All About You (and Politics)

I may look cheery there but I’m not. And for God’s sake, this isn’t political! It’s human. It has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat or Trump.
I’m just so angry and heartbroken about Charlottesville. That such things can happen in our country, that they’re happening more and more. That somehow that kind of evil has become part of our society worries me deeply.

I don’t understand where evil comes from. Those screaming white nationalists are good men, I know they are. How did such vile hatred become there identity? How does this sort of thing ever happen? In general I don’t believe in evil, I believe in sickness – of the soul, of the mind. Does adversity drive most people to these kinds of terrible beliefs and behaviors? Sorry, but it’s just so deeply upsetting.

On to better things. I’m almost finished the book. I’m doing massive stuff on my sewing room. Today I’ll get to sew with Sally, and the weather is good (though still cool). I find I can float in my pool and listen to audiobooks (I’m on the new Sarah MacLean and it’s excellent) if it’s 68 or above and the sun in shining. If the sun goes away and there’s a breeze it gets a little nippy. But I am going to wrest some summer out of this too-short non-summer or die of pneumonia trying.

I rehearsed last week for a theater gala last night, and I joined a bunch of old friends singing the nun music from Sound of Music. This weekend we’re doing a staged reading of The Time of their Lives wherein I play the role of “an unattractive woman.” When I first read the play I said “I’ll play any role but that one.” Really, really didn’t want to play her because of my complex issues of feeling “un-pretty” most of my life.

But then I thought if I felt that strongly about the part (and it’s not a large one) then I should definitely play it, so instead I requested it, and we’ll be having rehearsals Thursday and Friday and perform Saturday and Sunday. So at least I get a taste of theater, which makes me happy.
And this is my sewing room mid-scramble. I’m slowly getting it organized – I’ll have more stuff on Wednesday to show you.

So this week. Deal with the situation in this country. Rehearse the play. Work on the book (finish the draft?). Sew with Sally. Play the guitar and sing. Maybe finally get my butt to the big city (I’ve been putting it off for weeks and weeks).

What’s on your agenda? Lots of you on vacation as “summer” winds down? Though many of you (including those in England) have more than their fair share of summer. Mini-me was over during a heat wave in … I think it was early July. She just landed again this morning – her SIL is dying and she and her Brit husband have gone to say good-bye.

It’s times like these that “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” by Monty Python comes so mind.

So, my children, what’s on your agenda?

Oh, and I had at least one typo and now I can’t find it (I think it was a homophone) so be generous with me. Yeah, I really do know how to write – I just type too fast.

All About You (Krissie)

So, I’m skinny. Actually I’m not feeling wildly healthy right now (I think it’s the nasty Celebrex) but I haven’t been hungry (which exacerbates the feeling funky) so I got on the scale and I’m down another 2 pounds or so. 219. Haven’t been that low since 1994. It’s kind of nice to fit in all sorts of clothes, etc.

Spent the weekend on the Great Sewing Room Smackdown – mainly folding fabric into neat little sizes around comic book boards. That sounds utterly insane, doesn’t it? I’ll report more on Wednesday.

My BFF#2 (Jenny’s BFF#1) is arriving for a couple of weeks today, which is wonderful, except I want to finish this book. I’ll figure it out. Sally and I sew together, and talk together (we grew up in two insane families a couple of blocks away in Princeton, our grandfathers were both Princeton professors, our mothers were both certifiable). She’s like a member of my family, the only one left from that time, so spending time with her is important.

But I’m dying to finish this book. However, she’s got health issues too, so that’ll free me up.

I gotta balance those two things (Sally and Writing), I want to keep working on the sewing room, and I want to feel better, physically. I’m pretty good spiritually and mentally – been some hits (some minor, some major) but the kids are stable, Richie and I are in love and though we’re leaking money like a sieve (the kids) we’re okay. I even got to float in the pool a couple of days. If it’s pool weather Sally’s going to want me to exercise (ugh), but that’s okay. Anything for sunshine.

Oh, yeah, gotta join in a couple of nun songs from the Sound of Music this weekend (and rehearse this week) so that will be fun as well. I miss my people (other performers).

We’ve got leaves changing color. We really haven’t had a summer this year, which makes our endless winter even harder. We’ve got to figure out a cheap way to get away, but there’s that money/sieve problem. Anyone got any ideas?

So tell me, my darlings, what’s on your agenda? Are you getting into Autumn mode? Efterår in Danish, BTW.

As for me, I’m chuffed about the weight loss but need to make sure nothing else is going on. Maybe I’ll just jump on Richie and cuddle. You know what Richie looks like, right?



Ooops, that’s wrong. (A different lifetime).



All About You (Krissie)

I’m finally ready to move ahead on the book after absolutely months of rewriting. It would have been faster to write a whole new book, but I’ve loved this unusual (for me) process. I was so excited I almost forgot refab.

I’m excited about Working Wednesdays, but I’m doing so many interesting things I’m probably going to throw them up (not literally) at other times as well. I just passed day 201 of studying Danish (I’m using Duolingo as well as a number of other programs and Duolingo keeps track). Been working on my sewing room, attempting some order in the bedroom (you can barely walk through it) plus writing. I’m getting a little discouraged about the weather here – I’d just like it to reach 80, fer gawd’s sake! I want to float in my pool but it’s too effing cold! My floatie died and I got a new one from Amazon. Looks great, doesn’t it? And I’ve got one of those blow up pools, about 4 feet deep, with a ladder. Now I knew getting on that sucker was going to be difficult, so I climbed two steps up the ladder and tried to fling my leg over. Next thing I knew I was under water with the floatie on top of me. Mama don’t like going under water. I had my iPhone in a water-proof bag that wasn’t completely waterproof (I was listening to an old Georgette Heyer). Undaunted (though with water up my nose), I climbed up on the ladder again, flung my leg over and … you guessed it. I’m looking forward to watching Richie try to get on it but it was too cold for him yesterday. I think we’ll break 80 today.

Anyone who’s got extra energy could send out some healing light or prayer or whatever you do for my cousin Helen who’s going under the knife at 1 today. It’s not looking so good but I’m optimistic, or at least trying to be.

And I’ve been writing the loveliest book in my head about Tom Hiddleston. That man is just adorable, as far removed from my heroes as a human could be (though I use the actor part of him as hero material). The real man seems to be the kindest, sweetest man, and I’m doing this book in my head that would never work because all the tension is in the heroine, but damn, it’s fun! Also, a great way to fall asleep.

What’s on your agenda? I get to write!!!! I’m going to meditate for an hour at one (for my cousin) and float in the pool in the afternoon, and then write like mad the rest of the time. And that’s my plan for the week. At night I do a little work on my revamped sewing room, then I play the guitar and sing, study my Danish, listen to an audiobook, and then move on to  Hiddleston. My, it’s a good life (both kids are stable and content – no crises).

So what’s on your agenda? Who would you most like to f .. er, who would you be most likely to have sexual fantasies about if you didn’t have to be embarrassed or married or old or fat or skinny or whatever? If you could be anyone you want, and the love of your life wasn’t around, who would you choose?

I want answers! Surely I can’t be the only one who does this. Come on, don’t be shy. (And the person doesn’t have to be alive or old in your fantasies. I’d take James Dean in a flash). Or hey, if you’re feeling shy – who would you model your perfect hero on?

And now, for your delectation:



Ooooh, aren’t we pretty? We’ve been revamped by Mollie, and I think we’re looking very spiffy.  My computer is being problematic.  First I realized the camera is broken (this is a very old computer, even for a Mac).  Then I looked for an entertaining photo to put up instead, but I can’t access Dropbox or Pinterest from here and I finally gave up, because I have WORK!  Jenny and I have been talking about coming here each week on a different day and talking about what we’ve made, what we’ve written, etc.  I have lots of things to tell you – about the Great Sewing Room Beatdown (didn’t take long for that to get out of control) and the sewing I’ve been doing, and the bathroom redid like Cinderella’s dress (the mouse and bird one, not the fairy godmother one).  

In the meantime I’ve got so much work to do and it’s taking for freaking ever, though I made good progress last week.  And I’ve decided to be grateful for our cold, rainy summer.  I was watching the Weather Channel yesterday and it was horribly, dangerously hot through most of the country, and then they had a reporter over in NH (same kind of climate) and it looked lovely (like it does here, even in the rain) and I decided I was grateful for our weather.  I don’t do heat (unless it’s at Disney World, and then I suffer happily).

So, work work work.  Which I’ll do all week, except when I go into Burlington with my cousin, who’s facing cancer surgery in a week.  And maybe I’ll see if I can breath new life into this computer.  At least I better back it up.

So what’s on your agenda?

All About You

Here I am. Can’t have a picture today – my Photo Booth app isn’t working. Oh, I know, I’ll find an old one for the date. That’s five years ago. I like me better now.

So … we finally got a decent day yesterday, and I floated in our pool holding Richie’s hand (while he floated too). I’ve been sorting stuff in the upstairs bedrooms and making a huge mess as I do it, but sooner or later things will start to be streamlined. Crusie gave me a whole bunch of antique quilt blocks a few years ago and I’d sandwiched and quilted lots of them so yesterday I trimmed them out plus made three more sandwiches. I’ll quilt and trim them, then put ’em together using a method I saw on Youtube via Pinterest. Have I told you how much I love Pinterest?

Next task will be weeding through my fabric again – anyone looking for something in particular? I’m not sure how many of you guys sew.

Doing business this morning, and then moving ahead with the never-ending revisions which are almost coming to an end. We take a good friend out for dinner tonight at the fancy pizza place nearby (our favorite is The Green Man pizza – pesto and spinach and cheese. Except it’s weird when I can and say “I’d like a large Green Man.”)

And we’ll have some warmer weather this week, both my children are comparatively stable, so life is good, one day at a time.

Goal for this week – move ahead on the book, do some more sorting, maybe a trip to Goodwill, hey, I guess it’s time to make a start on my bedroom. I’ll show you pictures tomorrow or the next day.

But mostly, write.

What’s on your agenda? Who’s making stuff (gardens count)?

Alt om Du (Krissie)

I am no longer worried about my hair. It’s still great, and I just used a leave in product and the frizzies are gone.

But on to more important things. The light’s on because it’s cold and dark, as usual. We’re having an arctic summer, which figures, since we got a new blow-up pool. I think the last really hot day was early June, high temps in the 70s this week, rain every day, and on Friday it only reaches the 60s. Don’t we all just love weather? Actually I’m thinking this is what summers are like in Scotland, and I’d rather think of it as a Scottish summer, so don’t disillusion me.

I made great progress on the never-ending revisions, enough so that the end of revising might be in sight, praise god. I’ve got to check on business stuff (every Monday morning) but then I can get back to work, and I’m into it.

I’m running into trouble with my screen time again. I was awake till after one playing solitaire, damn it. I’m thinking maybe don’t do the iPad in bed (I go up early but I do my Danish, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, Pinterest, and surfing, plus watching videos). Gotta stop that, but Richie comes to bed and uses his iPad too and it’s a nice time. Maybe I’ll limit what I allow myself to do. Pinterest can kill hours, but right now I’m really into it, with organization ideas, sewing, heroes and heroines, current books. Jenny has a board for her books as well – it’s fun and inspiring.

Shit, here comes the rain again. Speaking of music (who sang that song? Without the “shit” – trivia question) I’ve been going through my old (I’m talking about late ’60s early ’70s) music. I’ll tell you about that later.

In the meantime, work beckons, and that’s what this week is about. Work – I’m going to get some business stuff sorted and then, dammit, I will finish the revisions on this sucker and soar on into the future.

So what’s on your agenda? Who are you listening to right now? We had a jazz service at church and the prelude was a John Coltrane number with a very good local saxophone player, and it was so good I went to Spotify this morning and opened John Coltrane music. Are you guys listening to anything good – I want to know. I love country music and opera, rock, folk, standards, hey,even some rap. Not to mention Japanese, french and Danish music.

So tell me what you’re listening to. And what are you doing this week of Scottish summer?

Oh, that’s All About You in Danish – I hit 180 straight days in my studies.

My hair (And all About Your)

My hair is frizzy. It’s never been frizzy before – and these frizzy strands seem to be shorter strands from the top of my head. What’s happening to my glorious hair? Waaaah!

I’m hoping these shorter strands are usual – they’re just standing out because they frizzed – or maybe my glorious mane is breaking down! Waaaah.

First step – find some anti-frizz stuff. In the past humidity (and our recent amount has been ridiculous) simply made my hair thicker, not frizzy. And I’m such an impossibly vain creature! Not. But I did love my hair.

Oh, well, on to other, less epic things. My mouth still hurts and I can’t eat anything but yogurt (I think I’ll make a quiche tonight). Good news is I must be losing more weight.

As for the week – well my BFF Sal is up for the next ten days or so, which means a lot won’t get done, but I’m gonna try. I have a load of stuff to take to Goodwill, plus I have things to return, small things to buy (screen patching, buttons, swimming pool shock). One tricky thing is to avoid spending money (Richie was panicking yesterday). I went to the opera night and it was lovely but it was also $25. I was going to bring Richie and go again but decided I couldn’t spend a total of $75 on that right now. I’d told my cousin I was going, but when I said I couldn’t she asked why. So I quietly told her. (I have no shame). She couldn’t hear. I told her again.

We got up, and as we walked outside with everyone else she asked again. So I said, very loud, “We can’t afford it.” And yes, apparently I do have some shame.  I hate the thought of repeating that over and over again.  But we have to stop spending on unnecessary things.

So I’m not going to be able to go out to dinner and shopping with Sally and her daughter (my goddaughter). but this summer, if there’s no way of getting out of lunches (which I don’t want to) I can get tap water and an appetizer and say I’m not hungry. Sigh.

It’s all right. Richie was moaning about he wanted things to be better for us but we adopted special needs kids (whose issues took a while to show up) and what with the line of disasters we ended up being foolish about taxes. Hence, disaster. But we’ll work it out. All that money I had to pay to Social Security is coming back in a small way, and I’m focussing on the business end of things.

And Crusie, next time I’m down don’t let me shop!

Mind you, I’ve been good. But I slipped in the last month, what with visits, and that steaming kettle of soup that’s beckoning us is getting closer.

We’re finally going to have lovely weather, albeit cool (nothing in the 80’s this week). I’ll work on book and business, I’ll float in the pool, I’ll play with Sally. And maybe by the end of the week I can begin to chew again.

So what’s on your agenda? Are you having cookouts and family over? My kids are stable right now, we can pay our bills, the sun is shining … what more can you ask of life, reasonably?

So, what’s on your agenda? Is your sun shining?