Working Wednesday

Lee Thomson has an Instagram Make-It idea: Make a Thing a Day for February, 2018.  The idea is that the thing is small and doable, not that you’re building furniture or chrocheting afghans every day.  Here’s her comment:

“February is when I buckle down to the dedicated making of things. I wrote a guest post for a friend inviting people to join me making a thing-a-day for Feb –\
Join us! all you need is Instagram and the hashtag #dailyFeb2018″

Lee goes into more detail in this post, but basically, you set the bar very low (very, very, very low), assemble as much of what you’ll need beforehand so it’ll only take minutes to finish your project, and then when Feb. 1 rolls around, you post whatever SMALL thing  you’ve made every day to your Instagram account with the hashtag #dailyFeb2018 . I’m playing, and you’re invited.