15 thoughts on “Choosing Happiness

  1. JenniferNennifer says:

    I choose to be happy that the squirrel that ended up in my bedroom (cat – is this your doing?) seems to have gone elsewhere. I am afraid it is still somewhere in my house, but NOT in my box spring scrabbling away under me is a big plus (DH turned the bed sideways to confirm it was no longer there.) I have left the back door open, in case it wants to leave under its own power. Cross your fingers for us.

    Happy that boss is traveling, so easy week and extra Jazzercise. Extra time off might even be invested in cleaning my house. Cleaning up flowerbeds. Sitting in a chair and reading. I promise to be happy about whichever one happens.

  2. I’m having squirrel issues too — they’ve hollowed out a huge section of a wall in my office and built a nest that’s bursting through the plaster! I filled a kitchen trash bag with the leaves and other debris, and I didn’t get all of it yet. So, not happy that anyone else is dealing with them, but it does help to know I’m not alone.

    Happies that don’t require anyone else to share my misery: peak asparagus season in the garden; trees greening up to give my yard privacy; and seeing some light at the end of a particular ten-year-long and intensely dark tunnel.

    Oh, and I got the (amazing) cover art and a release date for the first in my Danger Cove Farmers’ Market Mysteries (June 20, with the second and third to follow in August and October).

  3. I was happy to be editing again. This was a bit of a surprise, but I’ve been getting anxious about money, so it made me happy to be doing something about it.

    Also happy that the bluebells are flowering for ages this year, and I keep coming across carpets of them. Feel I’m making up for all the years when they seemed really fleeting and I missed them.

    Had a wonderful photography walk the other evening, looking for mysteries in my favourite wood.

    And have just come back from an afternoon garden visiting, to find my upstairs neighbour has made me a plate of Chinese food (looks like it’ll make two meals to me). We’ve been texting each other with the help of Google Translate.

    Oh, and I looked up the weather forecast at this garden this afternoon, and the app told me I was at Stanton Lacy, Grand Sophy country. (I realized when bored in a geography lesson years ago that Georgette Heyer got her characters’ surnames from British placenames).

  4. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I went to my mom and dad’s yesterday to take my mom to an early Mother’s Day lunch yesterday since we’re away next weekend and wound up having homemade chicken noodle soup and just visiting. It was nice. I started brainstorming some furniture I want to paint and now just have to gather colours and get my butt in gear. I’ve been having fun looking at colours and imagining. It’s good to have a project.

  5. Jessie says:

    Mixed week. A week and a half ago my husband’s surgeon said that my husband’s foot surgery 3 months ago had not healed properly and three of the screws had sheared off so another surgery was in the works immediately. Our good friends dropped everything they had planned and we all went to the coast for a few days since my husband will be house bound for at least two months, maybe three. We had a great time: lots of laughter and good food and the rained stopped and the ocean sparkled under blue skies. It also took our minds off the surgery, which was Friday.

    After the surgery the surgeon said she could not correct the entire problem of broken screws and excess subcutaneous scar tissue then and would have to wait six weeks to fix the rest. But he is home and while mostly confined to bed, we have started once again on the recovery process. And I am just so pleased, he is okay.

    • Lynda says:

      Jessie: I’m so sorry you and your husband are going through all this. Many years ago my husband had a foot reconstructed, and for quite awhile there were repeated problems with infections around the various pins that were holding the bones in place. But eventually the foot did heal, and he never had problems with it again. (Later issues with the other foot, but that’s a different story.) I guess what I’m saying is at this point you just have to be verrrry patient and hope for the best. Prayers for you both!

      • Jessie says:

        Thank you for the best wishes. It isn’t like cancer or stroke or Alzheimer’s. But he so active and he is so worried that he won’t be again. And it is such a miserably slow surgery to recover from.

        Our generation was so smug. We were not going to be like our grandparents. We would stay active, and eat right. So here we are at the same age our grandparents were. All the biking (my husband commuted to work for 50 years by bike), cross-country skiing, walking, and eating our 5 or 6 fruits and vegetables a day could not overcome the DNA hardwiring. Who knew.

    • Jill says:

      Oh no ! Your husband is a brave man to have to undergo that surgery twice !
      One of our daughters is an orthotist. I told her about your husbands surgery. I have flat feet that have never bothered me before but do now as I age . So next time I see her I expect to get a lecture and a mold done.

  6. Thea says:

    Rain! Soon as I bundle up, I choose to go out to sow seeds.

    Trained on a tutor in our garden is something with serious thick canes and wicked prickles (thorns)that go up forever with no sign of leaves let alone a rose. I had that thing slated for a saw-out. Then this week I stood on the back porch and observed small scarlet roses making a carpet canopy over the Bramble Yard. Rereading Anne Belovich’s new book “Rambler Roses” I realize we have found our rose “Coronation,” a rarity I won at auction five years ago and thought lost. I value surprise as a gift, and this is a big – tall – one. So happy.

    South Coast Rose Society put on an exhibit yesterday, and our heritage rose group displayed. Our roses along the length of one wall filled the room with scent. Exhibiting is two days of work, well worth the time and effort.

  7. Jill says:

    Happiness today. I finally finished a major photo file chore. I keep albums for Joe and I (on #51 now) and for each member of the family -from birth and/or marriage on. I work my butt off–and no one looks at them. But, I am obsessed about it.
    Other than PT MWF and one eye appointment this week looks good. As in , I might have time to read.

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