Working Wednesday: The Big Sort

I’m going through  my kitchen and figuring out what to keep and what must go and what I need to get.  Yeah, there are some things I need.  Mollie’s doing the same thing, so we’re swapping ideas which is always tricky for us because we are complete opposites.  But there are some things we agree on, like tossing worn out cookie sheets (those things get used for everything) in favor of new, insulated ones, and–this one was surprising–heavy duty #20 cookie scoops.  And of course some things we probably wouldn’t agree on, like the cherry measuring spoons I needed because my measuring spoons have had it and because they”ll look so great hanging on the edge of my shelves.

Everything else, however, must go unless it is useful, beautiful, in good shape, and essential to my wellbeing.  Or on a really high shelf where it’s not going to get in my way.  There are some things like my NYC taxi and Betty Boop cookie jars that stay.  (My three-foot tall Betty Boop statue, however, is in the garage.)

So how did your work week go?  I got my lavender planted, so that was something.

Working Wednesday: How did it get to be Wednesday so fast? (Jenny)

I swear I thought it was Tuesday.

So I got the back porch cleared off (today is cleaning it off as in scrubbing off the dirt) and possibly putting up new rail tops so I can put the planters on and fill them with dirt and something growing. But I did get all the junk off, so progress. And I wrote 2000 words this week which is pathetic.

Man, I really have to accomplish something this week. Working Wednesdays as a motivator only works if I remember when Wednesday is.

So what single thing did you accomplish this week?

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All About You and BLIZZARD! (Krissie)


There’s a blizzard coming. It’s gonna womp Jenny, it’s going to slam us (possibly 18 inches of snow, but we’re used to it. We’ve had other big storms around St. Patrick’s Day, but we’ve just had two bitter weekends (high temperatures about one degree, strong wind – our bedroom was 59 degrees when I woke up yesterday) and spring seems a long ways away. But they build us tough up here. Only problem is we’re going to have a goddess gathering (Lani and her two daughters are coming down to NJ and I’m driving down on Thursday) so now we gotta deal with snow. Hey, it could be worse. We could have some appalling narcissist leading our country … oh, never mind.

(Sorry, I’ll try to avoid politics). Anyway, spent the weekend working on doll clothes and furniture, having a lovely time. This week, before I head down for FUN, I have to figure out why I’m not writing. It’s very strange – Jenny is writing like crazy and I’m not – it’s usually the other way around. I think I’ve had four books out since Jenny’s last one came out. I’m not in competition – I’d do anything to help her writing, and I love that she’s got a story again. But it’s weird for me.

So I’m not going to promise to write this week. I’m going to figure out why I don’t (topic for therapy today). And, I get to go see Kong tonight (Hiddles, y’know). Gotta kick my ass into gear.

What’s on your agenda?