All About You (Krissie)

That’s me, all clean and shiny after a shower. That light on my face is electric. I’m wearing my Belle Books “Rise and Shine, Buttercup, no one else’s gonna write that book” and drinking mango peach seltzer (the best ever) and eating a Kashi peanut butter breakfast bar (my go to – 140 calories and I order them from Amazon). Weight’s still off – now I have to dip down lower, but summer is a good time for that.

It is raining. It rained every day last week. It rained every day the week before. It’s supposed to rain to at least Thursday. Maybe snow in the higher elevations tonight, and I’m in the higher elevations. So it’s cold, and dark, and wet. If I ever move to the Pacific Northwest it’s gonna feel like the tropics.

I’m in the midst of taking my 3/4 of a book and ripping it apart, tossing things right and left, twisting stuff like a pretzel, creating a new villain, turning the old one into a complicit but not evil person. (and that just sent me off into a political diatribe which I then cut, and putting it in another post so people can avoid it. I understand the need to avoid politics).

Jenny’s process and mine are so different I can’t imagine how we ever managed to collaborate on two books (and I love those books. Go figure). I assume all of you read Argh. The first time I met Jenny, face to face, she did a little talk about her process (she was writing Harlequin Temptations at the time) and my eyes bugged out and my mouth dropped open and I said “you do that for every book?” in tones of horror.

I’m a natural born writer. I know it, and Jenny says so too. Stories come to me, framework and worm (okay, what the hell is worm?  It’s auto-correct, but I have no idea what I had originally said.  I don’t think it was work)  are usually instinctive. Most of the time I just write it and it works. (That doesn’t mean it works for you – matters of taste are a different thing entirely. As Jo Beverley used to say, you can’t expect everyone to love your books. You just have to find the ones who will.)

But every now and then I get a book that just doesn’t get itself together, for whatever reasons. And then I have to pull a Jenny on it, ripping it apart, turning the damned thing into a (choke) outline, printing it up, slashing and cutting and killing all my darlings. Well, not all of them – then it wouldn’t be any fun.

So that’s what I’m doing – surgery on a book that be glorious in the end. In between stenciling doll furniture and making clothes and talking to my fabulous grandchildren via FaceTime and really enjoying my birthday and loving my husband and not worrying as much about my children cause I can’t fix them and ….

So, what’s on your agenda?


Update:  It’s 37 degrees at 2:11 pm.  I had to put on one of Jenny’s warm shawls.  Brrr.  In other news, I’m finally learning all of Le Marseillaise.

7 thoughts on “All About You (Krissie)

  1. Maine Betty says:

    In southern Maine we had rain rain rain, and then, wonder of wonders, Sunday morning was sunny! Now we go back into rain rain rain, but we are refreshed.
    This week I am taking an intense how to be a real estate agent course at the broker I’ve started with. It’s a change, I’ve been dithering and hovering, and now I’m not. So that’s good.

  2. Eileen AW says:

    Here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota the weather is beautiful!! Mid to upper 60s and the sun is shining. I had let the weeds take over my garden about 4 or 5 years ago and I never did get it back. So I hired a former student, who works in landscaping, to come and fix my poor flower beds. It looks so pretty out there. No chocking out of plants. He’s coming back next weekend to finish. Best decision ever made and worth every penny. I can work on the areas in the front yard as they aren’t as overrun. Seeing all the color in my yard raises my spirits and makes me happy.

    Soon I will be leaving to meet my besties for lunch. We are all retired teachers. Wednesday of this week is lunch with some other retired teacher friends. Those are some of the best lunches ever.

  3. Lynda says:

    37 degrees? Snow in May? Oh dear God. I can’t imagine what that’s like. We hit 99° for a couple of days last week, which made me sick, because my air conditioning isn’t turned on yet. I can’t take the heat as well as I used to be able to. Guess I’m now officially one of those “elderly” people that the news is always warning are at special risk. I got through it with lots of fans and multiple showers. Thankfully the thermometer then dropped 30°, so the temps are now quite lovely, 70ish. Of course the heat will return and stick around before terribly long. Anyway, my agenda for this week is: pick up my new glasses sometime, tomorrow get my nails done, Wednesday get the preseason check on the AC so I’ll be ready next time, Thursday the house cleaners finally show up – they re-configured their schedule, and it’s been almost a month, which is a long time even for someone with my lax standards — and meanwhile I will continue decluttering and shredding as I transfer my household paperwork into a nice new filing cabinet. And I also need to try on the shell of the shirt I put together in a sewing class last week, to see how it fits. If it fits the way I want it to I will finish sewing it on my serger. If not, I’ll take it back to the store this weekend and have the teacher help me tweak the pattern some more. She created the pattern for me using design software which is pretty cool, and, software junkie that I am, I’m tempted to buy the software package even though I really don’t sew garments anymore. Not that actually needing software has ever stopped me in the past. Oh, and I really really need to get busy proofreading the scan of my final book so that it can be put online, and finally my entire backlist, such as it is, will be available, in the unlikely event that anyone wants to read any of them. This project has been a rather strange adventure, like revisiting my life from 30+ years ago, and honestly I will be glad to have it behind me. While I enjoyed much of it, other parts proved strangely painful, dredging up frustrations and disappointments I had forgotten. Time to move on.

  4. Jessie says:

    Pacific NW reporting in. Water years starts in October. Since then we have had almost 4 feet of precipitation (46.5 inches to be exact) here in Portland, slightly less in Seattle I believe. Not to complain. Long Beach, WA, which is on the ocean has had over 8 feet. I shudder to think how much the Olympic Mts, which are a rain forrest has received. Be very careful where you decide to move.

  5. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I’ve had a few really busy days at work and today is slow so I’m trying to catch up on other things like laundry and house work and finally getting out into the yard to clean up a bit. So far, I’ve put one load of laundry in and been in the garden pulling weeds.

    I’ll get there. This is the year of getting all the annoying little chores done, touching up all the paint chips and finally finishing all the fiddly bits that have been sitting around for a couple of years since we renovated. I’m not 100% certain I’ll get the laundry room done the way I want it but if I can get the drywall patched and finished, I’ll be happy.

  6. It’s been overcast here, it’s gonna be overcast here. Tonight it gets down to 37, tomorrow 39, after that lows will be in the 40s. I went to Home Depot today and stocked up on basic plants which are going into planters because I have a black thumb, but even I can put potting soil in a big pot and plop a plant in. I left everything in the car tonight for some protection and then tomorrow, I’ll get it into pots and some of the planters I’ve been making out of old furniture (don’t ask, I love them, the neighbors probably think I’m insane).

    The rest of the time I’m writing, cleaning, painting, sorting yarn, crocheting, discussing politics with the dogs, the usual. Oh, and Thursday I’m meeting Mollie for lunch which is always great. I love my kid.

    Basically, very happy in NJ. Although the bears got into my garbage last night and thoughtfully spread it all over Kathleen’s yard. Okay, bears, if you’re gonna vandalize with my garbage, vandalize MY yard. So I bought a compost thingy to try to keep the bears out of the trash. And also for compost. Because.

    Damn bears.

  7. Jill says:

    83 here today. Dropping the rest of the week with more rain.
    I have some aloe that was my dad’s. I have been killing it for 14 years. I killed off his jade plant a long time ago. I get the black thumb thing.
    I plan to accept whatever weather we get in Southern MO because next week we will be in Alaska where the weather is extremely iffy. Other than cold and wet guaranteed.

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