Joy: Sock It To Me

One of the most important things about finding happiness is finding out what triggers it.  The more triggers the better, of course, but one of my big joy-starters is socks.

I’m writing a book that has a lot of socks in it, and (thanks to help from the Argh people) I’m finding marvelous socks for the heroine to wear.  My favorite so far is Cthulhu (another motif in the book) swimming while holding a pole that has the a puppet head of the Loch Ness Monster sticking up above the surface of the lake.  Cthulhu is on one leg and and the puppet head is on the other.  I went to look for a picture to show you, and they’ve disappeared from the net.  I know they exist, they’re sitting on the dresser in the guest room right now, but as far as the internet goes, they’re gone.

All of which is to say, hold fast to joy or it goes.  What kick-started your joy this week?

Good Morning, Children

. Aha, moving a photo worked. Note that I am snugged up in one of the crocheted jackets Crusie gave me. She crochets so she doesn’t smack people, but then she ends up with too much stuff, and I reap the benefits of it all.
It’s cold in my office, the electric heater that looks like a fireplace is cranking out the btus, and I’m ready to work.
But first … The Shape of Water. (An endless moment of rapturous grinning ensues).

Just … so wonderful. Not like the rampart scene in Last of the Mohicans or the bed scene in The Big Easy, more along the lines of the end of the Big Easy,when they’re dancing. I just sat in the movie theater with a big smile on my face, the one that Richie calls my Disney smile. It appears when I first arrive at Disney World. It appeared when I found out I was having a granddaughter. It’s sheer, innocent joy untrammeled by reality. You don’t find that very often, but I found it last night. I’m still smiling.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about attacking the mess in my house, which I spent the weekend doing, and Jenny was similarly inspired. Tune in, and think about what area you need to make sense of. Office? Kitchen? Bedroom?
Everything needs it in this house, but I’m taking it bird by bird.

See you tomorrow, and we can share organizing, decluttering, stick-to-it tips.