, so when it’s at my folks, there are just the 4 of us.) So, after traveling for 4-5 hours, we’ll be surrounded by 5 siblings with spouses, 3 adults from the previous generation, and 9 kids. You might find it heavenly, I would be happier with dinner for 2 with just my hubby and I.

    The Tigger costume is adorable! Mini-me was such a good sport for wearing it all day too!

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