Working Wednesdays: The Work Never Ends

Krissie was here and we spent the week cleaning my living room.  It’s still not cleared out.  That’s how bad it is.  But it’s BETTER.  And Krissie has a car full of yarn, and I can see the floor.  I also took some of my WiPs (Works in Progress) and gave them to Krissie, frogged them, or threw them out.  I still have baskets of them, but the ones that are left now are the ones I want to finish.  Goal for today: Get the dining room table off the front patio.   BIg Plans.

How was your work week?

Working Wednesday: Getting Organized

I’ve been caught in that “I’ll get to that in a minute” syndrome where I never get to much, mostly because everything is so overwhelming here.  So I went back to Things,  an app I used to like (had to buy it again for the new OS), and set up an every-day plan that gives me fifteen minutes in each room of the house (small cottage) and two hours of writing and revising time, plus fifteen minutes on the yards, front and back.  That’s a short enough time to keep me from getting bored, but long enough that I might accomplish something.  And a little bit every day is better than nothing at all.  So I have high hopes.  Of course, we’ve been here before . . .

How’s your work coming along?

Work Time (Krissie)

Well, I came in, all ready to put up photos, and I couldn’t find my photos. Last week, before I left (I’m in NM with my grandkids, oh, joy, oh rapture) I added another two borders onto Alex’s quilt, so now it’s ready for quilting. That makes three tops = when I get back I’ll make the backings (have the fabric already) and then sandwich them and quilt them. Not sure what’s next on the agenda, though I need to make another doll outfit because they make me happy.
Let’s see if I have anything I can show you …. The red dress on the left is the one I made. Otherwise I’m gonna have to figure out a way to move dropbox photos to the blog.
And now the three year old is calling and I must go. Pray for my joints.


Working Wednesdays: Finally, It’s Fallish

So it’s considerably cooler this week, and I’m considerably more in the mood to work.  I realize it’s still August, but once the temps are back in the 60s and 70s, my thoughts turn to Getting Things Done.

What are you Getting Done this week? (Or Got Done last?)



OK, here I am, chiming in.  Let’s see if I’ve got some sewing room photos.  Jeesh!  There’s nothing on this computer.  Oh, well.  Here are my sewing duties.  Put new binding on a dress and a top (I took the old binding off and changed the shoulder seems so the neckline wouldn’t be so loose.  I have narrow shoulders and with plus sizes they tend to upsize everything, including the shoulders.  Though actually I’m wearing a lot of non-plus size clothes nowadays).  I need to sandwich at least three quilts – the farmyard one (fabric bought the day I learned I had to have a hysterectomy in 5 days – lots of years ago) and the batik quilt, made from a jelly roll Jenny got me, and Alex’s flannel quilt, which might need one more border.  I’ve got backing and batting for each – I just have to get it together).  Then put gussets in the mismarked skirt and and dress..  Gotta dig out my poor machine first.  Here’s a reminder of the sewing room.


Working Wednesdays Are a Lot of Work

I have a ton of work to do today because I blew off yesterday–spent the day with my grandkids and–and blew Monday on the latest season of Midsommer Murders.   Mostly I’m doing things while waiting for impeachment, but at least I’m doing things.  I may even have figured out a way to do my ceilings in the workroom and bedroom.

So what have you been up to, working wise?