All About You: The On The Road Edition

Krissie has just pulled out of my driveway with  a chunk of my yarn stash in the back of her car along with the shopping she did while she was here and her overnight bags (notice the plural) and  her cooler and a lot of grapes and tonic water.   She did not take Milton (although she tried).

So Krissie’s on the road for the next seven hours.  I was up until four, so I need at least another hour of sleep and then it’s back to cleaning out the house and finishing Nita.  What’s up for you?


14 thoughts on “All About You: The On The Road Edition

  1. Krissie looks so much better than in the pictures she takes of herself. I think she should work out a more flattering set-up for her usual shots, given this is Reinventing Fabulous.

    I’m still struggling to get to sleep at night (only had four and a half hours last night), so I’m taking an extra weekend day. This was originally going to be my photography day, but we’re getting the tail end of a hurricane, in the form of gale-force winds, so I’m sitting in the sun, reading the Sunday paper, instead.

    Also plan to phone some friends, who I hope will calm me down. I viewed another house on Friday, which I thought I was going to go for, until I realized there’s no privacy at the back, nor any direct sun after midday. But I’m worried I’m never going to find a house I like (a lot of them have a shared-access alley dividing the back of the house from the garden); and am also fretting about money, photography, not writing, putting on weight, and being alone.

    Back to editing tomorrow.

  2. Bernie says:

    Krissie looks fabulous in this picture! I have to say – a little jealous of the girls weekend you all had, but happy that you both had time to hang out and reconnect face to face.

    This week just trying to get used to starting the morning dog walk in complete darkness. This time of year is always a bit of an adjustment.

  3. Lynda says:

    Krissie (and Milton) look amazing! I’m so very glad you had this time together. I am very envious. I have another post-surgical checkup in a couple of hours, and whether or not I do anything the rest of the week depends on how the doctor feels about removing stitches and such. Until all that is gone, I’m pretty much hunkering down around the house. Getting antsy, which is a good sign, I think.

  4. Thea says:

    Darling photo of Krissie, Milton and the car boot.

    So envious – friends getting together for a swath of shared time and talk.

  5. Krissie is fabulous.
    She also slept about half the week, so that undoubtedly helps. I would never take a picture of myself first thing in the morning; I look like the Crypt Keeper after he went into Assisted Living.
    We had a very good time, and now I’m waiting for her to e-mail me and tell me she MADE IT BACK TO VERMONT. Geez, Krissie. Come on.

  6. You sound like me.

    Although I love being alone. Since my divorce which was decades ago, I can stay up all night, watch TV in bed, eat what I want, drink what I want, go without makeup and underwear, talk to the dogs, it’s fabulous.

    The key is staying in the moment. You haven’t found your house yet because it’s not on the market yet. That’s why you’re turning down the others, your reptile brain is waiting for the one you know that’s out there to show up. And it will be wonderful.

  7. You’re completely right. And I love being alone, too – just not when I’m being neurotic. Had a much better night last night, so hopefully on the mend.

  8. Sharon S says:

    I’m with you, Jenny. I’ve had 2 husbands, which is 2 more than I needed. I absolutely LOVE being by myself…and my 2 Pomeranians. We are very happy. Although, sometimes I think it would be nice to have someone to travel with. But mostly, I just love my life.

  9. Mama_Abbie says:

    I’ve started back to work this week which is going okay. Interrupted by occupational therapy appointments (gentle massage interrupted by fairly aggressive, therapist applied stretching, but I almost have full range of motion back in my arm!

    Hard to concentrate today as it was time to say good-bye to our 18 1/2 year old little old lady cat, who we swore was going to out live us all (she out lived all of her age mates). It was time. We had a vet that specializes in these things come to the house, which was the right thing to do for this cat that HATED to leave home and wouldn’t eat if we boarded her when we went away or if she had to stay at the vet’s for some reason. She was hurting and I like to envision her playing with her age-mates who preceded her. She liked our younger boys, but they really are/were too rambunctious for her.

  10. RanchGirl says:

    So sorry to hear about your lady cat – we live in a very rural area and are lucky to have a vet at all. Having one that would come to the house would be so nice. BUT good to hear that your PT is going well.

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