Working Wednesday: Getting Organized

I’ve been caught in that “I’ll get to that in a minute” syndrome where I never get to much, mostly because everything is so overwhelming here.  So I went back to Things,  an app I used to like (had to buy it again for the new OS), and set up an every-day plan that gives me fifteen minutes in each room of the house (small cottage) and two hours of writing and revising time, plus fifteen minutes on the yards, front and back.  That’s a short enough time to keep me from getting bored, but long enough that I might accomplish something.  And a little bit every day is better than nothing at all.  So I have high hopes.  Of course, we’ve been here before . . .

How’s your work coming along?

Working Wednesday: The Big Sort

I’m going through  my kitchen and figuring out what to keep and what must go and what I need to get.  Yeah, there are some things I need.  Mollie’s doing the same thing, so we’re swapping ideas which is always tricky for us because we are complete opposites.  But there are some things we agree on, like tossing worn out cookie sheets (those things get used for everything) in favor of new, insulated ones, and–this one was surprising–heavy duty #20 cookie scoops.  And of course some things we probably wouldn’t agree on, like the cherry measuring spoons I needed because my measuring spoons have had it and because they”ll look so great hanging on the edge of my shelves.

Everything else, however, must go unless it is useful, beautiful, in good shape, and essential to my wellbeing.  Or on a really high shelf where it’s not going to get in my way.  There are some things like my NYC taxi and Betty Boop cookie jars that stay.  (My three-foot tall Betty Boop statue, however, is in the garage.)

So how did your work week go?  I got my lavender planted, so that was something.

Double Happiness

It’s Double Happiness Sunday since I missed last week.  (Sorry.  Swamped here.)

According to the Wiktionary, the Double Happiness symbol is

  1. The Chinese ideogrammic compound , often used as an ornamental symbol in Chinese celebrations.

It’s usually used to symbolize marriage, but I kind like of the idea that it’s also friendship and sharing and good relationships in general.

You know.  Like us.

So how have you all had moments of happiness in the past two weeks?