Working Wednesday: An Idea

So Krissie and I were talking about how much we need to get done (she’s making progress, I’m not) and I thought that maybe what I needed was a little public accountability. I need to get shelves up in the kitchen and my bedroom and the workroom, for example, which involves cutting wood and painting it and screwing things is, and I’ve need to do that for months, the wood has been leaning against the wall in my kitchen for weeks, and yet I keep walking over it. I need to get my lavender in before it dies in its pots. And my raised beds built. And the TV cabinet built. And there’s this book I need to finish . . .

So what I was thinking was that maybe on Wednesdays, I (and you if you want) could post here what what needed to be done in the next week, and then check in the following week in shame or triumph. Mollie’s looking into whether we can photo-posting in the comments, which would be fun and helpful, too.

I’m still in the hmmmm stage on this, so I’ll open it to you ReFabbers: Good idea or not interested?

Jane’s idea to focus on one thing each week is excellent. Let’s do that.

Krissie’s On the Road

I just hugged Krissie good-bye, so she’s on the road back to Vermont. Much happiness this week, much sadness at parting, but she’ll be back in September, so the dogs and I are coping. (She tried to steal Milton.) She’ll also be back to post here once she gets home and settled.

Since it appears that I have forgotten once more to post the Sunday post (I HAD A HOUSE GUEST), what did you do this week that made you happy? I had my best friend to stay and we went to see Wonder Woman. VERY happy.
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