All About You Monday

Okay, here’s your chance again. What do you want to accomplish this week? Cut down on one glass of wine per night? Have sex with your husband (yippee!!). Finish a project?
Mine is to finish the draft of the book while still maintaining my sanity by swimming and sewing and making healthy choices. Also, to avoid the scale. Which might be the hardest part of it.

What’s on your agenda?

112 thoughts on “All About You Monday

  1. Good on you for giving your scales the flick! 🙂

    I’d like to be able to focus instead flitting about on the internet, because while I was researching for a piece of music that a troupe of elderly people could dance to, Ricky Martin popped up…on YouTube. He was Livin la Vida Loca with Kylie Minogue. So I watched and listened and danced from the waist up because I was sitting on my office chair, supposed to be getting on with it.

    I must focus… 🙂

    • I’m having troubles focusing, too. As soon as I try to focus on something other than a blog or LOLcats or some other unnecessary thing, boom, my brain simply drops out of my head and squishes on the floor.

  2. Beth Matthews says:

    I did pretty good last week. Went way over calories two days but made that up with exercise. (swing dancing, yay!) and still managed to lose a little under a pound.

    I’m also proud of myself because I think I’ve finally got my chicken Marsala pasta recipe down pretty good. (One of my other resolutions was to try a new recipe every Sunday to get more variety in Ye Olde Diet).

    My goal this week is to restrain myself to one cheat day a week. Friday, Saturday or Sunday. NOT all three.

    I’m also really hoping to get some good writing time in this week and finish up this latest draft of my WIP. I’m so close I can taste it!

  3. Reb says:

    Last week I swore I’d do the dishes every day and go to bed by midnight. Did pretty well on the dishes. A good solid 6.5/7. Bed, not so much. Think I managed 3/7, which is better than the 0/7 of the few weeks before. I did feel better for the extra sleep.

    So this week is more of the same. Plus I’ll do at least one thing from the list I’ve been putting off.

  4. Ylva Hedin says:

    Ok… last week just went to hell… so this week I will only have ONE goal and thats the kitchen… I will try to paint it…

  5. Caryn says:

    I’m going to try to get in bed by midnight. Starting tomorrow. (Yes, this is being written at 2:30am.)

    Best of luck, Krissie!

  6. Tabs says:

    Any plans I had for the week have now been usurped by “take it easy on broken toe.”

    I fractured one of my big toes Friday night while helping my mom paint a room. Her stepstool collapsed and decided to take direct aim at me. She managed to leap to safety when it collapsed under her and jokes that my reaction time should have been faster. I maintain that my reaction time was pretty damn good considering I managed to keep hold of the roller in one of my hands and the brush in the other without spilling a drop through the whole incident. I then calmly stated “I gotta put these down. Gotta put them down now because I’m bleeding… but just a little,” placed them on the paint can and retreated to the bathroom.

    A part if me keeps thinking “don’t be a wuss, it’s just a toe” but luckilly a bigger part me chimes in with “yeah, and everyone I know who has ever tried to brush off a broken toe made it worse and prolonged their suffering.” So my current plan is to wrap and elevate and baby it as much as I can untill the bruising goes away, only-in-my-head-ficticious-wussiness be damned.

    • Kat Peterson says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you are injured. You’re right, broken bones in your feet ARE a big deal. I hope the pain subsides quickly. I am going to offer you some advice gained while I was recovering from a break in my 5th metatarsal (long thin bone that runs along the instep). Broke the little sucker in ballet class; go ahead snigger. Anywhoo, I had a running battle with the Ortho doc because he just wanted me to go away, keep weight off of it, and stop bothering him. I was willing to keep the weight off for the first three weeks, but after that misery I wanted some kind of therapy to speed/improve the healing process. My mother drove me to all my Ortho appointments because she claimed to enjoy watching the battle.

      Since no help was forthcoming from the doc, I did some research. The theme that I was able to extract was that increased blood flow was the key to accelerated healing. I also found some evidence that vibration would induce osteoblasts to the break site. Thus I purchased a BubbleBliss vibrating foot bath. Ahhhh, the BubbleBliss. It can be used either filled with water, or dry just set to vibrate. I used mine twice a day (once dry, once filled ). Adding a little epsom salt to the water also helped reduced swelling– a good thing. Don’t know if it actually sped up the healing, but I felt lots better for it.

      Once you’re sure that the break is mended I would strongly recommend that you work to restore and increase the flexibility and mobility of your feet. Very important for balance. After all, as the trainers are always saying, the feet are the first link in the chain. Foot work is really good for everybody. If you’ve never done any you will be amazed at how profoundly your balance improves. My favorite tools for foot work are the Yamuna Footwakers. Google ‘Yamuna Body Rolling’. They look like big sea urchins. Use them all the time myself, and have recommended them to friends and family. Have one friend who cleared up a nasty case of plantar fasciitis just by working her feet on these.

      I suppose that getting enough calcium and vitamin D goes without saying, right? Eat your broccolli. Take good care, and remember feet are the foundation. 🙂

      • Pam says:

        Oh, hey, the last time I broke my toe I soaked it in one of those bubbling/vibrating foot baths, too. It bruised spectacularly, but healed more quickly. I took plenty of calcium, too.

      • Tabs says:

        So the best piece of advice I’ve found while random googling was to “spend as much time on your back as possible.” 🙂 Yeah, my dirty mind had a field day with that one.

        But these are all good suggestions too! I think I’m definitely going to look into a foot bath.

    • Pam says:

      A broken toe is just hell. I’ve broken both little toes at different times and it just made life difficult for weeks. A big toe–yikes! Take it easy.

  7. Well, I’m feeling good so far this morning: I’ve written over my 500/day target, but then I have 10 days of not writing anything to catch up on (I did re-read and did a sort of overview edit), I’ve run for 40 minutes, and I notice that my speed has improved from 11mins per mile to 10.5 mins per mile (my aim is to get to consistent 10mins per mile so that I can pull in a 10k in an hour this year, as opposed to the 70 minutes it took me last year), and I have got my food diary up to date.

    This week, I have 5 batches of marking to complete. So that’s priority number 1.

    Then I have to prepare 20 oral texts and one reading comprehension, plus work out where I’m going with my classes after the break.

    I have admin to do – mainly getting the insurance claims sorted for Minion No.1’s orthodontic care plus other medical stuff for him, paying some bills, filing the papers and digging out paperwork I need to submit to school for tax purposes.

    But my main aim is to get February back on track so I am somewhere near hitting my 2500 words per week target, which would take me to 10,000 words written this month. At the moment, we are looking at 4268 – so it’s doable to catch up.

    I’m also taking Lent seriously this year – I don’t normally, having spent many a long year when I was an upstanding non-atheist giving up chocolate/wine/reading romances (I know that last one was a really dumb Lent resolution), but I have three goals this Lent – no wine, no added-sugar and running 3 times a week.

    To work, to work!

  8. Micki says:

    LOL, what is it with me? Just found out today that I’m facing another bad week (but without PMS and menses, thank goodness!). So, I got goals: I’m going to go to the hot springs tomorrow and Wednesday after work, and I might try to sneak in a 30 minute massage on Thursday or Friday. Maybe both, if I feel “poor baby” enough.

    I went to the hot springs today for an hour, and was amazed at how much better I felt — I got home and I could start the laundry and dinner right away. (-: The hot bath is a much more efficient way to relax, it seems.

    If I can stay healthy and on an even keel, the reward is a “baking day” with a bunch of other teachers on Saturday. We’re renting a kitchen with seven ovens!!!! I want to do pitas, and cupcakes (one teacher’s birthday), and graham crackers, and, and, and.

    LOL, I guess I *am* feeling better than last week. Goals: I haz them.

  9. Today I go back to work full time. I feel great and my goal is to pace myself so that I continue to feel this way. I also need to start a food diary. I HATE doing these but I’ve heard so many others share that it’s a great tool so I’m willing to give it another shot.

    Okay, to be honest, willing is an overstatement. For today I think I’m only willing to consider the possibility of maybe keeping a food diary.

    • I actually like MyNetDiary. Sometimes I don’t put the food in until the end of the day, but it’s been really educational seeing what gets Nettie D upset with me. Oh, and I just bought the iPad app, I didn’t subscribe to anything.

    • Anne V says:

      The Livestrong app for tracking is actually pretty great. The interface is really simple and the reporting/graph thingies are just complex enough to be satisfying without getting into a place where I’m so overwhelmed by the bells and whistles that I default to ignore.

      I’m not going to let myself lie awake at night. If I’m not asleep in 45 minutes, I’m going to do something so that I get asleep. It’s the biggest predictor of the quality of my day, the sleep I got the night before.

  10. AnneL says:

    I’ve been lurking for ages but am inspired to post a comment. Because this week I have a little time to spend on fun stuff! I’m spinning up a pile of grey fluff for a sweater, but I’ve also got a few ounces of pretty grey/blue fluff to play with. And a haircut on my day off. I suppose I ought to work on the Surprisingly Ugly Socks for my husband as well (boo). There’s running around after children and work and housework in there too, but definitely some fun :).

  11. Skatie says:

    *delurking* I need to finish cleaning up the financials at work so they can go to the tax accountant. At home I’m going to continue to eat tasty healthy food (not healthy food that tastes healthy if you know what I mean) and going for walks with my husband.

    I really love this blog, it reminds me that I’m not the only one trying to move past my issues (and other’s) and be healthy. Bonus: No preaching!

  12. My goal is to get back into my current WIP–I let an editing gig and edits on the novel due out next week to distract me. I’ve been making notes and have a head full of this book, so I need to write!

    Good for you about avoiding Mr. Scale, Krissie–you won’t be sorry and next time you step on it, it’ll show a lower number. Chill. I get on once a week on Monday morning.

  13. The DayJob is closed today in honor of dead presidents, so I plan to write 20 pages on my WIP, then go out to dinner with TV Stevie.

    I must also completely reformat my mp3 player.

    The rest of the week is the same old, same old: DayJob, writing whenever I can, an SU basketball game.

  14. KellyR says:

    I’ve been trying for weeks to normalize my sleep patterns. I need to sleep AT NIGHT so I can work a normal day job. If I can get one. I have an interview later today and I’ve been up all night so I don’t oversleep. I’m sure I look like crap. Wish me luck.

    • Good luck. I started out the week by not sleeping at all. Finally got up at 4:30 am and wrote a shitload and then went back to bed at 6:30. Now I’m off to swim. Not an auspicious beginning but I’ll get back on schedule.

  15. Stephanie says:

    I never did the dentist scheduled last week. UGH. I did get a bit of writing, and some work on my soundtrack done. It’s a snow day here today so I’ll get neither work nor personal goals accomplished, but I will get many loads of laundry cycled.

  16. This week I am going to call and try and get an appointment to have my hair cut. It was last cut in the beginning of November and it’s way past the stretching-it-out time and rapidly approaching the jungle-look stage. Seems a small thing but that’s probably why I keep putting it off…

  17. Briana says:

    Spent the long weekend with my grandmothers and mom, which was great…but my goodness did I overindulge! This week I just want to get back on track.

  18. I’m starting weight watchers this week and have set the goal to be HONEST with the points tracker food diary. I don’t know what I thought I’d accomplish by lying to the computer last time but it wasn’t productive. Eh.

    I want to drink more water this week. That’s the big goal besides telling myself the truth.

    Today I’m home with my sweet pea b/c of zee dead presidents. hurrah for the dead prezzies.

  19. I ad a super tumultuous week last week, so I have few goals for this one other than getting some rest. It is Lent on weds, and I’m thinking about what to give up….judging others? All wine? Not sure. I am very tired, though, so the best thing is gentle exercise, finish reading RITA books, and stop eating junk food late in the day to keep myself going.

    Easy does it.

  20. oneoftheotherjennifers says:

    Last week I was a little better about the amount of time I spend each day reading news and blogs.

    This week I am going to be a LOT better. I am only going to read the headlines for most of the news- I don’t need to be THAT informed. One view a day here and at ARGH is enough for blogs. I love these places, but popping over every couple of hours to see what’s new in the comments is keeping me from focusing on real life in the way I want to be.

    I’ve set up an old-fashioned 30-minute sand hourglass, and have it running whenever I’m using the computer as a distraction. When the sand is gone, so is my computer time.

    So, I will not be proof reading this. 🙂 Wishing everyone else luck with their goals!

      • oneoftheotherjennifers says:

        Yeah, but I’m back already. I have no self control. But I do mean to stick by the timer thing. It’s about half gone. I’ll try just stopping by the blogs occasionally, for a minute or two, and not checking CNN obsessively. Seriously, what do I think I’m missing?

  21. Pam says:

    Sigh. I want to chicken out this week. No goal, no disappointments. But . . . I want to write the last chapter of WIP. Then I can go back and figure out what happens in the middle. 🙂

      • Pam says:

        Oh, no, this is about Avoidance of Failure. I’m spectacular at Avoidance of Failure. If I never try to write a book, then I’ll never fail at writing a book, or getting it published or any of that other stuff that scares the crap out of me. Seriously, you guys are keeping me on the straight and narrow here. I don’t want to regret not having tried.

  22. I’m thinking about Lent this week. I’m not religious, but the idea of giving something up for a set period of time has always appealed to me– probably mostly so I can prove to myself that I CAN. This year, I think it’s going to be bread and sweets. Too much of it is creeping onto my thighs.

    • Yeah, I’m the same (though I am sort of … well, not religious, but I have my own kind of basically Christian/Buddhist faith). I like the structure of giving something up. And like Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice is the return of light to the world, Easter and spring festivals are about the return of life. So it only makes sense to fast in some way, to prepare for the rebirth of everything.

  23. Rachel says:

    My goal for the week is set to commence soon; leave husband and child at the house so I can go out by myself and eat a lunch alone. The last time I ate a meal alone was at least three months ago and I am so looking forward to Indian food and solitude!

  24. collegiate betty / Kate says:

    Brussel Sprout, I gave up reading romance novels for Lent too. Let me tell you, Easter was all about Nora Robert’s McGreggor brothers.

    I have a huge project due tomorrow. And I actually already missed the first deadline, so tomorrow is it, or else. I’ve decided to skip class so I can just sit down and get it done. Wish me luck!

  25. Okay, had a really good week of exercising. Love the new gym. Weather continuously thwarted my efforts to bike. (Thwarted is such a great word, isn’t it?) I’d see sun and it would be a weights day, and I’d say I’ll bike tomorrow. And then it would rain.)
    So hope to get in a bike ride this week, gym three days. I ate some bad things this past week, just out of hunger and laziness. Will keep really good food in house this week.
    I’m going to really push myself and adopt a goal of someone else here and say bed by midnight every day this week. That’s tough for me, but would be a good thing.
    And finish my rewrites of the MIP. That would be huge.

  26. Tanya (Wandering Betty) says:

    I got my fat butt out of bed and took the dog for a run/walk after having not been for maybe…3 months? Sheesh. The good news/bad news is that GOOD: It wasn’t really that difficult and I enjoyed it. The BAD: the hardest part was actually getting out of bed and heading out the door. That just seems WRONG. My goal is to do it at least 3 more times this week.

    • I did various things — alternated a DC with a bottle of water helped slow me down. Started drinking other stuff like Crystal Lite lemonade (yup, I know it has Nutrasweet too) and flavored seltzers. What happened this time is I told myself I could have three a day, one when I woke up, one at noon and one at night, but by the time it came around to the noon one it just didn’t taste the same. Of course, I changed my food by then too, with less crunchy salty stuff, so that might have had something to do with it.
      You could consider switching to DC to make it less appealing.

  27. Linda says:

    After having a screaming meltdown and a resulting vicious headache two weeks ago, I decided to think about my schedule (or lack of one) in a new way. I’m a college teacher and my work requires me to be on campus for my courses, office hours and meeting, but Imtend to hang around the office and get caught up in other peoples’s agendas. Last week O decided to GO HOME after my morning class. I can eat lunch there, save money and calories, and do a little housework every day instead of a big all-day muck-out on Saturday or Sunday, which left me feeling like I work 24/7. it’s a huge improvement, Maybe the big thing is to think of all my time as MY TIME, and then figure out how best to spend it. I’m pretty old to be figuring this out now, but better now than never.

    Tomorrow 2/21 to 2/24–New Moon with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. An opportunity to tune in spiritually, resolve spiritual crises, attune psychically. Great time to meditate and clean out the basement.

  28. @ KellyR – Luck! and FGBVs (I can’t remember what the REFAB version of FairyGod Betty Vibes is.)

    My goal is to survive this week. Keep my eyes open for a suitable replacement job. Exercise and write. And maybe study how to extend my influence so I can write instead look for employment.

  29. I had one of those rare weeks last week when I wrote full scenes everyday with no great effort, stayed on my new eating plan, no wine, no sugar. Then I went away for the weekend.
    Okay! So I’m up two pounds, a bit headachy, and I haven’t exercised since Friday. Time to get back on track.
    First, I’ll exercise.

      • Well, Krissie, I’m proud of you. I spent the morning up on a ladder cleaning the blades of all of the overhead fans, doing dusting, cleaning shutters, and cleaning up the yard after this weekend’s windstorm.

        I need a husband.

        At least I have my one mile evening walk and a gal pal who will make sure I do it. But no gym today. Now to do a little writing and stop playing on the blogs.

        • Mermaid Scribbler says:

          Noooo Robena – You need a handyman! I love my husband, but only get results from my paid handyman (Yes, I reread that and it DOES sound dirty). He is the one man in my life that I can tell exactly what to do and he does it (OK, still dirty…). I need to get said handyman to help me finish babyproofing, and I need to write and start my Rosetta Stone Spanish refresher – and finish moving in completely, and obviously make time for sleep AND sex. Sigh.

  30. Maine Betty says:

    I contacted a realtor. A huge step for me.
    This week, meet face to face and get a further reality check on whether it’s possible.

  31. Last week was a personal improvement bust! I did cut out two dress patterns bitthey won’t fit if I do not stop eating nasties. If it was sweet then I had to eat it and if it wasn’t then it was fat and I ate it. Broccoli just isn’t broccoli without cheese sauce. I finally went to the chiropactor regarding my shoulder and heard what I expected. So, this week I get to start acupuncture and therapy on my right shoulder. Of course last night my left shoulder decided it had to start hurting too. And my goal is to not chicken out of the appointments (there is precedent)just because I am so not into experiencing even more discomfort. Today is a disaster already; dropping things, breaking things eating crap (chocolate crap but crap none the less), cleaning up fur balls, etc.. The goal for the rest of today is to just sit down and either paint or read until the atmospheric continuum balances itself out and I can walk across the floor without tripping over lint. Not so lofty as writing or constructive as weight training or energetic as jogging but to each her own…. I wonder if there is more chocolate up in the cupboard?

  32. Robin S. says:

    Screwed up sleep times seems to be what messes the most with the rest of my ‘life’. So instead of a list of things that I won’t get to if I don’t get sleep or sleep half the day away, I think that getting to bed by midnight is going to be my primary goal. (Life would be so much simpler if everyone was up all night, right? 🙂 )

  33. I accomplished most of my goals last week, except fixing the bracelets I gave 2 friends at Christmas that need to be made smaller.

    This week, I would like to go to bed earlier – before 11 pm and get up earlier, so I am not rushing in the morning. I am going to keep blogging – in my ususal ADHD fashion, my enthusiasm is waning a bit. Plus I’ve written all the easy, top of mind stories. Will need to start digging a bit deeper.

  34. Ranch Girl says:

    My simple goal of learning tai chi hit a 1200 lbs wall – my gelding stepped on my foot last week. Luckily not the one healing from foot surgery, and the ground was very muddy, so no broken bones, just bruises. None on him, just me :). It was not intentional, just clumsy of both of us. Sooooo, this week is going to be about working out soreness on one foot, and getting movement in the other. And tai chi if possible.

  35. Julie says:

    This week I hope to get one step closer to finding out if I have ovarian cancer or just a cranky cyst/tumor (I’ve named it Tim the Tumor or Cyd the Cyst, depending on the final outcome). The uncertainty has me obsessing over every ache and pain, sure that I have only seconds left to live. My worst-case-scenario gene is in overdrive, I’m afraid. Here’s to getting some not-sucky news this week! 🙂

    • Krissie says:

      Hugs, Julie. I had an ovarian cyst for years (it showed up when I was post menopausal so it really should have been taken out then) but it was tiny and didn’t change. And then suddenly it seemed to explode and 5 days later I was in surgery for a complete hysterectomy. The result was borderline, and the followup has been the same as if it were full blown ovarian cancer. But with luck yours won’t be any worse than mine.

  36. My goal this week is to continue what I started a week or so ago: a 30-60 minute walk every day; eat good healthy food and turn off the TV. I didn’t watch TV at all last week and then last night, I watched 3 programs I like on ‘On Demand’ and throughly enjoyed them. Minimal commercials and only programming I was interested in, instead of watching hour after hour mindlessly. I can’t believe what a mental/emotional difference it’s made for me and I will continue it this week.

    Like Miss Jenny, I had good news from my lovely doctor this morning. Blood sugar is normal, liver is normal, cholestral is a little high. Now that I have proof that changes I make have a positive outcome and that proof came in a very short amount of time (6 – 8 weeks) I feel excited about the next changes to get my cholestral down.

    I also did Rodney Yee’s A. M. yoga for beginners for the 1st time this morning. Yowza! What’s not to like? 1st of all, can we talk about Mr. Yee here for a second? Woo-hoo, eye candy! The whole routine, 20 minutes, is on a beach in Hawaii , more eye candy. And it’s not a work-out but a gentle stretching to start my day.

    So there’s my week. After years of being in a rut, I’m doing something. And I feel good.

  37. Carol says:

    Did okay (not great, but okay is progress!) on the sleep thing last week, but will need to be great at it this week, as I just found out one of my co-workers is going to be out this week and I’ll be picking up the slack – which means getting in an hour earlier (and thus, having to get up an hour earlier to exercise – ugh!). So, sleep will be critical this week. I’m in a really excellent place with the exercise, so I’m not going to let that slip.

    For Lent, dh and I are going pescaterian – lacto-ovo veg with some fish. We had delicious burgers last night to say good-bye to meat until Easter. It was a happy send-off.

  38. A Bubble Bliss sounds like bliss. I never knew there was such a thing and now suddenly I want one. Power of the net!

    I went to a lot of masses as a kid at Lent and the only sermon I remember is the one where the priest suggested rather than giving something up for Lent that we instead commit to doing something for others or choose some aspect of ourselves to commit to improving for others, to be more compassionate or more understanding. That made so much sense to me. Was the world going to be a better place if I gave up chocolate for six weeks? No. Was I? (Not particularly since the odds were I wouldn’t make it anyway and then I’d just feel like a failure and guilty to boot). I think I vowed to be better at helping with the dinner dishes. Okay, not exactly world changing but Mom was probably happier.

  39. Jen Wyatt says:

    I came to terms with my Downton Abbey addiction just in time for the season finale. This is a sign that I need to start writing, even if it’s just rusty crap for now.

    Tomorrow is Mardi Gras…laissez les bons temps roulez, ladies!

  40. Kieran says:

    I just got the hardest nutrition news from Dr. Ann Kulze. Have you ever heard her on NPR? She’s my sister’s best friend’s sister and lives here in Charleston.

    I just joined her Facebook page–she said that if anyone wants to lose weight, they have to give up sugar AND flour. Totally.

    You can only reintroduce bread when you’re metabolically healthy, a normal weight, and even then it has to be a 100% coarse whole grain bread like Ezekiel bread, but your main carbs should be physically intact grains like oatmeal and brown rice.

    So now I have to lose 25 pounds. Dr. Ann says I have to totally give up flour and sugar, my two mainstays. I’m the Toast Lady. I eat milk chocolate and cake.

    But for this Lent, I’m going to give up flour and sugar. I don’t like fake sugar, so I’m stuck. I think I’ll sneak honey every once in a while.Honey doesn’t count, does it? I need to ask Dr. Ann.

    I have no earthly idea how to give up flour. It doesn’t seem possible.

    • Jen Wyatt says:

      Kieran, What about agave? I’ve used it in my tea and it’s one of those slow release natural sweeteners that diabetics can use. No weird aftertaste either.

    • Reb says:

      Brown rice. Cook up heaps and freeze it in individual servings. Any time you’d eat bread, heat and eat brown rice instead. The easiest thing I know of for flavouring it is cheese (yum!), but low-salt liquid stock would be fine.

      If you need to take cold food for lunch, I’m guessing you could make a brown rice and egg quiche thing.

      Seems like awfully extreme diet advice though. Guess it’s worth a try.

      • Kieran says:

        I like the idea of the brown rice and egg quiche. Maybe the rice could be the crust. And I just discovered Swanson’s unsalted cooking stock. Finally. Completely without salt and MSG, so now I don’t have to be mad at myself for never making my own stock when I know I should.

        And yes, this does seem extreme. I usually don’t last with extreme. I’m thinking, though, that having an end date will help. Lent is 40 days. I’m going to try. I always say, “I’m going to try,” but this time I feel more heft behind my words instead of desperation, which is the usual feeling.

        Thanks for the advice!

    • Melanie says:

      Ouch! I’ve been there, and it’s doable, but it’s a big mindshift, away from “bad” carbs. I imagine it’s a little like what Jenny’s doing right now. Not no bread, but almost none, and whole grains if any. Good luck with it!

        • MJ says:

          Another idea: Make sandwiches using lettuce-leaf wrapping instead of bread (like the Jimmy Johns Unwich). I exercise every day, but I, too, have found the only way to lose weight is to cut carbs. The good news: You get used to it.

        • Melanie says:

          Good luck with it! Glad to see you’re not hungry. That always helps. And you look GREAT now, so hopefully you don’t have far to go.

    • Kelly S says:

      I don’t believe Dr. Ann. I was diagnosed with a wide variety of food allergies which include sugar and corn. I gave up 12 items for roughly 3 months and lost 25 pounds. I did not give up flour. This was on top of the 10 pounds that I lost after having lost my job. Without the job, I moved more and snacked less. So a person does not have to give up sugar and flour to lose weight. But giving up sugar including high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, dextrose, sucrose, maltodextrin, xylitol, malitol, and the rest of the sugars and any food that contains them, will cause weight loss & frustration.

  41. Nonny says:

    What I find interesting about your decision to re-fab is that I must have been making a similar decision at about the same time.

    It is either an age related crisis (61) or great minds think alike, and my mind is greater than I thought. A bit scary huh?

    I have given up tobacco (1 month), and the next goal is to get more exercise. My thought is that my dog would be very happy if I walked him more often (and I might get below 245).

    • Maria says:

      Woot on giving up tobacco. I quit smoking in 2004 and it is the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself bar none. Definitely take the puppy for walks, it is a great place to start.

  42. Carol says:

    My goal is to finish the year end for three companies, write and finally read Lani’s book on the train. Can’t wait to read some awesome.

  43. EmmaKatz says:

    This week the piles of paper get sorted recycled (most), shredded, or filed (least.)
    My sister convinced me that getting on the scale more than once a week causes insanity—she may actually be right this time.

  44. Maria says:

    Let me see, for the day job I will be working on finishing an annual reporting to the State of AZ which is far worse than anything I have to report to the State of CA and you would think the paperwork would be less (sigh). My work will be revisions and polishing for the Orange Rose contest. Food wise, it’s starches that must go. I think I’ll go read Dr. Ann’s stuff that Kieran recommended. Exercise wise I think it’s time to move up to 5 days this week.

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

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